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  1. 39 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    How much of a factor is burnout for clubs that constantly make deep runs in multiple tournaments over the course of several years?

    Big factor. That's why teams with good squad depth and quality players on the bench are affected less. 

    For example, Chelsea won the league in 2016/2017 partly because they were out of European competitions. Next season they finished 5th even though they signed a bunch of players in the summer.

  2. Apparently Samardzic fired his agent from Raiola's agency, hired his dad, and he tries to get more money from Inter, because West Ham put a last minute offer on the table. I wouldn't be surprised if even after a medical he won't sign and goes to West Ham in the end.

  3. 4 hours ago, Wilbur said:

    The Italian league has been interesting to watch.

    Once upon a time, in the mid-80s through the turn of the century, they could pay for and sustain the best players in the world, and they were seen as the premier league competing in Europe.  Yet watching the games, the stadia would very often be half-empty.  If you were town for a match, even a big match at the San Siro, tickets were never difficult to obtain.  I would always wonder how they could afford the top echelon of players.

    And now, all the teams in Italy seem to be operating on a shoestring budget.  Perhaps they spent all their cash on bribing refs, who knows.  Yet if you watch a game today, the stands are more often than not full.  So you would think that they ought to have actual cash, if only from gate receipts.

    What happened to Italy to make them so rich then, and so poor now?

    They had rich owners who could spend, cover their losses and not care about FFP at the same time. They're stuck with old stadiums that can't be modernized, and it's pain in the ass to build new ones. The red tape typical for Italy put off foreign investors as well. 

    Staveley, the intermediary between PIF and Newcastle (now she's on their board), said PIF also considered buying Inter but that Serie A "being a mess" put them off. Personally though, I don't mind they backed off. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Consigliere said:

    Reports that Atalanta are also in for Scamacca and have made a better offer than Inter.

    Pedulla just reported that Inter consider WH's demands for him high and will try for Balogun again. Though Arsenal asked even more for Balogun, so dunno why they think they have a chance to sign him now.

    edit: Inter sign Sommer from Bayern Munich, 6m€.

  5. 4 hours ago, Consigliere said:

    Reports that Inter have made an offer of €22m for Scamacca. Roma are also trying to sign him but their offer was for a loan with an option to buy. Sassuolo has a 10% sell-on clause so West Ham look set to make quite a loss on this transfer.Both Scamacca and Haller are good players but were poor fits for West Ham's system. 

    He missed 23-4 games for West Ham the last season due to an injury. Also imo Scamacca is an average striker, one of the many players Sassuolo sold for profit but didn't pan out for their next club. 

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