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  1. Onana with his unnecessary venturing out of the box cost United a goal (offside or not). He just loves going for it. The non reaction on the second goal was a tribute to Handa's tutorship.
  2. Merlo reports some Saudi club offers 60m€ a year to Lautaro, 4 years contract.
  3. Diaby is a great signing for Aston Villa, good profile of player for the league.
  4. Højlund's salary will be around 3.5-4m£ according to Pedulla.
  5. One of Onana's weaknesses is exactly dealing with crosses, as he tends to misjudge and dive sometimes. He is great playing the ball, on the other hand. But this is football now, it's asked from everyone to do a bit of everything instead of players mastering the needed skills in their own department. So, win some lose some on the balance of things.
  6. Is Balogun good? I read many Inter fans online that would be happy with him but I haven't seen him play.
  7. Finally some display of dignity from Inter, ffs.
  8. Now Juventus on Lukaku as well They offer the same as Inter just a better base offer (37m + 3m€ in bonuses, Inter's is 35+5m in bonuses), but Juventus offers him 11m€ net salary, compared to Inter's 7-8m net. They'll sell Vlahovic so he'll certainly start there. Chelsea accepted Inter's offer but Lukaku is nowhere to respond to get the deal done.
  9. I read Neuer won't be able to start their first game in the league, which complicates the deal, Bayern would certainly want to keep Sommer if Neuer is unavailable for a prolonged time.
  10. Di Marzio reports that Onana to United is a done deal, around 55m€ in total.
  11. Had Gnonto stayed here he'd be rotting on the bench while loaned to some midtable Serie B team. Is he staying in Leeds now when they got relegated?
  12. Around 40m€ fee. No one else was giving Lazio that for SMS with one year left on his contract, but now there are the Saudis.
  13. @Soylent Brown spare a thought for the fans of Al-Ahli!
  14. Living in Como probably mitigates the suffering, dunno.
  15. Fabregas has retired. Also, RB Salzburg gets around 15m€ from the sale of Szoboszlai to Liverpool. From RB Leipzig, of course.
  16. I thought Flo was a son of Tore Andre Flo at first, until I looked it up and saw that's how they call Balogun.
  17. Rumours about Steven Gerrard to become a coach of Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia. Although on wikipedia he's already their manager, so I guess only the announcement is missing.
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