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  1. Agent 326

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    Admit it though, it would be really unsatisfying to see the world create by our favorite characters to just go away after a few years.
  2. Agent 326

    Whose left to Lead?

    Robb is spelt with 2 Bs not one. Um... But Stannis ah fuck it, this is the show and there hasn't been any complexity or depth since season 4. And I just remembered, Bronze Yohn Royce, Grey Worm (I guess), Victarion (opps nevermind), Jon Connington? Please D&D? I suppose The Greatjon but he is probably dead, Adam Marbrand, Robett Glover, Helman Tallhart, are all battle commanders in the books, 1 got mentioned I thing and never got any screen time (Marbrand), Glover of course is in the show and Tallhart I have no clue. Now that Arya murdered all the Freys we don't have Hosteen or Aenys or any others. we do still have Edmure Tully. And Jaime. Damn most of these guys are backing Jon to (or should be cough, Edmure, cough).
  3. Agent 326

    a targaryen wedding?

    At this point Jon has better on screen chemistry with a CGI dragon, then the robot that we call Khalessi.
  4. Agent 326

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    Remember, these aren't miniserieses. They have to be a show that can go on. ... Please rewatch and reread (if you are a book reader, or if not read the books) this entire series. Slavery just took a huge nose dive (though yes it could very well be that Daario and his gang are fucked at this point and slavery is a thing again). And I never said anything about enforcing religion. Dany and Arya are the ones I have my money on making it out alive. Afterall in his orignal vision they along with Jon, Tyrion and Bran where going to be the 5 unkillable characters (though it may be that at this point he has a wheel of death on the wall and he spins it whenever he feels as though someone needs to die). And yes there likely will be conflicts, but they then most likely won't ever get resolved (warring in the Disputed Lands, Bravos vs. Volantis and Pentos, slavers and Summer Islanders, etc;) but what they want is something that will end.
  5. Agent 326

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    How so? There probably won't be much to do with the story after the show is done. It's hugely Anti-war, fuedalism, slavery and things like feminism is good and religion is nuts. Which almost certainly means that there will not be an interesting story to tell after. If they have to do only one it I prefer the Dunk & Egg, just not Dunk & Egg because there isn't enough source material (so far) and it would be riddled with spoilers for us book readers who also read Dunk & Egg.
  6. Agent 326

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    Yes, it will be a prequel.
  7. Agent 326

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    They wanted these to be ongoing TV shows. They might be able to stretch the series out a bit by making one season about the Tourney of Harrenhal (Martin did say that the events that went down their would be enough to fill an entire book.
  8. Agent 326

    How could Robb have won Walder Frey back?

    The Bolton side of the deal does effect Walder Frey though. He wants to have one of his great-grandsons being Lord of the Dreadfort, Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of the North something that would be much harder if there was I don't know Tyrion Lannister's son to take away the second and third titles.
  9. Just remember that things like Dunk and Egg, and Robert's Rebellion aren't valid options because they have been confirmed as not being the prequels. My personal choices would be Oberyn's life before ASOIAF/ GOT The Andal Invasion of Westeros The Blackfyre Rebellions An adventure tale involving a character rooming the world and showing us some of the wonders of Planetos And holy fuck am I scraping the bottom of the barrel, Seeing things from anti-Valyrians. Yes Targaryens being the villains.
  10. That's not what I was getting at. No duh his plan involves him getting power. This is about who Doran will actually support.
  11. Well let's start with the obvious. We really shouldn't make too much assumtions when it comes to Doran other than he is trying to take out the Lannisters and isn't very fond of the Baratheons or Tyrells either, probably isn't the biggest fan of Lyn Corbray, and has a few connections in Essos. Reasons to believe he isn't a Targaryen loyalist: What does he owe the Targaryens? Aerys dispossessed Elia's children, kept them in King's Landing and we all know how that turned out. Aerys also insulted Elia quite a bit. Rhaegar started a war by kidnapping Lyanna Stark when he was already married to Elia and had two kids by her. Also let's look at some blood feuds now. The Valyrians ruined the lives of the Rhoynar. And it is worth noting Doran has visited the Sorrows. The Targaryens also waged war against Dorne for nearly two centuries. Oh and Targaryens are know for insanity. Why bring back a bunch of fire obsessed lunatics and give them power. Oh and they have medieval nukes (dragons). And some other things: The mission Arianne was sent on is filled with a few bastards, represents only a few of the great houses of Dorne and has several people on board that think that Aegon and JonCon are fakes. Hmm, that is called undermining something. The marriage pact that Quentyn has, has no power. And it sucks for Viserys. The pact is signed by Ser Willem Darry and Oberyn Martell, with the Sealord of Bravos as witness. Okay but Ser Willem Darry is just the former master at arms in the Red Keep. And Oberyn is the brother of the Prince of Dorne. Neither one can make a marriage pact. As to why it sucks for Viserys, well Dorne has been lying about its military strength for years now. They claim to have 50,000 men but in truth their number is a lot smaller, somewhere around half that number. If Viserys gets his army then he is stuck with Dorne, and if he wants something else like the Tyrells because they have the biggest army, two biggest fleets (probably) and have the most food, and second most wealth. Whereas Dorne is a dying land with their military strength is exaggerated and around twice the size of their real strength. Meanwhile if Viserys dies, well that sucks for him because he is dead. And this deal is a win-win for Doran. If Viserys does get his army, Doran's daughter is a queen, while if Viserys dies nothing happened. Oh and we have no reason to believe it is legitimate even. Afterall Dany doesn't know what to look for when checking seals and signatures on documents. And it was signed by two dead men with no power to make the deal, involving another dead man. Also waiting for Viserys to get an army is quite literally the worst plan ever. Especially since the only army he would likely ever get would be from the Tyrells, via marrying Margery. And if you still aren't convinced I have saved the best for last. The flaws of the Quentyn quest: Doran has numerous connections within the Free Cities. Why where none afforded to Quentyn? Secrecy? Really? Quentyn isn't given that book that was given to Arianne about dragons. Some info on dragons would've made him a much better option, especially since Dany is really looking for info on dragons and Quentyn is a bookish boy. Quentyn's pact (yes the same one mentioned above) that he keeps in his boot says nothing about Quentyn and Dany even if it was legitimate. Quentyn says Dorne has 50,000 men, when it is somewhere around half that. Why not provide Quentyn with some nice clothes to make him look more attractive. Quentyn isn't very attractive but with the right clothes he could've been able to appeal to Dany. Doran trusts the mission to the Yronwoods who are the most ambitious house in Dorne, bitter rivals with house Martell, and Oberyn likely used a poisoned spear in the duel with the current lord of Yronwood's grandfather, and the Yronwoods control over half the military strength in Dorne, and they want Quentyn to fail, and Quentyn is not the eldest child but is the eldest son and the Yronwoods are the biggest advocates for patrelinal succession in Dorne. And yes the Yronwoods want Quenty to fail but not to die. They want Quentyn to fail safely so he can come back and marry Gwen Yronwood (I'm not going to talk about any Quentyn is still alive theories as that is something for a different thread) and they likely are looking to get Quentyn to be the heir to Dorne. Need more proof. Quentyn and his crew of 4 knights and a maester could've gotten to Slaver's Bay long before the deal of 90 days of peace and I will marry you deal came about. Instead though one of them who Quentyn (I don't remember which) let be in charge for the time of said he didn't trust the captain. Then he changes his story later as to why he turned down the ship. Then of course they join the Windblown. Which surprise! Turns out to be a lot slower. Then of course they could've gotten their a little earlier than the day before that Dany married Hizdahr but of course they didn't do that turning Quentyn's long shot, into an impossible. But what do you think? Do you still believe Doran is a Targaryen loyalist? Or have I swayed you otherwise?
  12. Agent 326

    Why Aerys killed Brandon?

    Ummmmmm, ahhhhhhh, nope, First off Rickard at that point was about the same age as Ned was at the start of AGOT if not older, which means that his mother would not be able to have another child she would be too old. Also Robert and Rickard? No if you're going to speculate on things, do it right. Southern Ambitions are something we associate with maesters.
  13. Agent 326

    Why Aerys killed Brandon?

    Challenge accepted Stannis Varys Ned Does Jon Arryn count? Pycelle (maybe, or he maybe let Jon Arryn die because he knew Cersei needed him to die, and not from him knowing Cersei and Jaime's little secret) Loras and Renly Littlefinger Illyrio? (Saying this because he was told by Varys and it seems as though they are familiar with this topic so who knows, maybe they visited each other more often then we think) Yet Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen would all be big problems though. What good is that, Cersei still lives, Margery's children won't inherit the throne. Why not have Margery marry Renly or Joffrey? Yes Joffrey is to marry Sansa at this point but it seems like they where plotting a lot earlier Jon Arryn's death. Yes but aren't a few of the brothels (that Littlefinger takes Ned to) not owned by Littlefinger? Can't remember. And Littlefinger has a spy network second only to Varys's. And he is known for being sneaky, so he may have caught Cersei and Jaime in the act at one point. It wouldn't surprise me. And Littlefinger is known for spreading rumors.
  14. Agent 326

    Why Aerys killed Brandon?

    Loras would know because remember what he was doing back in AGOT. He was trying to get Robert to set aside Cersei and make Margery the new queen. Also Renly almost certainly listens to gossip and the rumors of Cersei's children being illegitimate is almost certainly being spread by someone (how else do you explain so many characters coming to this conclusion and at the same time it isn't public knowledge). The signs point to Littlefinger because he doesn't claim to be aware of them but at the same time appears to be aware of them. But that is something for a different thread. Ugh, it was just a fucking example okay. I know that Ned wouldn't be there if they were trueborn but that's not the point. Yes but Stannis was still a member of the small council.
  15. Oh but then how was there even a fight at the Tower of Joy. He would've simply burned Arthur Dayne, Gerold Hightower and Oswell Whent.