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  1. I don't think this will happen, they may strip City from the titles but they won't award them to the second placed teams.
  2. 1900 people dead confirmed so far This is just devastating.
  3. Terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, 7.7 Richter scale. Some sources report 1200 people are killed so far and 5800 injured. Edit: Apparently there were two earthquakes in the span of 12 hours. Edit 2: Two more in the span of 1 hour. This is getting worse.
  4. Union Berlin - Mainz 1-0, Union goes 1st if they win, but Bayern still has a game in hand.
  5. Laws are for poor people only
  6. Shit I'll have to change my profile picture again.
  7. That's strange, there was too much evidence.
  8. Cancelo fell out with Spaletti with us and Allegri at Juve, wouldn't be surprised.
  9. Bayern Munich struggles in the Bundesliga lately.
  10. There are reports that Barcelona wants to swap Kessie for Brozovic and Depay for Correa. I'd take Depay over the fraud Correa any day.
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