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  1. We don't joke about Quentyn being dead, he is still alive.
  2. I still believe in R+L=J because let us face it, the show wouldn't change something that big. But also Ned needs a reason not to tell anyone about Jon's parents and if he is actually the heir to the Iron Throne that explains a lot.
  3. Agent 326

    Would you rather?

    Hand easily.
  4. Agent 326

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    That's just not how genetics works sorry, Jon has only 43.75% of Aerys's (and Viserys's) DNA, while Dany has 87.5% of Aerys's (and Viserys's) DNA. Rhaenyra and Aegon II shouldn't be considered mad, yes one could say that they where brother and sister but honestly the Dance of the Dragons can really be linked back to the maesters. Also considering Vaela as mad isn't right as she was just born a lackwit, and every family is bound to have one at some point. I feel as though there are more mad ones aside from Maegor, Aegon IV, Aerion, Baelor, and Aerys though for some reason, oh wait I just remembered one, Viserys and he was a Targaryen + Targaryen.
  5. "They north rode with Robb," Jon I ADWD. Opps. Also when I first saw this I thought this was talking about Jory Cassel at first. Opps.
  6. Agent 326

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    Yeah in ACOK and most of ASOS, Jon's chapters are really boring, well written but boring. It will be better in ADWD though I will tell you that. And yes Jon's chapters are extremely boring in ACOK and ASOS their are a lot of other chapters that are really interesting in these books like, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Dany IV (other than that zzzzzzzzzz for Dany chapters), and Jaime/ Briene chapters are all really interesting.