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  1. 47 minutes ago, Chebyshov said:

    To the OP's point, I think it's quite a inaccurate to paint this series as one that's "meant to deceive." Martin will turn conventional storytelling tropes on their head, and takes a certain delight in that (Quentyn serving as an inversion of the hero's monomyth is a nice microcosm of that), but he really doesn't actively deceive. In fact, the "shocks" are so obvious and born of the narrative that on reread, you smack yourself for not seeing the writing on the wall (the Red Wedding's heavy foreshadowing may be the most accessible example to that point).

    We don't joke about Quentyn being dead, he is still alive.

  2. Yeah in ACOK and most of ASOS, Jon's chapters are really boring, well written but boring. It will be better in ADWD though I will tell you that. And yes Jon's chapters are extremely boring in ACOK and ASOS their are a lot of other chapters that are really interesting in these books like, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Dany IV (other than that zzzzzzzzzz for Dany chapters), and Jaime/ Briene chapters are all really interesting.