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  1. And Gagliardini fucks up that chance. The guy is a con artist.
  2. Putting Correa and Gagliardini. We'll play with 9 men.
  3. They are very different managers in their respective approaches to the game (though they play the same formation). Conte's set up brings success in the domestic leagues, where fitness and defensive organization play huge part. Inzaghi is average domestically, but is better in the cup competitions.
  4. I'll take back everything I said about Inzaghi if he brings us the CL trophy. The very thought was unbelieveable until recently. I'm not saying that we would be favourites against either Real/City (we would be clear underdogs), but it's one game on a neutral venue. Anyway, we still have a job to do in these semis. Let's not bottle this please.
  5. That should've been a pen for Inter. Lautaro was put off balance by Kjaer's pushing and pulling.
  6. De Zerbi's virgin attacking football vs Dyche's chad low block football
  7. Some English 19 y/o player, Samuel Iling-Junior, scored for Juventus, never heard of him before, is he supposed to be a talent?
  8. I was shocked that the reason for the shooting was because this kid had an 1 (that is F in USA and elsewhere?) in History, so trivial. The kids are under immense pressure to "make it" in life now more than ever, so that one bad grade can push them to the edge.
  9. In Serie A at least they have a rule that you can't poach a manager from the same league mid-season. I think it's reasonable tbh
  10. He couldn't facilitate a move in 2021, because of his long contract. However, I can see him finally leaving this summer.
  11. I think Spurs aren't getting back in this game
  12. Judging by that Inter lineup, Inzaghi seriously believes they can win the Champions league, and forfeited the top4.
  13. Shocking, no one saw it coming. Italians worship that gangster club.
  14. Now that we're in the semis let's at least win the CL.
  15. It would be funny if they don't win anything this season, cause when Pochettino replaced Tuchel in PSG, they didn't even win the league and Poch took massive part of the blame. But PSG was second in the French league already when Tuchel was sacked, it was just that Poch never managed to regain the first place and win the league. On the other hand, Tuchel went to Chelsea, won them the CL, and brought them from 9th to 4th in the league. He deservedly took the credit. But right now it would be deserved if he took some responsibility for eventual Bayern failures to a degree the same way he was credited in the past. Though I think that responsibility shouldn't result in him being sacked at the end of this season. A coach must be given some time surely.
  16. Imo they sacked Nagelsmann because they were afraid he'd bottle the league, and didn't see they could lose anything with Tuchel in their CL games that Nagelsmann already brought to the table, cause Tuchel won the CL recenty with Chelsea. In any case, they are lucky that Borussia Dortmund aren't taking their chances to overcome them, so at least they can expect to win the Bundesliga. It will remain unknown how Nagelsmann would've done vs City. I don't give them chances tonight tbh but you never know.
  17. Fuck, I'll probably put money on Milan winning the CL, just to feel 1% less shitty if they do it.
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