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  1. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    The Sheriff of Rock Ridge! lmao! You're probably right. I always picture GRRM reading things like this and saying "not everything is encrypted, folks...come on!" No wonder he is taking so long to finish, the expectations have grown exponentially!
  2. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    Probably right! lol
  3. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    Interesting take on the prophecy, and very well thought out. This is what makes ASOIAF so great, the speculation and possibilities are endless. Cersei is her own worst enemy, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy as well. The "younger and more beautiful" may refer to a less linear-timed person...her younger self. The actions she takes as a result of hearing the prophecy as a child will ultimately destroy herself in the end. Everyone's younger self is "more beautiful". Ok, that may be a little "tinfoil hat" but still possible! DB
  4. Perhaps the arrival of the Andals in Rhaesh Andahli. The struggle and politics between the Andals, the First Men, and the Children of the Forest would make for good television. Most of the content would likely be new, providing only tastes of what we now know as the history of Westeros. It could answer questions we haven't yet asked...see things that would make us better understand the stories we know (or think we know). Seems like something GRRM would go for.