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  1. Rhae_Valarie

    Idle Thoughts: Could Daario Be Euron's Son?

    Thanks for the suggestion, that was a really fun read! I definitely think it's possible that the similarities are coincidence, but their physical appearance is described identically and the Stormcrows connection to Euron "I am the Storm" Crow's Eye is what really gets me suspicious... Guess we'll find out eventually! Regardless, I think something is up with Daario.
  2. So the theory that Daario = Euron is a surprisingly notorious theory among fans that seems absurd but has enough supporting material that it won't seem to go away. Alt Shift X explains it far better and more interestingly than I ever could, so I'll put that video below. Basically, by the end, they acknowledge that there are a suspicious number of similarities between the characters but attribute it to thematic similarities within the book, rather than Euron masquerading as Daario. But what if there is another alternative? What if Daario is so similar to Euron because he is his bastard son? It would explain why they have similar appearances, personality traits, and world views. Euron could have sent Daario to gain Dany's trust and then betray her at a crucial time, allowing for Euron to steal her dragons. It would explain the extensive evidence for Daario = Euron, without the logistical improbabilities.
  3. Rhae_Valarie

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    No problem! And excellent points about the Baratheon kids being outsiders. It's almost as if they are who they are in spite of their house, rather than because of it. Dany strikes me in a similar way. As I said earlier, I find it impossible that she would be who she is today if she had grown up in House Targaryen. She represents the best parts of House Targaryen, but that's only half of their legacy as a dynasty, and the other half must be taken into consideration as well.
  4. Rhae_Valarie

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    I don't dislike them the way I would dislike, say House Bolton or Frey. They are objectively a very interesting house, but I have mixed feelings about them. For instance, I'm a pretty big Rhaenyra fan so I dislike the role that House Hightower played in the Dance and I dislike Queen Alicent as a person (though she's a fabulous character). In addition, of all the religions in the series, the Seven is my least favorite and House Hightower is very entrenched within that institution. I am also slightly resentful of the Citadel's exclusion of women, which keeps me from being as excited about their connection to the Citadel as others seem to be. Take all those things together and House Hightower seems to help perpetuate the patriarchy of Westeros and my favorite characters tend to be those that challenge it (Brienne, Dany, Arya, etc.) Regardless, they are fascinating enough that I would like to see more of them. I do like Shireen, Mya, Gendry and Edric but I don't particularly like the overall personality of House Baratheon. When you look at the major Baratheon lords throughout the ages (for instance, Robert, Stannis, Renly, Orys) they tend to be immersed in violence and are very morally grey. Orys for instance, behaved quite gallantly toward Argella Durrandon, but died consumed by vengeance in a disgusting manner. This makes it hard for me to really like and root for him, but also hard to dismiss him as well. Robert strikes me in a similar way. I don't like him the way I like other characters in the series and I never really rooted for him, but he had enough redeeming characteristics that it's difficult for me to dislike or discount him either. Same with House Lannister. I love so many Lannister characters and think their plot lines are some of the best of the series, but I don't find the "personality" of the House very likable, at least as we have seen it under Tywin during the events of the series. I do think this could change though, if we get to see a pre-Tywin House Lannister in the Dunk and Egg novellas. So yeah, I don't dislike those Houses, they're just not in the running to be my favorites. The only two Houses that I truly dislike are Bolton and Frey. Greyjoy is on the fence between being truly disliked or simply not a favorite. They have a fascinating culture and religion and Asha is a compelling POV character, but they're also violent, primitive and have produced some true monsters. So I'm still deciding how I feel on that front. Also, one of my favorite more obscure houses is House Farwynd of the Lonely Light. I would LOVE to see more about them, especially if it leads to the discovery of lands west of Westeros
  5. Rhae_Valarie

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    I can never choose. House Stark is up there. Book Winterfell is far superior to what we see on screen, I love the Weirwoods, direwolves, wildlings, giants and other parts of Northern life. Northern politics is one of the most interesting parts of the series right now and overall I like the way that Northern culture is portrayed. But... Dany is my favorite character. I love her story line, her travels throughout the East, the cultures she sees, her fire. House Targaryen under Dany would for sure be my favorite, but unfortunately the Targaryens of the past have often been strange and dark. Dany wouldn't be the same character if she had grown up in a House Targaryen that hadn't been decimated. (The women of the house haven't exactly been treated well since Rhaenyra lost). And I HATE King's Landing, while Dragonstone would have been grim without any dragons. And then there are the Houses that we haven't gotten to know as well as the Starks and Targs, but who have the potential to be just as cool. The Daynes, as others have pointed out, have an awesome seat, history, and appearance. Dawn is cool too. And I really love the Eyrie and House Arryn's sigil, so they would be up there too. Maybe after seeing more about Vale in Winds, I'll know how I feel about them. But I've often thought that if I had to live in Westeros, the Eyrie might be one of the safest places, though Highgarden would probably be the most pleasant. Maybe it's easier to pick my least favorite houses, lol (Greyjoy, Baratheon, Hightower, Lannister) But to answer the actual question, I'm going to tentatively go with House Stark for now.
  6. Rhae_Valarie

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    That's really interesting. I'm not that familiar with that dragon, but I'll have to look into it!
  7. Rhae_Valarie

    Writing ASOIAF in 2017/What would you change?

    Agree with the ages. I would also have liked to introduce a noble family that originated from elsewhere than Westeros and was comparable to real world people of color. For instance, I once read a post about upper class people of African descent living freely in England in the 18th century. History tends to erase these examples of diversity and present life as being much more homogeneous in the past than it was. It would be cool to see these instances of diversity reflected within the series. A family of prominence, even if not a major noble family, that originated as freed Naathi slaves or something would be quite interesting.
  8. Rhae_Valarie

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    My thoughts exactly. In addition, audiences have now spent more time with Drogon than any other dragon. Even taking the show and the series separately, Drogon has been featured extensively, but when you combine the time spent between the show and the series, I don't think even Smaug (in the Hobbit book and movie series) comes close. Not saying Drogon is a better dragon that Smaug or any other, just more influential and well known. Although others are right in saying it may be to early to call it. We still probably haven't seen the full extent of Drogons influence
  9. Rhae_Valarie

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    At first, I didn't want to include St. George's dragon because it seems... underdeveloped compared to Drogon or Smaug. We've gotten to know Drogon and Smaug through countless written words and have seen them in movies and television shows. At this point audiences have spent so much time with those dragons, we understand their personalities/temperaments and their physical appearance. St. George's dragon doesn't have a well known personality or appearance (or even a distinct name!) However, I think St. George's dragon had a profound effect on how dragons were depicted as villains and adversaries to be slayed by the valiant knight (we all know the trope). So because St. George's dragon helped to initially popularize this now well known dragon trope, I think its iconic status can't be denied even if it wasn't as well developed as modern icons.
  10. Rhae_Valarie

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    Good points! Can you clarify the major differences between the appearance of Drogon in the show versus the books? All I know is that the basics are the same -- limb count, coloring, intelligence level. I believe that I've read before that there are differences, but I've never encountered specifics. I don't really consider these two different dragons, just two different depictions of the same one. Also, I agree that the show version of Drogon couldn't have influenced Smaug's design, I just thought it was a surprising coincidence. I wonder if the series could have provided some inspiration of how to depict Smaug in a modern way for the movie (because the four limbs and black and red coloring are consistent between the books and show)? Or perhaps it truly was just a coincidence.
  11. Rhae_Valarie

    Is Drogon the most iconic dragon of all time?

    I'm more talking about Drogon being an icon of popular culture, rather than in universe or even among fans of fantasy. For instance, whether you've read the books or watched the show you are going to know who Drogon is and have a general sense of what he looks like. However, there are probably plenty of casual fans of just the show who have no idea who Balerion is (even though he is much more well known in universe). In addition, if someone said something along the lines of "Daenery's dragon" or "the dragon from Game of Thrones" most people would consider that to be a reference to Drogon. For instance, I know so many casual fans of the show (and even some of the series) who can never remember the names of Rhaegal and Viserion, or the general description of their appearance. For them, Drogon and his relationship with Dany, is what is truly emblematic of the show and series.
  12. It's hard for me to remember a time before I was obsessed with ASOIAF, lol, but thinking back I vaguely remember having a construction of dragons that is very different than it is now. In my mind, dragons were usually green, had six limbs, and possessed a more human like temperament, sometimes even speaking. And this was the stereotypical depiction I saw of them in media as well. But I feel that the popularity of the series and the show has changed the way people depict dragons. I can't tell you how often I see artwork that shows a black dragon with reddish, bat like wings, a la Drogon. I have also seen much more four limbed dragons recently as well. So my question: do you notice the effect that Drogon has had on our construction of dragons and does this make him the single most iconic dragon of all time? What are your other top contenders? (The only one I can really think of is Smaug, who come to think of it, is depicted in the movies as being surprisingly Drogonish (in color and limb count) despite being drawn by Tolkien as scarlet and having six limbs).
  13. Rhae_Valarie

    Does this line confirm that TPTWP is three people?

    That's a really interesting concept. I've never really understood why people thought Azor Ahai, the Prince that Was Promised and the Last Hero were different people because I've always just seen them as different names for the same concept, but maybe they are more like the 'three roles' you are talking about. So Jon could be TPTWP, Dany could be Azor Ahai, and a third person could be the Last Hero. However, I think I prefer to think of the three roles in more human terms, rather than assigning each head of the dragon a different prophesied figure. So let's assume for a moment that Jon, Dany and Tyrion are the three heads of the dragon. As a bastard, a dwarf and a woman they have each occupied different marginalized spaces in Westerosi society that have influenced who they are today. As a group, they would each have a different role in the group dynamic. Dany and Jon represent the two extremes, ice and fire, while Tyrion would be more of a middle ground and keep the peace between the two, forging compromises and deferring to wisdom where Dany and Jon might prefer to be stubborn and righteous/honorable. It also relates to the interesting quote that a previous poster mentioned about the three heads of Trios and not knowing what the middle head does. Compared to Dany and Jon, it might be easy to ask what Tyrion would bring to such a trinity and his practical contributions to the group dynamic might go overlooked in comparison to Dany and Jon. In the end, I suppose we won't know until the series is finished, but it is fun to ponder the endless possibilities
  14. Rhae_Valarie

    Does this line confirm that TPTWP is three people?

    Yes, that is where the concept of the Christian Trinity comes into play. So Christianity is regarded as a monotheistic religion and worships one God (singular form). However, that God has three aspects, known as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So one God, three faces. Martin uses this concept in the series, explaining that the Seven are actually a single deity with seven aspects. They only refer to them in plural because it is a hard concept for the smallfolk to grasp. So one God, seven faces. I think that the Prince that Was Promised will be similar. One prophesied figure with three distinct aspects, in the form of three different individuals. One dragon, three heads. One saviour, three aspects. One prince with three faces.
  15. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I've never run onto it anywhere and thought it was worth looking into. So a pretty well known line regarding TPTWP comes to us from Maester Aemon: "What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise! The error crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female, Barth saw the truth of that, but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame. The language misled us all for a thousand years. Daenerys is the one, born amidst salt and smoke. The dragons prove it." This line is usually discussed because it shows that TPTWP could be a woman, but I think there is hidden significance here. Maester Aemon seems to be saying that the Valyrian word for Prince comes from the Valyrian word for dragon, and that male gender was added in the common tongue but not present in the original Valyrian. So in Valyrian, Prince/Princess and Dragon are equivalent terms. This seems to be supported in universe, as Targaryens are often called Dragons as a title. For instance, Viserys calling himself the dragon in order to prove his claim to the throne, Jorah saying Rhaegar was the last dragon. All the families seem to identify with their sigils, but for Targaryens the significance of being a dragon goes further. Not every Targaryen is worthy of the title, supporting that it kept its original significance from the Valyrian tongue. It would make sense that in a culture built around the power of dragons, the word would come to signify royal power. So if in Valyrian, prince/princess = dragon, the phrase "The dragon has three heads" takes on new significance. Many people have already speculated that this line could pertain to TPTWP, but if prince = dragon, that could prove it. "The dragon has three heads" = "The prince has three heads", or the Prince that Was Promised is three people. It would mean that for centuries they have been searching for one man, or more recently one woman, when they should have been looking for a group of three people. Clearly, this would be similar to the concept of the trinity in Christianity, or the Seven in universe. So what do you think? Is Maester Aemon saying that in Valyrian, Prince = dragon, and if so, does that support the popular theory that TPTWP is actually three people? Again, sorry if this has been discussed!!