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  1. 16 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    Didn't he say no a couple of days ago, because he felt he still had some top level football left in him?

    He rejected their 20m a year, 3 years contract (60m in total) and requested more.

    They accepted his demands and will pay him 100m over three years apparently.


  2. 10 minutes ago, Mexal said:

    And yet still taking a massive loss on Havertz. Hilarious really but then we spent 70m on Pepe and are getting nothing back from that.

    I don't think they'll write it down as a loss in their books, as he spent three years there, yet his transfer to Arsenal is for a fee similar to what Chelsea paid to Bayer Leverkusen to sign him. 

  3. Pep won a treble in his first season as a manager. Barcelona were amazing under him. Let's not forget that he also had a house to clear there, he moved some declining star players elsewhere (Ronaldinho, Deco) cause prior to his appointment Barcelona had two underwhelming seasons while having Messi and the rest of the players Pep relied on for years to come.

    Pep is a coach that you'll never know how he'd do with lesser teams, because so far he didn't have to do that, and who knows if he'll ever fall from grace in his career. He keeps his teams motivated, no matter how much they win, all the time. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Consigliere said:


    It's fairly reasonable but Spurs can get more. There's not many good quality CF's available. Just look at the ludicrous price tags that Frankfurt has put on Kolo Muani, Benfica on Ramos, Atalanta on Højlund, Napoli on Osimhen. Even Vlahović will go for €70m at least. Jonathan David will likely cost €50-60m too. The CF market is a sellers market. Kane is also currently much better than any of those players.

    Kane is the best of all those players, yes.

    However, Vlahovic is 6 years younger, and has 3 years left on his contract.

    Don't know how much Napoli ask for Osimhen but they paid around 70-75 million € for him so I guess they want to make a good profit from his sale, and he's 5 years younger than Kane, with two years left on his contract. Napoli aren't desperate for cash either.

    As for the rest, I'm not that much informed about their prices, except that the clubs they play at are mostly selling clubs so they might expect their prices will go up in the years that follow.

    Re Kane again, it's not only his age and his year left on his contract.

    -He wanted out (publicly) two years ago and he's not renewing. Everyone knows this so they'll lowball Spurs.

    -If Levy won't sell Kane to other English clubs, then he must bear in mind that the number of clubs on the continent that Kane can go to are limited cause of the economic situation. There are only Real, Bayern, PSG. Who else?

    I agree they can get slightly more, but not 100 million in pounds, imo, not from outside England except for the Saudis. 


  5. 3 hours ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    Good signing. Works either as a InsideForward/Wide Target Man on the wing, who can dominate smaller fullbacks with his physique and he is also faster than you might expect from a player of his size (he is really fast), or as a CF.

    He was linked with a move to Inter before corona hit. That would've been a 40m € signing (give or take). So whoever gets him will be very happy.

    He would've been brought in 2021 if he didn't get injured. Those money were spent on the dud Correa instead. At least now he's coming a free agent so there's that.

  6. Some say that even Tonali is overpriced by Milan. But if what I read is correct 15% of the amount will go for Brescia, and the fact they know Newcastle can overpay plays a part. Not an obscene amount for modern football standards; but if he flops it'll show to be an expensive one.

    What would be too high is the reported salary by Romano, 8m + 2m EU net a year would make him their most paid player, I still don't believe it's that high.

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