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  1. I thought the common tongue was the language of the andals brought in thousands of years later. Why would brandon - a first man who presumably spoke the old tongue - allow the blackgate to respond to a language never spoken in westeros before?
  2. In this video aziz from History of Westeros tells us Elio Garcia told him that real Sphinxes (not statues) did in fact exist in Valyria. My question is, what did these Sphinxes do? Did the Valryians ride them like their dragons? What roles did they play?
  3. Could be Melisandre or Cersei. Melisandre because: Once Stannis dies in Winterfell she has no hero. Then she hears of this epic king known as the crows eye who has taken over Oldtown, smashed the redwyne/hightower fleets with the help of krakens, has valyrian artifacts + armor. She will be drawn to his power and will believe him to be azor ahai reborn. Cersei because: If we follow season 7/8 of the show, Cersei flees to Casterly Rock after faegon takes KL. She needs to win back the crown. after the Reach abandons her and the stormlands gone to aegon she forges an alliance with this powerful new king Euron.
  4. Euron is already an evil dark lord. He has the gift of greensight, valyrian steel armor, magic, support of the Ironborn, and he will ride a resurrected dragon.
  5. Stannis starved to save Storms End and his little brother. He also destroyed Victations fleet. For his service he should have been gifted Storms End. But why does Robert give it to Renly instead? Renly didn't do anything + he was still a kid.
  6. I remember reading a theory which says he did not in fact cut off poor myrcella's ear because we the reader do not see it happening or something along those lines. isn't he trained to use other weapons? and what of high hermitage's security? would they simply let him and obara walk in and kill darkstar?
  7. You could have an interpreter like Jorah is for Dany until she learns Dothraki.
  8. How come a wildling north of the Wall is perfectly able to understand and communicate in the 'common tongue' with someone all the way down in Sunspear? In real life this would not be possible!
  9. 1) If his sister's child had targaryen or dayne features then he'd definitely not kept him at winterfell in plain sight...most likely he'd kept him in starfall. But since Jon has no targaryen features and has stark features (implying ned is the father) then its ok to keep him in plain sight. ned does take measures to keep jon hidden or in the back during roberts visit to winterfell. 2) he trusted the 6 companions he took to starfall. they'd be expected to keep whatever happened a secret. he picked them cus he trusted them. howland has kept it a secret. and we haven't heard anything from wylla the starfall wetnurse or lyannas other attendants. they must have been persuaded to keep their mouths shut.
  10. Most readers believe Elia was sad and mad at her prince husband. and Indeed, she might have been in on rhaegars fullfillment of TPTWP prophecy
  11. aemon is still in the barrel of rum aboard the cinnamon wind.... headed to Mereen. a nice surprise for dany! Wonder if quhuru or marwyn will tell her about it and what her reaction will be!
  12. Wylla was Jon and Edric's milk nurse. She must have been present at the ToJ when Lyanna died. I think arthur dayne had initially brought her to the ToJ from Starfall. after lyanna died she returned to the daynes in starfall.
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