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  1. Some say that even Tonali is overpriced by Milan. But if what I read is correct 15% of the amount will go for Brescia, and the fact they know Newcastle can overpay plays a part. Not an obscene amount for modern football standards; but if he flops it'll show to be an expensive one. What would be too high is the reported salary by Romano, 8m + 2m EU net a year would make him their most paid player, I still don't believe it's that high.
  2. That's a high salary they offer him. Edit: Probably Romano is just wrong or he can't comprehend the difference between net and gross.
  3. They're fuming. But also, the player can reject the move, of course offers from abroad will come when you're broke.
  4. @A Horse Named Stranger Thoughts on Yann Bisseck? Young German defender linked to Inter.
  5. There are some rumours that United are into signing Rasmus Hojlund.
  6. Looks like this holds some water. Ausilio is in England to listen to multiple clubs according to Di Marzio.
  7. That's the point when the current system of distribution of revenue was established.
  8. The established, most supported teams like Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal etc. operated based on the principles on which the Premier League was established in 1992. If you believe that's unfair, then you are going a step further and claim that the English football "sold out" in 1992 and the takeover in 2003 of Chelsea by Abramovich, and later the oil states' takeover of Man City and now Newcastle are just a nail in the proverbial coffin of fairness in English football. If you believe the principles on which the league was established were fair then you have a legitimate grievance that some clubs don't play by these rules because simply were taken over by wealthy owners who go around the rules. Add the charges against Man City (and the conclusion that will eventually follow) on top of this second stance.
  9. What's the issue with the post you quoted? He's 100% right.
  10. People wrongly judge this Inter being defensive when it's just a team not being much technically and creatively gifted compared to City/some other top teams in Europe. Inzaghi tries to go forward. For what it's worth, that cost him plenty of games and almost his job just two-three months ago. Conte was defensive (while played the same formation), it was eye-bleeding at times but it won us the league. Yet embarrassed us in Europe. Inzaghi is the opposite, bottled the league last year, but won all the domestic cups both years, and reached a CL final in his second year, with a squad much worse than Conte's.
  11. The past week I've been watching what I can on youtube for this final's preview (part of the charm of a CL final is the buildup) and since it was an English club vs Inter, Manchester City, normally I've watched what the British pundits had to say. I have to be honest, they were terrible. Maybe you'll laugh but in the Balkans (Serbian, Croatian) the pundits are better, more professional, and have a better football knowledge and analyze the games a level above. All I've heard was hyping the City players, they'll destroy Inter 5-0, 7-0, and what not. OK, it's only natural to hype your domestic club, so these takes can be viewed as optimistic, so whatever. I won't watch their post-match review, as I bet none of them will admit they were wrong, but they'll only say City had an off-night so it has to be the only reason why it was so tight. Needless to say, none of these guys ever bothered to mention the 115 charges against City, nor they questioned their success. It was all Pep this, the players that, fantastic fans, great organization, management, and owners (WTF?). Another negative aspect was that ex-Manchester United, ex-Liverpool, Arsenal, etc. players, some of them legends, being included in the perversity of the whole thing. Must be painful seeing Rio Ferdinand wanking all over Manchester City's greatness, if you are a United fan. To sum it all up, it seemed to me like the football punditry sold out and now is a big harem that bent over Manchester City's might, and their terrible football takes and sucking up to City's whole organization looked like some disgusting orgy.
  12. Lautaro could've won World Cup and CL too, if only he stepped up when it mattered. There was no Messi to save him in Inter. As for Lukaku...Never want to see him in an Inter shirt again. This guy will always, always, let you down in the end when it matters.
  13. There are 115 charges against them. Not that I think they'll be punished.
  14. We were solid but we have our limitations. Inzaghi did well but he can't score a goal instead of the players.
  15. City were for the taking but we haven't really punished them. Not good chances enough.
  16. Fitting title for the final tomorrow, that.
  17. I know, somehow remember watching that episode lol. But it's a meme. There's a good chance we get destroyed, so why not have fun at least heading to the final while we can.
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