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  1. Khal Varys

    The Three Heads of Rhaegar's Dragon

    I appreciate all the contemplation that must have went into this. While reading about the Dornish connection to the Prophecy it dawned on me that if your theorum was correct that it would make Young Griff's locale not as random as it seems rowing down the Rhoyne, wouldn't it? If that's accurate, the clues are sorta right there staring at us. Prince Garin would be the most fabled prince of that region and of course unleashed the great Rhoynish curse of Greyscale and all its forms. I kind of like the idea that multiple sources may be required to come together to face this threat and that in so doing there's all kinds of well meaning people herrings clues mixed up or confused or not puzzled out quite as well as intended because the way they look at clues is literal or something like that. I like these alternative ideas and I'll be looking at the clues with this viewpoint in mind.
  2. Khal Varys

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    He'll drop knowledge about Lyanna and Jon's lineage along with the notion that his alliance with Dany proves he's not so much a Stark, that Sansa has to take control, even using Jon's mistakes during the battle of Winterfell. This is LF's moment to seize, but I think he over extends himself this time...
  3. Khal Varys

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    While many seem to be of the opinion that Jon shouldn't go meet Dany, I disagree due to several factors... First, Jon has seen and fought, and killed an Other. Sam is semi-indisposed, he would be a likely envoy to bring that message to Daenerys too, but Jon should go absent Samwell, Edd is busy at CB, but Jon should coordinate with them to send a raven to Dragonstone requesting aid. That would put some pressure on Dany, their would-be ruler to hear their side of things before offering oaths of fealty. Jon will bend the knee because he has no IT ambition, but I suspect he'll have conditions of his own to shed the KitN title, something about Starks always in Winterfell maybe. But Jon needs to fully explain the threat if need be, that'd be a huge knowledge dump to give an envoy and even then some details could be forgotten or omitted, etc. The weight of having your greatest representative go to request aid or an alliance shows desperation sure, but it also speaks to the severity of the situation if he will go despite concern for his personal safety. Two, Tyrion. If you work through it, Dany is one of if not the only strong ally the North can make. Why would Tyrion who allegedly killed Tywin, Joffrey and thought to have been behind Bran's assassin, ally with Dany when his sister sits the throne? Tyrion knows tensions are exploded between Lannister & Stark, but he has been innocent of wronging Starks, Sansa can verify and has. Tyrion was empathetic to Mormont's plight from his time at the Wall. It has risks, but it also represents one of Jon's best opportunities since Stannis in getting real aid for the NW. The North and Jon in the same sense need an ally who is strong enough to actually take the throne. Thusfar the IT has ignored/refused all legit requests for aid, Cersei has been behind all of those refusals,, post Robert. What would bending the knee to Cersei change for Jon in that respect? She has wildfyre but not sure if Jon knows this, while Dany has dragons and that he does know. Of course we need drama among the Northern houses due to LF, but once his arc is reached its zenith, there is little tension in the north reestablishing those strong ties they present from episode 1 of the series. Don't mind some of the fan service because I suspect some aren't going to be around much longer... Obara and Nym gone so far, plenty more to come! Seems as though the show is setting up a division of North and East for Dany, South and West for Cersei. Dorne has no leader past Ellaria, seems late to intro a new one now, so I suspect Dorne just won't mobilize, they're done. That leaves the Tyrell split army and the westerlands. The North aren't mobilizing to come south. The Vale army is a wildcard. Dany holds the East. Makes things neater and gives Euron some purpose outside harrassing Dany's remaining fleet.
  4. Khal Varys

    What's the point of the reintroduction of Reek?

    No, both Sand Snakes, the first one Euron impaled with the spear and the second one with her whip was hung from the prow.
  5. Khal Varys

    What's the point of the reintroduction of Reek?

    Agreed, I was thinking during the scene that even if Theon were able to defeat Euron, his men would either intervene as he was losing or kill Theon afterward. He really had only the slimmest of hopes of living, but in jumping he in affect sacrificed his queen, because Euron can kill her before a rescue is even schemed up. Worried she's going to get tortured big time.
  6. Khal Varys

    EPISODE 2 Predictions

    LF will drop knowledge about Lyanna to Jon. I'm not sure how Petyr knows, perhaps via the Tully household after he challenged Brandon, lost and then received care before Ulster booted his ass. Anywho... I think simply implying that Ned isn't his father, bastardy and all, will incense Jon initially because of the implications and also a sense of doubt, that Petyr is just trying anything to drive a wedge... I don't think anything comes of it yet, but I suspect if & when Jon & Dany ally, Petyr will use that as a means to make a play for Sansa to declare for her rights, with his help, for her hand, because Petyr is so oblivious to the Other threat. But Sansa knows he just wants her, actually, her mom, so him making a play for her is doubly creepy. Mel will certainly be interested in Dany, but will it be mutual for Mel? Given her poor history of proclaimed AA's and so on may make there way to Dany's, or Varys' ears... especially burning people. Dany has yet to face that aspect if the LoL, will she outlaw that? This will also be Dany's introduction to the Great War to Come, with Tyrion's counsel she'll at least have reason to believe the threat is real. This may happen in the same scene Yara advocates attacking KL. The reason Euron will likely do something pretty big and not just once is he's the third act villain, the next Joffrey, Ramsay... looks like the Night King will be the 4th act, but Euron will score some victories else there'd be little tension. Dany and Tyrion even will suffer some setbacks. One direction removed as a concern for Cersei aids the overall war. I think Dorne and the Reach seem to satisfy the south for the show's purposes as it relates to KL. The North seems as if it'll be at issue for a minute... the East is in the North in terms of the Vale, the westerlands are still theirs for the moment so it seems the south or west if they consider Highgarden west of KL are my guess.
  7. Khal Varys

    EPISODE 2 Predictions

    In the North Jon faces revolt after mulling over the idea or even proposing an alliance with Daenerys, which Lord Royce opposes as we saw from the episode trailer with his line about a Targaryen can't be trusted. Littlefinger will likely seize on this fracture as a moment to seize and drop some information to Jon, which may be the catalyst to Jon making an aggressive move towards Petted. If Bran arrives the issue will be muddled somewhat and overshadowed by the reunion, so we'll see if he makes it to Winterfell this episode, though I'd like to see Bran advise the Watch in some measure. Daenerys's visitor will be Melissandre, who dropped by to pick up the rest of her potions & powders... should be an interesting meeting with Varys and Tyrion present. Arya reuniting with Nymeria will be cool, but I wonder if Nymeria is a little less than thrilled, mayhaps bitter about being abandoned? Yara advocates for striking KL, but until we know how the Tyrells and Dorne plan to coordinate their forces, speculation on how this idea or that is bad is kind of silly. We'll see how things play out because I do suspect Dany's apparent overwhelming advantages are going to be lessened some. While I don't think Dany will act on Yara's lobby to attack KL, it does strike me that Euron's fleet will be passing very near Dragonstone coming out of the Blackwater Rush. Possible for some sort of unplanned action or even a response to an attack by Euron, as we know there's some naval battle that takes place from the season trailer, this may be it or the first of many.
  8. Khal Varys

    Speculation about the Others

    Ahh thanks, that helps. The quote about his curse puzzles me, is it a curse born of his deeds or of his father's? Harren the Black comes to mind but the context otherwise escapes me. Anyway, yes that appears so much more vague than I made it seem. I do agree that your assertion is easily possible, but it would seem there is some mystery surrounding the notion that the Others do take the babies and apparently grant some concessions by allowing Craster to live... whether it rises to ritual practice in loose terms is certainly debateable. It can be hard to keep the show's interpretation out of my thought processes toward the books. I guess I'm of the opinion at the moment that I'd prefer the Others to be their own thing and not the product of the children.
  9. Khal Varys

    Speculation about the Others

    I admit my memory is hazy if the information is explicitly out there... but perhaps I phrased that poorly. Craster's mother was apparently raised in the same context but we're not informed as to whether or not she broke from the practice, but since he is alive the presumption would be that he was spared but maybe older brothers of his were sacrificed. It is a strange puzzle because all kinds of questions can be raised for why Craster is spared or escapes that fate but then goes on to practice in the same manner. The point being though that sacrifices have been made in the past and that practice has made it to the present even if Craster represents the last one we see doing it.
  10. Khal Varys

    Speculation about the Others

    Agreed that whatever religion the Others are, that Craster is a practioner. Moreover though, is the question of how that practice came to be? Craster learns from his mother, who as a Wildling, practiced as well. Could be that the wildlings just came to sacrifice as a result of having their children snatched in the night. Or it could be a sacrifice in the more truer sense of religious practice. Yet they do sacrifice so I wonder how far back that goes? Who did Craster's mom learn from and so on... As to their origins, purpose, etc. I think they're the Yin to the Valyrian Yang of the Ice and Fire saga. While there are other races that sort of align themselves with other odd deities/gods that are also aligned with other elements, the Storm God, the Drowned God, the Rhoynar & their water magics... for example. The Old Gods and a sort of Mother Nature or earthy druidic element in the Children of the Forest. From that sort of perspective and including other small tidbits that apply to these various elemental related religions, I wonder if the Others represent the underworld and death, as well as perhaps knowledge and wisdom if they are tied to the Old Gods at all... which although it appears they're not related, they do have similarities. The Old God followers seemed to have engaged in sacrifice. Bran's visions of Winterfell through the ages begins with a woman slitting a man's throat in front of the heart tree. The heart trees have an odd connection with blood and seem to thrive when the roots are able to soak it up. Babies are sacrificed to the Others. While the mechanism for the sacrifice may differ, the act is the same. My hunch is that the Others are ice magic practioners, but I can't pin down their seeming 'burning' hatred for all things warm blooded. But, I find myself harkening back to Maester Aemon's words: Fire consumes, Cold preserves. If Dragons are the representation of Fire, and the Others represent Ice, then if we apply the phrase, Fire consumes, it's destructive, but some good comes out of their destruction as lands typically are fertile after being scorched, much like ours after a wildfire...with the cold preserves, Others likely possess great knowledge and memory, and the cold can preserve what would otherwise rot or deteriorate. The Others themselves are withered, as if they've lived extremely long lives, while also perhaps having their features twisted by the frost over extended periods. So perhaps, the Others are their own as yet unnamed religion to sort of go with their race if indeed they're not human in whole or in part. If that's the case, my hunch is that prior to the First Men on Westeros, the Others existed among the Giants and CotF though I won't say they were friendly... but perhaps the Others truly were the inhabitants of the area around the Land of always Winter. When the CotF were pushed further and further north they began to encroach on the Others' territory which may have sparked the original long night and ended with The Pact and the Wall, but the terms of that pact are forgotten by the realms if men and part of those terms was sacrifice. What nags at me is, that the Others were not exterminated, they were merely beaten back... then they go dormant for hundreds of years if not thousands. So what gets them moving as we begin the story? I still can't quite pin that down. The Others were stirring before Dany's dragons hatched, before there wasn't a Stark at Winterfell, before the sacrifices end completely, before so many possible happenstances that could be indicative as a reason for the Others to move on humans. My hunch says it has something to do with restoring the balance of season in the world, otherwise fire will consume too much... Ice is attempting to balance the scales in some grand scheme. Certainly a fun topic to think about. I think the wall was erected to keep Men from encroaching on Others' lands. Still lots of holes in this whole Swiss cheese theory...
  11. Khal Varys

    The vision in the flames (SPOILERS)

    I agree that there is a sense of cheese with that, but Stannis also saw a vision too, so I think the intent is to show that someone associated with R'hllor is getting visions associated with the Great Other. Also serves as a device for any conversion on Sandor's part, or even merely him having more respect for the religion.
  12. Khal Varys

    The vision in the flames (SPOILERS)

    Agreed, I think the first part is Eastwatch but the mountain is a shift to another location. Could be the bridge of skulls. However, the pop from the wood-coals suggested to me that mayhaps the wall was/is breached, with snow replacing the cinders we saw in the scene... mayhaps.
  13. Khal Varys

    Where does it begin, Pycelle?

    I believe Pycelle is a Tywin man for sure... but I think he's a bumbler and aside from his close proximity to sensitive information he is 'trusted' to read, know, pass on and advise upon, he mainly is involved in low level plots. Like involving himself in Myrcella's betrothal plot of Tyrion's, all so he could tell Cersei? Risky move that yielded lots of information to Tyrion... and that's one instance. Sure he was useful, but a bit of a liability in some situations. Anyway... it seems as simple as Pycelle being among Tywin while he administered to the realm so ably. Surely Pycelle was aware of all the slights by Aerys, so it doesn't surprise me that he evolves into such a Lannister lickspittle, but I have my doubts that Pycelle was involved much with Rhaegar or even in undermining him. I think Tywin may have pulled a double cross insofar as the premise of Harrenhal's tourney. Rhaegar I believe went under the premise that there was interest in forming a sort of coalition to peacefully depose/remove Aerys, and I suspect there were some who were honest toward that cause, but because of the interest it drew, and especially Aerys', that coalition as it were got slowed and possibly even derailed and it seems whether or not Tywin was trying to undermine Rhaegar, that was a crucial moment where any movement for the removal of Aerys without hostilities was unable to recover or move quickly enough to alter what ended up occurring that sparked the division and open rebellion. Pycelle plays a part in the Citadel's goals I'm sure, and with the family's penchant for dabbling in magics it very well may be that the Citadel has been trying to undermine the dynasty for a century or more... perhaps since the abolition of the Faith Militant or as a result of the purge? Always been a tenuous relationship with religion and the Targs... afterall, Valyrians don't believe in any one if any at all.
  14. Khal Varys

    Three-eyed crow before Bloodraven

    Seems that the CotF were previous Greenseers. In terms of their lifespans, they might go through one in the time span of 10-20 generations of Humans. So if they are dying out as a race and their remaining #s aren't producing successor Greenseers, then looking to humans with the gift seems only logical, if not desparate. While yes it's debateable depending on how you interpret certain passages... but what do we know? Children are dying out or presenting that notion to humans. Humans can become Greenseers. If BR isn't visiting Bran as 3EC, who specifically is, or is that entity supposed to be a surprise reveal for those of us who interpret things differently? While I can see being a Greenseer as being a duty to CotF with the gift, surely it must be a hard sell to a young child who in the height of his youth has his physical ability stolen from him. I don't have a problem with BR being referred to as the Last Greenseer. Until Bran fulfills BR's shoes he technically is. It also may simply be a literary device used to help the reader understand that the religion of the Old Gods as a whole is on the decline, and thusly, the devices that are apart of that religion. If the religion doesn't get a revitalization of sorts, it may pass out of use entirely, and we don't know how that might impact the world. Contrast the Old Gods with say R'hllorism at this point in the story... Lord of Light is thriving... Not sure if we'll see any manifestation of the Seven's magic if any, but I try to see the whole story with these sub-plots and contexts. It feels like we're a little far along for this sort of long con that would be playing out if BR is not the 3EC. I also wonder, does that imply that BR can exercise so much control of their 'familiar's' dreams that they're in affect watching the movie he's playing for them, or is it perhaps that he can influence them but can't control them entirely, which would then make it possible that Bran is interpreting what his dreams are depicting as being what his mind imagined? What I mean is, is it possible that the way Bran's brain interpreted the vision is the cause of the apparent confusion BR has when asked by Bran if he is the 3EC?
  15. Khal Varys

    Illyrio and Lys

    Of course nothing to dispute here, I just find it a bit convenient. Ok so if we take them at there word... Varys rescues baby Aegon and ushers him out of KL. Yet it takes 4-5 years for them to broker the deal with JC and Toyne. Meanwhile Viserys and Dany are under Darry's care and while they do have gracious hosts, their future is not certain nor is there much indication that Illyrio and Varys are involved with them from the moment they flee Dragonstone or shortly thereafter. So they had their hands on Aegon first, that we truly know of, but it's possible they were involved fairly early. While yes, all that you said is true so far as we know, I find it convenient. While I believe that Viserys was useful to a point, I don't think they wanted him to be the King figure they put forth. How soon they realized this is a question. If they did, then again I question risking Dany to a Khal. Sure she may have been all those things Illyrio saw but I don't believe they would be so bold as to put her forth as the Queen to be, so Dany best served them in my view by being wed to Aegon. She gives him the legitimacy that seems to have been a question mark absent Viserys or Daenerys. As it's turning out, they're putting him forth, or rather, he ia revealing himself without the benefit of Dany's Targaryen lineage so far. Now, when it starts coming out that Aegon is Rhaegar's believed dead child, while most common folk won't be privy to what's been going on behind the scenes, if Dany catches wind, she might. Surely the issue is going to he raisednwith Illyrio at some point by Tyrion or Dany. If Dany is privy to the fact that Illyrio was behind both the plot for Viserys and this separate plot with the GC and Aegon, surely she must wonder why certain things were kept secret from her and even Viserys. That's why I think there's something else going on... if it's simply that Aegon is Illyrio's child and that's the reason behind these oddities then that's cool. But for Aegon to be real with the actions of Illyrio and Varys, I question their choices and don't buy their stated reasons, all very reasonable but to me they don't add up when you're talking about the last three surviving Targaryens. One is a female... one has legitimacy issues... marriage is the first and easy answer. Viserys proved unworthy, but Aegon shows all the promise they purport to desire. Yet... not saying 50k is not substantial, but a good strategist would reckon that Dothraki might have issues with sieges, might have issues against a proper spear wall. I argue that's with the wealth they can generate, raising an army shouldn't be such an issue that you sacrifice a Targaryen female. I just can't fathom that as being a valuable enough trade for the alternatives that Dany represented. I like your thoughts about the eggs, but I'm not certain he bought them yet. I do find it curious that he presents Dany with all 3 if they were intended as you say, one for each as per the custom.