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  1. 1 hour ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    So UEFA has banned Juve from its competition for a season. Juve despite being convinced to have done nothing wrong do not appeal to put an end to it (and probably felt not playing in the conference league was not that big of a punishment). So they can solely focus on qualifying for the CL next season. The punitive fee is negligible. If UEFA had made that a two year ban, I guarantee you they would've appealed.

    They will pull out from the Super League idea, in agreement with Uefa so the punishment would be only 1 year instead of 2. 

  2. One of Onana's weaknesses is exactly dealing with crosses, as he tends to misjudge and dive sometimes. He is great playing the ball, on the other hand.

    But this is football now, it's asked from everyone to do a bit of everything instead of players mastering the needed skills in their own department. So, win some lose some on the balance of things.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Consigliere said:

    Di Marzio reporting that Inter now have Balogun, Nzola, Taremi and Morata on their shortlist with Balogun seen as the most favourable option. 

    Is Balogun good? I read many Inter fans online that would be happy with him but I haven't seen him play.

  4. Now Juventus on Lukaku as well :lol:

    They offer the same as Inter just a better base offer (37m + 3m€ in bonuses, Inter's is 35+5m in bonuses), but Juventus offers him 11m€ net salary, compared to Inter's 7-8m net. They'll sell Vlahovic so he'll certainly start there. 

    Chelsea accepted Inter's offer but Lukaku is nowhere to respond to get the deal done.  :lol: 

  5. 38 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    So Inter parted with their entire goalkeeping team.

    Sommer is rumoredly a strong candidate to join them. There's an agreement with Bayern, that he can leave when Neuer is back (by his own account that is the case) and if a club is more or less reimbursing them for what they paid.

    I read Neuer won't be able to start their first game in the league, which complicates the deal, Bayern would certainly want to keep Sommer if Neuer is unavailable for a prolonged time.

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