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  1. Selling Kane and Son and then reinvest while they still can do it is the obvious choice imo, otherwise in a few years they'll be a stale squad without those two and without new good signings as well. Getting a year more with Kane is just that, another year while with smart signings they can compete again for top4, attract good managers etc. They even should've sold him in 2021 when he tried to force out a move.
  2. Inter & Lazio clinched a CL spot. Now let's beat Pep in the final (easy work).
  3. I disagree. Winning trophies at Roma is very difficult. Before he arrived, the last time they won was in 2008. If anything winning the Europa League with Roma would in my mind recover his reputation a lot. Their team is nothing special at all, but he improved them a bit in their league performances and is making a European final two years in a row.
  4. Musiala for 2-1 Bayern. Great strike to be fair.
  5. Hey, there's still hope. Köln can score vs Bayern and make Borussia Dortmund a favour
  6. Vinicius should pack himself and go to the Premier League! ...but then, arriving in London in a brand new Lambo, with some smoking hot woman beside him, a man approaches and knocks on the Lambo's window. Vini opens the window and looks at an extremely concerned Simon Jordan face. Simon says: "Vini, mate, when did it all go so wrong? Look at the state of you!"
  7. I think their squad got stale, while everyone around them was buying players these past few years.
  8. Juventus docked 10 points (again). Let's see if they get away with it once again, or this time the decision will stand.
  9. Augsburg vs Borussia Dortmund is the game to watch today There's talk of Juventus being docked points again tomorrow, this time -12.
  10. There's talk of Arne Slot becoming next Tottenham manager
  11. Seen that yesterday. He is like Leonidas at Thermopylae.
  12. Another final for Mourinho, will wait for Seville/Juventus there.
  13. Not over till it's over, Real can turn this around edit: 2-0
  14. I didn't expect Arsenal to last this long in the title race, tbh. Still an impressive season for them, City are not easy to outdo across 38 games.
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