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  1. Oh yes I agree that she shouldn’t have kids in the first place anyway especially if she has moon tea. But this is the plot point George made. Apparently, only the Hightowers had an issue with it, not half the realm. I mean Daeron was suspected as a bastard and there was a rebellion to put a more targ like king, Daemon on the throne. I find Corlys’ excuse for wanting Luc to inherit driftmark pretty unbelievable due to this. The show tried to make sense of it lol
  2. We have to keep giving him positive energy folks it’s the only thing that will motivate to write more, whatever comes out from him just say it’s fantastic till the books are done.
  3. I thought the show was fine and entertaining, not great but I enjoy the parts they adapt from the books. What can I say, I’m a huge fan of these books lol…Edit: I’m a big fan of how they are portraying the dragons. I feel like most people think of them as some kind of pets but no they are more than just animals. Also, I found it amusing talking to people about this show. I had asked one of my friends if she thought Aemond stole Vhagar and she was like ‘“well he didn’t steal her, but Rhaena had first dibs on riding Vaghar and Vaghar liked Aemond because he had a good heart” lmao I know this is going to be unpopular but my original issue with Rhaenyra is that kings and princes have bastards all the time and they are not legitimate. When Rhaenyra had her children, they should have been acknowledged as bastards instead of being in line of the throne.
  4. I really didn’t like the ending then realized it wasn’t that bad. I have to take my book reader glasses off. Criston getting away with this? Joffrey posed a danger to Rhaenyra and the Velaryons are ok with it because it covers Laenor.
  5. Isn’t this the same director for both episodes? It was very similar to this episode.
  6. I think this was the weakest episode so far. Viserys getting the idea of marrying Laenor to Rhaenyra just now does not seem like an organic idea, he should have thought of this in the previous episode to appease Corlys. It feels like manufactured drama and angst. Also the crab feeder was totally underwhelming which he should be, idk how Daemon was losing to him with two dragons. They said that he ran into tunnels, he barely went into the tunnels and stared out like Bran. He didn’t do anything at all. Daemon having a whole bunch of people around him and not attacking him just for a setup for a dragon…there are so many things that I just didn’t like. On a positive note though, really happy to see the Strongs, Lannisters, Hightowers, and Joffrey Edit: how could I forget the PUG! All is forgiven!
  7. I feel like they made a mistake with Alicent and Viserys marriage, I don’t understand what the rush was to remarry. They could have done it where it’s been 6 months since Alicent visits him and the entire kingdom knows and started making rumors making Corlys, Daemon, Otto and Rhaenyra angry. They could have also focused on the Hightowers being powerful too and had other houses offer their daughter’s for marriage. Idk it was just weird they were only focusing on Laena being viable.
  8. Omg I hate what they have done with mysaria, I’m hoping somehow it would change. It’s really bad, I felt like she was more a Varys/tyanna type in the books. everything else was fine. I felt like I was watching a weird medieval Jurassic park scene with Otto on the bridge. Rhaenyra was absolutely amazing, crab scenes looked cool. I have no idea what to think of the villain coming, looks cringe. I also like the portrayal of daemon and rhaenyra
  9. This was a fantastic interview. I highly recommend for people to listen to it, I wish there was a transcript because he said some interesting stuff. One of them being besides dragon riders, there was also blood magic practitioners in Valyria that held a lot of power. He does not have a magic system but if you use magic in his world there are devastating effects. He says something very interesting about the “Faegon” term. He also talked about how the show is their own canon and the books are their own (which I’ve always thought anyway). He takes history as an inspiration but it’s not accurate and he is more concerned with the story. Either way, fans shouldn’t be concerned about the historical/book canon accuracy since it’s fantasy.
  10. That’s what I thought of, they were showing the violent altercations to contrast the birthing scene. Perhaps they should have wrote this somewhere in big giant letters before the scene so the audience would know.
  11. I think it does, Maekar killed Baelor during a tourney and I believe a few others died brutally in that tourney.
  12. They did the violence on purpose to contrast the violence of birthing (battle in the birthing bed). And they allowed Daemon getting away with cheating because he’s spoiled and nobody can call him out. This story has more symbolism and magical feeling elements than GOT. I think they did a pretty good job, Alicent and Rhaenyra’s friendship is a welcome change. Some parts definitely felt cringey like when Viserys talked about White Walkers. Some of the CGI dragons looked goofy. I like the rivalry between Daemon and Otto, although Daemon is pretty unlikeable. So far I’m liking it and seeing where it goes. The show has a long way to go since they starting from Aemma’s death.
  13. She does wear a crystal around her neck, there are other characters that use rubies and moonstones for glamor. Ashara fits for me to be Lemore, because it says Lemore needs to hide her identity in Westeros, and the only character I could think of that is missing and would be part of the Aegon cause would be Ashara. (A character that even a casual reader would know about) I believe George had written himself in a corner and didn’t want to give away the identity yet, we technically don’t know what eye color she has. From my own past experience, some people focus too much on a physical characteristic that is actually author error, rather than paying attention to the overall story to dismiss legitimate theories.
  14. Came here for this news and was not disappointed by the threads. I think Kit is overestimating his acting abilities here and I think a few others (including George) are just seeing money signs. I dun want it, but this is going to be a trash fire and I’m here for it.
  15. I do believe Ashara = Lemore too, and I think it was her baby that was swapped with Aegon. She got pregnant around the same time Elia was pregnant with Aegon. She committed “suicide” (like Jon Con) after the sack of KL. There is also an emphasis on Lemore’s pregnancy marks and there is mention of Ashara’s stillborn daughter in the later books. This would also serve as a good motivation to put Aegon on the throne, besides being a loyalist, if Aegon is not on the throne then her child’s death would be meaningless. I also think she would be able to convince Jon Con of Aegon’s legitimacy.
  16. Great write up and I agree that YG=Aegon. The chapter of Kevan’s death imo, is the biggest evidence for it. I wrote up a thread regarding that chapter and Aegon being real. (I linked it below) It’s nice to see other members re-examining the text Also, check out how Pycelle and Kevan die, it matches Pisswater Prince’s and Rhaenys’ deaths. Pycelle’s head was smashed and Kevan was stabbed to death. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/160168-the-children-theory/
  17. Eggscellent comment! I couldn’t agree more that not even his book readers agree on what story he is telling. Books 4 and 5 were released when they were already making Game of Thrones and it introduced a lot of characters. I don’t know if GRRM told them about how important those locations and characters would be later when they began making the first season.
  18. Well, your mom certainly likes it Edit: please don’t take it personally; your avatar and username are what I was referring to lol
  19. Just my 2 cents. I don't think Dinklage meant the other character endings - I think he is referring to Jon and Dany getting together and King & Queen. While, I don't necessarily agree with his words (the show was bad for a while) there are a large amount of people that were upset the ending didn't have Jon/Dany on the throne. “No, but the show subverts what you think, and that’s what I love about it. Yeah, it was called Game of Thrones, but at the end, the whole dialogue when people would approach me on the street was, ‘Who’s going to be on the throne?’ I don’t know why that was their takeaway because the show really was more than that.”
  20. Actually this observation makes me more inclined to think Elia was not in love with Rhaegar and had knowledge of the situation. This would explain their complex relationship, harrenhal and Aegon being removed as heir after Rhaegar dying.
  21. For this quote by GRRM: Q: Dany remembers a lemon tree outside the house with the red door in Braavos but citrus trees shouldn’t really grow in Braavos’ cold, foggy, climate. Is this discrepancy significant? Does it point to a future revelation about Dany’s past? Thank you so much. A: Very perceptive of you. Yes it does point to ... well, that would be telling. the screenshot of the message doesn’t show the date, does anyone know the date of this quote?
  22. I agree that it seems Rhaenys was presented after 6 months with both parents in KL to conceive Aegon. However I do find it odd that it says Rhaegar presented Rhaenys and not the both of them. Doesn’t seem like Rhaegar was present in the Kingswood brotherhood incident either. It’s actually kinda hard to pinpoint Elia’s location during the time of Aegon’s conception.
  23. Guys, I believe that Rhaegar did start having romantic feelings or noticed Lyanna during the Harrenhal tourney but the one thing that bothers me is that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna because she was KOLT. It just doesn’t fit with what Rhaegar has been described as especially if he was fond of Elia. Although they were not in love, it’s still very disrespectful, and we probably will get more information later. But I do have a tiny theory that may fit in. Aegon was born either late 281 or early 282, Elia may have gotten pregnant around March- April 281 which fits in the timeline of after Rhaenys birth and her six month recovery. I believe after she recovered, Rhaegar and her presented Rhaenys in KL and at this time Aegon was conceived (Rhaegar sees a comet in KL). However they would not know she was pregnant at the time. Then she went to Dorne to present Rhaenys and see Quentyn (born in 281). She went back to KL via Kingswood but at this time Hightower and Elia were attacked by the Kingswood brotherhood. While the accuracy of this incident is subjective, it does make sense that Hightower was injured as Arthur lead against the Kingswood and Hightower did not participate in the Harrenhal tourney. It would make sense that Elia was traveling with a chest and jewels if she is coming back from Dorne. I am not so sure of the stolen kiss part. Regardless, she was able to get away as it’s not stated that she was held for ransom. So the point is, when did she figure out she was pregnant again? She could not have stayed in Dorne long enough to find out she was pregnant. Was it after the Kingswood incident and if so were there rumors floating that the pregnancy being from the Kingswood brotherhood, especially for Aerys’ ears. They did not have the technology to pinpoint her exact date of pregnancy and perhaps Aerys or even Rhaegar questioned the legitimacy. Later in Harrenhal since Aerys was there perhaps Rhaegar crowned Lyanna because Elia had fallen out of favor or maybe Rhaegar suspected the child wasn’t his at the time. Btw I still feel like this explanation is lacking but I thought this may be a different perspective.
  24. Does anyone know when Rhaegar presented Rhaenys, was it after Elia’s 6 months bed rest or right after Rhaenys was born?
  25. coincidence or am I on to something? if you take Mellario and Lemore and cross out the double letters you get Elia. o.o
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