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  1. Graydon Hicks

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    and cousin incest was also a very real thing in our own european history. it was often used to make sure properties and wealth stayed within the control of a family. but cousin was the closest acceptable form of incest.
  2. Graydon Hicks

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    i think that i wont be a problem, from daenerys's end. she grew up being raised by viserys, and likely spen tmuch of her childhood under the impression that she would be marrying him. a relationship with her own nephew is kind of tame compared to that. i think the problem will be on jon's end. he was raised a stark, with values based on the culture and religions of the first men, and social acceptances that go with that. but the issue concerning incest of this nature is going to be coming at him in the same trains of thought as his realization of his own heritage, and what that means. he qualms over sleeping and possibly impregnating his own aunt are going to swalloed partly by his crisis of identity, he coming to grips that he isnt ned's son, that he isnt a stark or even a bastard, that he is the legitimate heir to the iron throne. he is going to have a rough time wrestling with himself over both issues. i think he will draw away from dany for a while, until she realizes she is pregnant, and then will hunt his self pitying ass down and have a long talk with him over their family's peculiarities.
  3. Graydon Hicks

    What is the role of Gendry?

    but jon's authority extends only throughout the north. sure, he could legit gendry, but no one in the stormlands would be obligated to recognise the declaration of the King in the North. but dany would queen of the seven kingdoms, and her authority would cover the stormlands. that declaration they would have to recognize.
  4. Graydon Hicks

    What is the role of Gendry?

    actually davos is the proof. he was their when stannis acknowledge gendry as roberts's bastard and his own nephew. and its not like there many people left who are going to challenge the ruling of jon and dany.
  5. Graydon Hicks

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    i have found that those that dislike ruling yet are forced into the position, are far better rulers than those who seek rulership willingly.
  6. Graydon Hicks

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    ones a warlord, the other is a general. think of it like that. the warlord lead, the general commands.
  7. Graydon Hicks

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    `gregor i wouldnt count as an actual commander of troops. it looks like he avoided actually fighting anyone until he ambushed dondarrion's men. mostly he pulled an iron born tactic by going after all the small folk villages. i would say the top commanders living by the WO5K would be tywin, though how much of his success in the war of ninepenny kings came from using his wealth to afford well equipped troops and gifted sellswords? brynden tully, randall tarly, stannis baratheon. it looks like robb could have one day been considered one of the great captains, to use a term from the wheel of time, of his day, given his military successes, but he was still inexperienced. i say he had the talent for war, and would have been very gifted, if he had lived. maybe barristan selmy? and oberyn martell?
  8. Graydon Hicks

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    i honestly believe that jon will likely die at the end, taking the night king with him. he feels like that kind of fated hero to me. but maybe he will get some girl pregnant first. leave a legacy behind.
  9. would you say ned's honor is a mix of the nordic warrior honor of the first men of the north, and the knightly chivalric honor of the andals of the Vale?
  10. i still say house targ. they forged the empire that is the seven kingdoms and , even with the internal strifes that happened, they still managed to keep it together. they became the subliminal symbol of the unity of the seven kingdoms. when robert took over, and removed the founding house to start his own dynasty, i think several of the other provinces began to pull away from the realm as a whole. not obviously, more on a subconscious level, but it would explain just how quickly the continent flew apart after robert died. the targs, as the external family from valyria, had no prior loyalties within westeros. if any of the other great houses had tried to unite the seven kingdoms, all the others would immediately rise up in opposition, and that resentment would not simply fade with time. look at the prejudices we still see in the current point of time. reachers still hate dornish, dornish still stormlords, valemen were still isolationist, the northerners still clung tightly to their Old Gods, while all the rest of the mainland realm embraces the faith of the seven, and thus are considered primitive, barbarian savages; the ironborn still hunger for the chance to rape and pillage the mainland in the Old Ways. the westermen still hold that smug superiority of wealth. but the targs held them together so long, first by threat of Weapons of Mass Immolation, then by sheer tradition of associating their house with the right of rule, and with no real favoring one realm of the others for either privileges or punishments, that when they get removes, and stormlord was placec in their stead, that i believe those subconscious regional rivalries, prejudices, and favoritisms began to resurface, with no truly neutral overlord house to settle the differences.
  11. Graydon Hicks

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    yes, but aerys made jaime a KG as an insult to tywin, and likely to hold as a hostage against tywin. why he didnt keep more of the KG around him, i have no idea. with his paranoia, youd think he would have, and i believe he went everywhere with several of them at a time, but he only kept jaime, maybe he trust holding elia and having several of the KG around rhaegar would insure rhaegars' good behavior, and maybe he didnt believe rhaegar would lose the battle. i believe rhaegar actually had more men at that fight at the trident, but they broke and ran after robert killed the prince.
  12. id say the starks would fit the ideal, but you cant run a nation on honor alone. the lannisters might be the most effective, but would likely engender a great deal of discontent amongst the rest of the realm, maybe not so much with tywin in charge, but definitely with his children. none of them can meet the standards he set, the tyrells, might be along the lines of lannister, but only if olenna ran it from behind the scenes, and would still engender discontent, mainly from the nobles, if for different reason. the martells, that major cultural difference would anger everyone of the faith. sure the dornish follow the seven, but they dont hold to the same morality concerning things like bastards, sexuality, and extramarital affairs. the baratheons, we have seen robert. with the other brothers, their are so different from each other i cant judge. renly would be likable, but i dont think he would be very attentive to the duties of a king, including making heirs. he didnt seem all that attentive to his duty as master of laws from what i saw. stannis would be a better ruling king, but would not be very loved, so not a lot of loyalty thown at him from those who dont know him, which would be opposite of renly. the tullys and arryns? im not sure. i havent had a chance to really look at the tullys beyond brynden, and the actual ruling arryn died before we could get to know him. the targaryens have a strong tendency to erratic in successing rulers. one time fair, the next crasy, the next great, the next negligent. but they are regionally neutral, so no issue of lords crying favoritism.
  13. Graydon Hicks

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    my main reasoning about aerys still firing the city is from his paranoia. he was as scared of rhaegar as anyone else. i think he half wanted rhaegar to be killed in the fighting, to help insure that viserys would be heir. i think kings' decisions over heir have been overturned before, i believe it was one of the issues surrounding the dance of dragons. i cant remember if was one the things that stared it or resolved it, but it was a part.
  14. i think they choose those kinds of men, both because they can be sure of their loyalty, maybe through something like blackmail, ect, and that those men can be used as scapegoats as a last measure. and i mean very last measure. tywin is not one to throw away tools just because they get a little dirty.
  15. Graydon Hicks

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    now, i admit, i do not trust tywin. i respect the hell out him for his ability and competency, i hate to have to face him in the field, but i just dont trust him. i see him as the opposite of robert. i would trust robert with my life, but not my money. i would trust tywin with my money, but not my life. his ruthless ambition just makes him far too dangerous.