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  1. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    The Sheriff of Rock Ridge! lmao! You're probably right. I always picture GRRM reading things like this and saying "not everything is encrypted, folks...come on!" No wonder he is taking so long to finish, the expectations have grown exponentially!
  2. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    Probably right! lol
  3. DarkBastard

    It's Brienne...

    Interesting take on the prophecy, and very well thought out. This is what makes ASOIAF so great, the speculation and possibilities are endless. Cersei is her own worst enemy, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy as well. The "younger and more beautiful" may refer to a less linear-timed person...her younger self. The actions she takes as a result of hearing the prophecy as a child will ultimately destroy herself in the end. Everyone's younger self is "more beautiful". Ok, that may be a little "tinfoil hat" but still possible! DB
  4. Nittanian - you literally beat me to this by 10 seconds!! Exactly as you said, two separate engagements, before Ned was captured it was just Gregor and his band of miscreants, later came Vargo and Amory.
  5. Ah, I have used those in the past. I also pulled the text of all the books into word documents so I can look up source material...and keep handwritten notes on theories, interesting tidbits I want to research, and ideas as I re-read them. the timeline seems to trip me up sometimes...TWOIAF has helped a lot with that. DB
  6. That's what I thought! My old brain is still working! (Yes, I'm a dork and have to write notes to remember things...this world is vast!)
  7. If I remember correctly (I don't have my notes with me), Gregor was able to ambush and defeat Dondarrion leading to his first death and subsequent resurrection by Thoros. That seems both tactical and strategic in nature. Sure, he was a hothead and rash in most respects, but perhaps not with reckless abandon. I believe his relatively small force made for more successful guerrilla tactics to terrorize the towns and villages of the Riverlands with speed and versatility, able to evade a large force from Riverrun if necessary. Ned dispatched a similarly sized force to engage him, likely for the same reason. Again, going off memory here...correct me if I'm wrong! DB
  8. DarkBastard

    Acts of brutality? It's your turn to pass judgment.

    Brutality Moat Cailin, Executions of the Ironborn: The act itself was far more brutal than the others, based solely on the suffering and cruelty endured by the Ironborn. Craster's Keep, Mutiny: Deaths of good men aside, the "liberties" taken with Craster's child-wives was particularly brutal. Death would be less brutal than the cycle of abuse to follow. Reynes of Castamere: Closing in of the people, followed by the flooding is harsh but far quicker and less torturous than the others. Red Wedding: Lower on the brutality scale in that this was a focused attack and although the circumstances were poor, the actual brutality of the act was not beyond the others. It was war, and they were (mostly) soldiers. Duskendale: This was an act of war, essentially. War sucks, particularly if you serve a fool. Not more brutal in its nature than the others. Goodbrooks: Less information about the details makes this hard to rate, but I don't believe Hoster was particularly brutal in nature. Justified Duskendale: They took the King hostage, a King who was not universally loved, even by his closest advisors. You cannot let this go unpunished, have to set the example. This is Darwinism on display. Castamere: Again, you can only push so far, and when you threaten the highest house, the lead of which is transferring to a more ruthless, prideful, and powerful heir...you should act with more forethought. Another Darwin award here. Red Wedding: Break an oath, deal with the consequence. The cowardice and deception of circumstances aside, it was more justified in that the word of the Stark family was broken...who is to say that every other promise would be broken as well? Ned would not have broke that oath, Robb had too much Tully in him to understand, and it killed them all. An act that ended the war...additionally justified from that perspective. Goodbrooks: You follow your liege-lord no matter what. If your liege-lord loses, you have a better chance making peace with the victor than dealing with the wrath of the betrayed. Moat Cailin: Rated as most brutal, but nearly the least justified. What purpose would this serve? the Ironborn are not going to change their ways because of the act. It isn't going to discourage other Ironborn. They weren't going to regroup and counterattack...it was just done from sick desire for depravity. The Ironborn are rapers and reavers though, so that allows for some justification. Craster's Keep: Mutiny is not a valid justification in this instance. They wanted to eat Craster's food and abuse his ladies. Killing Mormont was completely unjustified.They broke their oaths and killed the oathkeepers...How can that ever be justified?
  9. Perhaps the arrival of the Andals in Rhaesh Andahli. The struggle and politics between the Andals, the First Men, and the Children of the Forest would make for good television. Most of the content would likely be new, providing only tastes of what we now know as the history of Westeros. It could answer questions we haven't yet asked...see things that would make us better understand the stories we know (or think we know). Seems like something GRRM would go for.