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    The Gremlin Returns

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  2. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    UK Politics: Winter of Discontent

    Observing all this from the other side of the Pond, just when I am ready to come to the conclusion that you folks are surpassing us for sheer breathtaking dysfunctional stupidity, along comes another tweet/word/action our said Russian Asset, who currently sits at (desecrates) Abe Lincoln's desk (when he isn't golfing that is) that turns your current Punch and Judy show into a cute puppet spectacle for children. Your situation is as tragic, yes, but you Brits are not supposed to be the linchpin of the entire international order....whatever we are economically, it still seemed to be the Pax Americana. Our dysfunction has real and immediate global consequences, puts global order at risk (as if his mere being there hasn't done that already). Your situation is a tragedy, but ours is an utter devolvement into the Seventh Circle of Hell. The announcement of the NK meeting is bad enough...(which will be an utter farce; he probably wants to open a hotel chain in Pyongyang; another avenue for propping up a financial empire held together only by Rubles at this point...that he was supposed to have given up when taking power....and the meeting for their part will only be for them--and China--to thumb their nose at us and the world to say, "See, we are equal to America now!" For us it will be an utter farce. ) But for Putin to out and out come out with a "Don't f--" with me, or you will pay," statement made after a poison gas attack on the soil of our de facto SISTER COUNTRY, our closest ally, and NOBODY HERE HAS UTTERED A WORD OR DONE ANYTHING..COMPLETE AND UTTER SILENCE, from the country where "If you see something, say something" has become the national slogan, along with "You gotta do what you gotta do"? .can you imagine if Obama did not respond? No TV statements of alarm at this disruption of the peaceful international order? Where then is NATO? The U.N? "Five Eyes", for God's sake, where were they? And maybe your government won't do anything b/c they have plans for cozy relationships with Russia propping up their personal fortunes and swanky London townhouses. once full Brexit is accomplished, May is kicked out after she played her part, and the full economic costs become apparent to the average voter. By which time it will be too late. And the players in the current drama will have quietly exited the stage having done the damage, to enjoy life in their coy dachas and yachts, not bothered by intrusive media examinations of their roles in subsequent years, while the poor earnest chappies of the next generation are left to deal with all the fallout, the damage and the loss. And this is before you factor in climate change and what will come of that. (The image of Cersei raising her wineglass after blowing up the Sept comes to mind.) Or the oligarchs walking up the gangplank waving to the trapped workers who built their Ark in "2012": :"So long, see ya, shmucks!" (OK, that wasn't a line, but that's what was being conveyed.) It also reminds me of Agent Orange's sneering response to the Women's March, the day after the "Inauguration": "I thought there was an election?" Knowing full well what he knew, and knows. Try as I might, I have not been able to resist slipping into the ladies' room at work, overwhlemed by the sheer horror of it all, and shedding a quiet and solitiary tear. I have said to friends and co-workers, "Can you imagine all the groups--and you know who I mean--who are noting THE LACK OF OUR RESPONSE to this incident and are probably making plans because of this? If you know what I mean? (And they all nod, b/c with all the violence here lately, to say "terrorist attack", seems like a swear word.) God forbid, b/c no-one else will..." There is a creeping Sept 1939 feel about it all, as stable govt around the world fall to "strongmen." But esp Putin, an evil we should already know well. Unlike the others, b/c of what he has already done, I really do get a "I want to take over the world, and will stop at nothing to do it" vibe. Pretty old-school....but his methods (at least to outsiders) are not. I mean, poison gas attacks and poisonings of his enemies both inside and outside Russia have kinda become his trademark. So too late;y has using various nefarious KGB methods combined with modern tech and often domestic traitors "opening the gates" to install either captive puppet regimes (our own) or at least sympathetic actors (of which Le Pen almost was one) to aid his purpose. And that's what I think here in the U.S. I cannot imagine what someone like you, Polish Genius, must be feeling as you watch....or at least I have followed....the slow progress of this monster on the international stage and the slow revealing of his plans. How helpless the world seems to be to stop him. I have seen our own role in legitimizing this monster. I remember the poison gas attack on the Moscow theater a few yrs back,that killed hundreds of his own innocent people as well as the attackers. (Like, a SWAT Team kinda thing could have defused that situation?) Putin actually called Dubya and informed him what he was going to do, and Bush's response was basically, "Well, as long as it isn't Zyklon B, it's ok. And you have to, ya know, becuz Muslim terrorists." I also remember he "offered to help" after the Boston bombing. That's what oil oligarch Putin does, use the "Muslim terrorist/race" card to win govt leaders to his side, and when that doesn't work, it's the real estate thing, or oil deals, or..let's see....gathering "kompromat" on people in positions of power and influence to use against them later. (It just might be how he keeps his Americans puppet(s) under control. We'll see if Mueller will offer any evidence of that.) So what? you might be saying. High time America got a taste of its own Kissingerian medicine. Oh, I know the long litany list of wrongs we did during the Cold War in the name of the Pax Americana, but I didn't see anybody doing anything meaningful to protest our actions either, like boycott our Hollywood films or place us under sanctions or anything. maybe I'm wrong about that, but even so. "Words are wind," as the saying goes. I suppose there are many well-meaning people who quielty applaud our current woes and are happy to see America pay the price for all the suffering it has caused in the world, both during the Cold War and after. They are happy, no doubt, that the chickens seem to have come home to roost. (let's see how happy they are when climate change and our own stupidity and greed destroy our corn crop, and there goes much of the feed for your cows and chickens, and there goes your meat consumption.) But I always say to them (and I've talked to a few in my life): "Why don't you come and live here. You might revise your opinion. We're not what you think. Do you really think we are happy here?" And ask yourself if you want China to take over. A hyper-industrial China that aspires to, even if it will never achieve, American per capita consumption levels, and controlled by a man who really has just made himself Dictator for Life. We did enough damage to the planet as a capitalist democracy with only 250-300 million; now imagine what happens when the gloves really come off a Communist dictator whose Party are professionals at oppression and corruption who make us puny by comparison, and who have 1 out of every 6 or 7 people on the planet....what happens when the fish in the South China Sea run out?...this is beginning to happen already....what do you think the real cause of the South China Sea drama is about? Again, I refer to the article " China's Communist-Capitalist Ecological Apocalypse" (google it) to see what I mean. But to get back to Polish Genius and others who concede that there is nothing we can do, b/c Putin has done his work too well, and it would be unwise to provoke him. Made you folks dependent on Gazprom etc. To which I say: history shows us that if you do not find some way to act now, you will be FORCED to act later. You will pay the price in the long run for not acting now. And talk to your elders, seek out the eyewitness accounts of those who lived under the ancien regimes of the 20th century. It is like outer space for those of us who have only known peace, relative prosperity, a connected and globalized world. We don't remember because we can't. We simply have no idea. me? I'm half-Armenian. Of course I don't either. But I talked my grandfather before he passed away..and over 70 yrs later, he remembered things he had experienced as a child. I can hear him still. Watching the daily devolvement of our society here in America, so soon after "Hamilton" hit the streets, I have a Sept 1, 1939 feeling. No, no tanks are rollingi in, and we have no Rifenstaalian-hyper spectacle. But watching our society fragment at a rapidly accelerating pace, the school shootings almost on a weekly basis now, the explosion of bomb threats; the disentigration of society into hordes of squabbling groups (men/women; PoC/white; liberalconservative; tradtional media/socal media and the subgroups fighting within that, the explosion of the opiates in medication abuse crisis (60,000+ dying A YEAR in the past 2 years, that has actually shortened our life expectancy statistics--hey Tory Brits who hate the NHS, try coming over here where heavy opiates are routinely prescribed for routine illnesses like back pain, and sometimes even to childen? it's how Tom Petty just died, he was taking meds for a hip injury..hey, at the rate we're going, we should just put the coacaine back in Coca-Cola, This is what I hope Britain will become if the full "reforms" go through.) And worst of all is the rotting and ossification of our revered national institutions: the news media have all mysteriously turned into giggling schoolgirl fan worship of our Traitors, esp the Usurper. Not just "Wow! let's see what he does next!" But PRAISING him. Squeeing Beatlemania at worst, and pardoning crimes brought to light at best, or practing another of Putin's favorite methods: "me-too ism" aka "Hey, if they can do it, I can do t too." Or conversely, "well, the left did this, so we can do this." When they really should be sounding the alarm that the United States of America, the supposed Superpower or at least one of the big "multi-laterals" (hey, let's cut to the chase; the one with the nuclear football, OK?) has become in essence a puppet vassal state of Russia, just as surely as if Putin's tanks had rolled up to the WH gate. the way he/they behave, and Congress's utter silence (again:imagine Obama or Hillary this?) Big deal right? OK, so what was the whole existential 20th century struggle against Russia about? Crickets from Congress. They're just as paraliyed as your govt it seems. Or worse....what many suspect...the entire Congressinal GOP --and many Dems--are all either on Russia's blackmail list, on the Kremin's take, or both. The media is bought and paid for, except maybe Reuters and a few intrepid Twitter bloggers. Then there are the courts....and the Supreme Court, which has a certified neo-Nazi on it now (Gorsuch, appointed by...3 guesses) ..again, he has a track record. Our Internet has just been privatized, (in spite of a huge campaign it stop it from happening, by voters of all parties as well a lot of corporate America--the FCC tried to do it twice when Obama was in power but he listened to the people and vetoed it both times, even though he was for it at first; no such luck with this creitn) the Tax Code has just been changed for the first time since 1986, and we are alreafy feeling the pinch of that;; BTW, that was rushed though both Houses in less than 3 weeks, during the Christmas season, and we relly didn't find out about it from the media until New Year's. You'd think changing the national tax code would be something that the people would want to debate, but no. It's effectively wiped out all our "living wage" raises we've fought for over the yrs. We are out of the picture, it seems, until our Traitors and Usurpers are dealt with accordingly. (God, this is all so GoT!) And that is a scary thought. But other Western institutions thrive....of the kind that Europe did not have say, in the 1920's-30's. NATO has already correctly come to this conclusion months ago; that is why they are doing what they are doing on the Russian border now. I was convinced that the tanks would come rolling into Estonia by last September, and that Hungary would again fall like it did in '68, by Christmas. I'm serious. But so far, they have not. And that, I think, is b/c of NATO. Maybe Putin is working on a way to sabotage their elections too. Or play the "Muslim race" card like he did in the Czech Republic. (Beware.) I go around thinking that history is repeating itself, and that we are revisiting a dark chapter in history, the long slow exestential agony that all peace and freedom loving peoples must have suffered before the real crisis unfolded. I have always thought democracy's days were limited, but that it would crumble organically under the weight of rescource depletion and climate change, around starting 10 yrs from now as the perfect storm of crisis begin to hit. But not this. Not like this, and before it had to....Ithought we could take a few pleasant memores with us on the final trip, before we faced the Long Night togther. I always thought that democracy would die a natural death in bed, sometime towards the middle of this century: a victim of not enough food or water or timely energy infusions; a changing of the temperature, so to speak; or too many people in the Global house. I never in my wildest imaginings thought that it could die young: that it could be--WOULD be--murdered. Thank you all for reading my ramblings. I sit here finishing this at 2 AM. Had to get it out of my system. I apologize.
  3. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Benioff and Weiss to Create New Star Wars Series

    Ha Ha. I'm actually relishing this news. Call me perverse, but I actully WANT to see Dave and Dan go head to head wih Kathleen Kennedy and see who comes out on top. Benioff in particular with his "I'm Goldman Sachs royalty; who tf are you?" autocratic arrogance. Honestly, I've often wondered why Dave and Da didn't get fired from the production after the many controversies during season 5 which caued a noticble dip in the ratings and led a noticble amount of fans to stop watching. Anybody else would have been sent packing after that point; instead, Season 5 wins ALL THE EMMYZ! (not that I regret GOT winning awards; just the wrong seasons.) I think these past few years Dave and Dan have had the attitude that THEY run HBO with regards to this project, not the other way around. "they're playing with the big boys now," as the song from "Prince of Egypt" goes. (Gods, that was and is a great movie still.) After TLJ I've leaned a lot about Ms. Kennedy; she's changed a LOT from her E.T. naif days with Spielberg to put it mildly. Word will get around in the industry about them if it hasn't already. Will they think they can run Disney too, or just fork over Kathy a bundle of cash and get her to bend the knee like everyone else has? Then too, SW comes with its own set of headaches. They won't care about the fan any more than they have with GoT, but if they don't luck out and get a set of future films where they don't have to worry about canon/non canon, old vs new EU, etc. And they will find themselves under the global microscope the way they never were for GoT, and they think up until now they've been in the cross-hairs, they're really not. Welcome to the Big Leagues, D and D...MTFBWY ('cause you're gonna need it.) One good thing though: I've been fantasizing about Ramin Djawadi scoring a Sw film for months. Who will take over after JW, cause he won't be active too much longer. Ramin has earned it; what other composer today has taken his score out on the road as a popular travelling road show, the way composers like JW and Ennio Morricone used to? GoT has its pop culture chops and global appeal, if not yet the awards (I'm still upset about that Grammy loss; he'd better win for Season 8!) And Ramin can write a theme motif and create "blockbuster" cues with the best. Directors like to take composers with them and I hope that counts for Producers too, if they're the writers. I can't imagine Dave and Dan wanting anyone other than Ramin to work with them on their next blockbuster (if only b/c he didn't give them trouble!)
  4. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    In other news, I read earlier today that somewhere in Russia, the thermomenter has hit -86 degrees Farenheit. Yep, MINUS 86 degrees. I don't know what that is in Celsius, but in winter I've only heard of cold snaps around -40 to -50 there. Snow in Tallahassee...21 degrees F in New Orleans? We've had cold winters but it seems to be global this year. We're not at The Day After Tomorrow yet, but it's fun to speculate while sitting at your computer with a nice mug of hot chocolate. So folks, how is this winter treating you? Aside from that week of -20-30 F wind chill during the holiday week, nothing out of the ordinary. (Which in my part of the woods is not unheard of, but a cold snap like that is usually a couple days long rather than over a week.)
  5. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Raw water

    You have to admire the guy's chutzpah, though. He's part of a great American tradition, one that long predates the snake-oil salesmen. As P. T. Barnum famously said (most certainly not Hugh Jackman's Barnum): "There's a sucker born every minute."
  6. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    It's funny how peoples' minds work. 2 yrs ago there was a fantastic Rolling Stone article about NYC and the dangers it faces from rising sea levels. I remember one part where it discusses how Rockaway Beach area is now a fashionable neighborhood, a hotbed of development, even after Sandy basically leveled it. People always will seek waterfront living no matter what. But sometimes even post-disaster reality doesn't register ;it's just another business opportunity. Mind-boggling. I guess unless it affects you personally, sometimes unfortunately that's the only way to get people to care. By then of course it's too late. It's like the area of the Finger Lakes my grandparent's home is in, a staunchly Republican area, but from 2010-2015, when it looked as though hydro-fracking might come to the area, everyone all of a sudden became an environmentalist, with black "No Fracking Way!" signs on their lawns. It helps if there's the prospect of your own little corner of Paradise suddenly becoming an industrial hellhole. Sometimes you have the opportunity to affect change, more often not. Oh and thanks for the video. Jack Black, I've always liked him.
  7. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    It's the End of the World: Climate Collapse

    Unfortunately, China has a LOT more problems than air pollution. Air pollution gets the most attention because, of course, it's the most visible, and the Communist authorities can't hide it from the international and business community for very long. But it's just the tip of a very big iceberg and their long-term problems may be unsolvable. Can someone post this link directly for me. Folks, this is THE best article on China that you will ever read. Probably EVER. Sums up basically EVERYTHING. I found it 2 yrs ago by chance when doing research on something completely unrelated, you know, one link leads to another. After reading it, I printed it out and the printout came to about 50 pages. It's more of a novella than an article, really, I wish the author would expand it into a book, in the same way that "Fast Food Nation" began as a Rolling Stone article. Then again, I doubt this author would be welcome again in China if the authorities ever became aware of this article! Forget the stock markets. Forget the articles and books breathlessly proclaiming "end of 500 yrs of" and "Chinese Century." The "When China Rules The World"'s and "the New Silk Roads"s. (2 of my favorites in this genre.) Not one of those publications takes into consideration the conditions and situations described in this article. I know, I read them all the time. The article is dated June 5, 2015, but I doubt the conditions and situations described in the article have changed much in 2 1/2 yrs. Google: "China's Communist-Capitalist Ecological Apocalypse" First page should have a picture of a guy wearing a mask walking under a highway overpass. This isn't the China their "Confucius Institutes" want you to see. It sure ain't Shen Yung. This is the real China today. Right now, and probably for the next 5 yrs or so, barring some event like another 2008-9 style economic crash, China will be riding high, enjoying the best years it is ever likely to have. Our own current idiocy is not helping because it allows their government to come across as sane, rational and civilized, ...But starting in the mid 2020's their problems will start to kick in big time.... . And paradoxically, we had better pray they last as long as possible, because as the article states, China is going to end up dragging the rest of the world down along with it. Our current global civilization is too hyper-linked for it not to. But more and more fighting over a rapidly shrinking pie.... Anyone who thinks I'm talking out of my...well, read the article first and then get back to me. i sure found out a lot I didn't know. if you decide to read it, set aside a couple hours because it's one heck of a read. And I think this author is not lying. My town has a lot of Chinese students and a fair-sized Chinese immigrant community, and I have seen a couple of the older ones walking around wearing masks here. I've heard a couple students on the city bus explaining to native students how at home,, they don't drink the water.
  8. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    "All my life I've lived alone. Many times I faced my death with no one else to know. I would look into the huts and the tents of others in the coldest dark and I would see figures holding each other in the night, but I always passed by...You and I, we have warmth. That's so hard to find in this world. Please, let someone else pass by in the night. Let us take the world by the throat and make it give us what we desire." It's a testament to how good Basil P.'s score for Conan The Barbarian is (the 1981 origional that Darth Richard refers to, not the so-so current one) that I'm able to quote verbatim from one of my favorite scenes in a film I haven't watched in its entirety 6 or 7 yrs. God, this scene made me cry. John Milius's script was so wonderfully epic in its pulpiness, but then little gems of scenes like this one just fall out of nowhere. It was this scene that made me fall in love with the film, that it was more than a faithful Robert E. Howard adaptation. The music accompanying Valeria's plea to Conan is GORGEOUS and the montage of Conan leaving her afterwards is epic. That's just one minor scene. In fact the whole film is, as one critic put it, "a small gem," I can't name the cues but I can hear them now. This used to be a movie I could quote like SW films. I first discovered it when I was a kid b/c I used to have a fit when my uncle allowed my then grade-school cousin to watch it, edited love scenes, gory beheadings and all.:) (But I wasn't much older and a girl at that?:) "..Valor pleases You, Crom, so grant me one request: grant me REVENGE! And if You do not listen, then the hell with You!" Stop me before I quote this entire speech too... OK, here I go...should we change this thread to "favorite film scenes" or "favorite weepies" or "favorite movie quotes" now? So many great things to catch up to in this thread but the poster who recommended Eastern Promises for bathing music. Ah yes. Viggo Mortensen fighting in the bathhouse wearing his Name Day Suit. I'll stop right there. I just got back from nearly a week out of town where I was subjected to the indignity of the News on TV nearly every day. Against my will and wishes. The world is going to hell in a chariot but this image is the perfect ancidote for that. Before Kit, there was Viggo.. Heck, there still is Viggo--he still looks great for his age. Dayum.. I have to catch up to this thread but I'll leave it at that. G'night ya'll, and keep warm! (oh and thanks Ran for that film title!)
  9. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    Corvinus, *ouch*. My bad. I knew it was either Bear or Norris for Vikings but like Darth Richard, chronic sleep deprivation.:) I should have known, Yes, Bear's work is a little percussion heavy at times. PolishGenius, thanks for explaining temping. I knew what it was, but not that it was called that. I'd love a link to your Marvel Symphonic Universe video, it's something I've thought a lot about, and why I'm so concerned about the future of musical talent in Hollywood. The MCU is a beast strangling the town and it's only going to get worse. I wish I knew how to link to YouTube but here are a couple more faves of mine. Forgot the composer but the soundtrack for "Pan's Labyrinth," arguably the greatest film from the Western Hemisphere in the 2000-2010 decade. There, I said it.:) And there was a Christopher Reeve film from 1981, forgot the title, kind of a forgotten gem of his. Used to make me cry like a baby. Basic plot is he goes to Chicago and embarks on a brief and doomed romance at a resort. A real weepie. Ugh. Can't remember the title but I can pull up scenes and OMG I'm getting teary-eyed again... Deborah's Theme! How could I forget! Jennifer Connelly's screen debut. In that movie she was, what, 12? First time when we hear this when she is reading from the Torah to Noodles(?),"Why he can never be my beloved," that scene breaks my heart. She was luminous in that scene, such poise and maturity. You could already see the woman in the child. Still amazing. As for the next SW trilogy like I said in my thread, I'm biased. Ramin all the way. He's earned it. He's still amazingly young to be doing what he is, the GOT Concert experience has solidified his epic big orchestra chops and popular big-tent appeal. If he wins a Grammy so much the better. It's iconic. And such a range of themes. Speaking of big epic sounds, this remains my all-time favorite "album jacket" description of instrumentation in a musical cue: "piano strings violently hammered upon by chains." I kid you not. This was for one of Howard Shore's "Two Towers" tracks, something from Mordor. I used to joke, "On his most frustrating workdays, was it Howard who was hammering them?" It's pretty much a description of my recent workweek:)
  10. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    PolishGenius, your comment about JW being an early victim of the temp-music curse is intruiging. Explain please? I know some people have criticized him for over-indulgence in "Mickey-Mousing" at times but as far as SW goes this has only helped rather than hurt the series. Somehow I don't think that's what your're getting at though.
  11. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    But to continue: My personal fave is Ennio Morricone. His is the very voice of God (to quote Amadeus, my all-time favorite movie). I'm thinking less his spaghetti western work than such later classics as The Mission ("Gabriel's Oboe," "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" etc. I am astonished at how he merges the 4 different tymphanic tracks in the latter and makes them all somehow work, and what this suggests about the films' theme. OMG), Cinema Paradisio and my favorite, his score for the 1982 mini-series Marco Polo (that continues to kick the tush of the sorry lame-ass recent entity by that title.) THAT is *for the ages*. Interestingly he almost ended up scoring Titanic until Cameron decided he wanted a more modernist approach and went with James Horner instead.
  12. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Soundtracks for Movies/TV Shows/Video Games

    Eek! I didn't know you'd started this thread, sorry! I wish I could merge my thread with yours! Before mine goes anywhere, please read what I posted about pop culture icon status and who should follow JW. Then reply to that *in here*. Thanks!
  13. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Season 8 Predictions?

    MinscS2, sorry I missed yr reply to my LOTR post. Yes, that's interesting too, I never thought of the parallels between Jon and Aragorn, as well as Jon and Frodo. However, there's Tolkien's Aragorn and PJ's Aragorn. PJ took the somewhat more traditional heroic-fantasy archetype of Aragorn from the books and turned him into a post-modern creation...or as much as possible in this High Fantasy saga. In the books, whatever inner conflict Aragorn may or may not have suffered about fulfilling his destiny as the Heir of Elendil, it mostly happens off-stage, prior to the story I think. He's always twitching aside his cloak in key moments in the story and talking about his sword and its history and who he is (numerous examples abound) talking as if he knew and embraced this all along. Whereas in the films he is nowhere near at peace with himself even well into TTT, and wrestles with his inner demons/doubts over what he sees as his perceived inability to withstand the Ring's temptation, he thinks he is cursed by the weakness of his ancestors. He clearly does not see himself as ready for the tests the Quest will present to him, thinks he will fail, and it ultimately takes only Arwen's belief in him--which she has to coax him into accepting--to get him to set out at all. PJ also altered the character of Faramir, Tolkien's heroic and noble Scholar-warrior who many think was Tolkien's alter-ego in the story, the one who not pick up the Ring "if he found it lying by the side of the road," and changed him into a son who was more obsessed in proving himself to his harsh father than in the book, and was willing to deliver the Ring to him as a weapon, even though he knew how dangerous it could potentially be. In both cases much darker characters. One of the most interesting scenes in PJ's Trilogy is in the last 15 minutes of FOTR when Frodo offers Aragorn the Ring: "Would YOU destroy it?" And Aragorn almost gives in. And based on his being correct about this perceived inherent weakness, this is what makes him want to acede to Frodo's decision to set off for Mordor alone. "I would have gone with you to the end..into the very fires of Mordor." Frodo: "I know. Look after the others...esp Sam, he would not understand"etc. Even more interesting is that this comes after Frodo also offered the Ring to Galadriel in Lorien, in a similar vein. And after "passing the Test," she says: "You begin to see with a very keen eye." Notably, the Galadriel scene is from the book; but Frodo offering Aragorn the Ring is not. It's a scene that Peter, Fran and Philippa invented. It is as if Frodo is beginning to be corrupted by the Ring in his perverse desire to tempt others and see if they are as impervious as he is to the lure of Power. If he is beginning to enjoy this testing of people--if he begins to think himself superior-- then just that belief, that lack of proper Humility, itself is corruption too. At this point in the FOTR film we already know that Frodo is already becoming very possessive of the Ring and will not give it up, so when he asks Aragorn this question he is clearly NOT asking this legedary character to take over the Quest from himself, a helpless hobbit. He now sees himself as Aragorn's equal and is testing Aragorn's mettle in that regard. Anyway, this is a much darker Aragorn than in the books (oh, and add to this his ambivalence about his relationship with Arwen in the films; he wants her to leave b/c he does not want her to sacrifice her mortality, even for him; in the books of course The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen is almost appendice-only but there was no doubt in that regard; she just waited for him.) The point I'm making is that there were differences between books and films in LOTR too. So the Jon that you want to see--and the Jon I want to see--the "Aragorn" Jon with the semi-happy ending--may not come to pass. I'm still dreading the Jon/Frodo ending, where Jon wants the Throne/power in the end and is "Divinely" punished for it. it depends on just how far George takes the "Scouring" parallel..and if D/D do end at the same place George does, even with any and all show divergences. Honestly, I think it could go either way...it's a Targaryen 50/50 coin toss!
  14. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Well, as an aside regarding falling in love quickly. True-life story: In 1992, just before U2's ZooTV Tour began, Phil Joanou, then the band's filmographer, met a spry lass whom he proceeded to marry *less than 48 hours later*. Yep. 2 days, from first laying eyes on each other, to the Vegas chapel, I think it was. We know this b/c Bono couldn't stop blabbing about it onstage almost every night, and even brought the happy couple onstage a few times. I think even they were clearly in awe. Of course, they divorced only 7 months later (I'd have been very surprised if that lasted!) but in retrospect....SOMEBODY GOT THOSE TWO BOAT TICKETS. Teenage me used to wonder what their...um..."courtship" was like. Holy...moly.
  15. Lady Of The Crossbow Inn

    Season 8 Predictions?

    JcMontea, I took a long time editing my Jon/Frodo posts. I added a lot to them, both of them. So go back and read them, and reply if you want. There's a lot more there. MinscS2, you too if you have read them. To the posters who are in the Jon/Jorah discussion. Someone should post a link to the Dany/Jorah scene in "The Door." Fascinating stuff, a season and a half on. Ian and Kit are both really fantastic at coaxing a great performance out of Emilia. Yes, Kit too. There, I said it. Put my head on a spike:) Gods, so many great posts. 3 or 4 major ways this Northern thing could go and compelling arguments for all of them. I just hope the tension between and Jon and Dany..they won' make us hate them. the show-runners hate the Starks, they've made that plain time and again. I swear, I can't forget, still, how they genuinely seemed to be surprised at the uproar over Sansa in Season 5. Or how they've turned Bran into a mental-stalking creep. I mean, trying to suss out an active plot for Bran is hard, I admit, if I was the writer... when he's just learning to see things and eating Jojen paste at this point in the books, but come on. There are many things they could have done with Bran rather than have him turn into a robotic, maybe-weirnet-porn-watching creep. And someone PLEASE explain to me why they cut out the apparent ONE brief scene with Ghost yet kept Bronn's c*** jokes to Jamie in. So I don't think they mean for us to be liking Jon very much by the end of this. I expect him to die, but I don't mind characters dying if they die the right way...or at least the way they deserve to. With people honoring and respectng them. Yes, even the bad guys. Which he will never be....we hope..