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  1. Lady Lance is such a caricature of Lyanna. I think she is going enter lists as a mystery knight and end up dying lol
  2. Very interesting, when Ned finds Arthur, he notices he has a sad smile, perhaps Howland was whispered something from the Old Gods about his sister or something else? GRRM has said there will be more information about Arthur. But we do know that Ned thought of him as being very honorable. Alternatively, Darkstar doesn't seem to like him very much.
  3. Well you are certainly entitled to your opinion there. I frankly don't think Ned would disapprove of Lyanna in jousting, I would think his father would, but Rickard is dead. Ned does not talk much of what happened in that time, it has been a sadness in him because of all the tragedies during this time which is the reason he doesn't talk about it. I think Howland knew what was happening, and he does not want to take the credit.
  4. Oh I agree! I think they really did like each other, but I am not sure exactly what happened. It could be that Lyanna ran off because she didn't want to marry Robert and Rhaegar found her and they developed feelings. I believe the TOJ is where Lyanna will finally tell Ned what happened between her and Rhaegar. I feel like the Tourney of Harrenhal is more akin to how Loras crowned Sansa, it was sort of a political move. But of course, I could be completely wrong
  5. Not necessarily, Lyanna and Rhaegar vanished months later...and just because they liked each other earlier does not mean he can't take her without consent later.
  6. Usually makes things in-universe sense. Like when Illyrio says to Varys, if one hand can go then you can do it again. The reader is lead to think of Jon Arryn, but it is actually Jon Connington. But it was known already by Howland Reed, did Howland Reed swear secrecy over the KOLT? Why specifically that? Because if they just said it was Lyanna, it does not change her story.
  7. Well, I grant you we don't have much evidence for jousting. All I could say we do have this quote and Bran has time: A thousand eyes, a hundred skins, wisdom deep as the roots of ancient trees.
  8. The realm knows Arthur died, Ned tells Bran that he would have died by Arthur but for Howland Reed....then he just stops. Lets say he goes on to say Ned said Howland stabbed Arthur in the back or Howland told Arthur to stop and he killed himself (I don't think Howland talked him, I think Arthur died sword in hand like a knight defending his king). It still does not change the narrative of Lyanna, it does no affect on her storyline. Because he had already said that Arhur died, he just didn't explain how he died. Yes he does think its Bran's family, the reason he thinks of this is because the Stark family was present and in the story helping the cranogman. Jojen thinks Bran's family would tell the story just like Howland had told his children. he would have killed me but for Howland Reed." Father had gotten sad then, and he would say no more. Bran wished he had asked him what he meant. He just ends it here, usually you would say how this person died or what happened but he just ends it. I just think its curious, its not part of my OP , but it is something with Howland that Ned does not speak of.
  9. Ned does not speak of it, we do not why, same as in why we he does not speak of how Arthur died, perhaps he can't even explain it. Perhaps he does not want to think of anything close to Lyanna. It is Howland who actually told the story. Because Bran's family was present at the tourney and it appears to be either Howland or the Starks as KOLT thats why they think Ned told Bran. It still does not explain why he doesn't say how Arthur died? Everyone knows Arthur died by Ned.
  10. Yea he even says he was going to die lol
  11. Well the interesting part is in the passage, it appears Meera believes the KOLT is her father (might have been a crannogman) but Jojen says maybe not, then assumes Bran would know the story, I believe Jojen thinks its Bran's family. But they both do not know the identity and Howland is holding back the identity. There is also another part that Ned doesn't speak of, its when Howland Reed saves him from Arthur, he stops speaking of it. I know that Ned was holding back in speaking of Lyanna to protect Jon. But, I don't see how concealing the KOLT identify (if its Lyanna) would matter cause Rhaegar and Lyanna had vanished together after Harrenhal.
  12. So when Hodor is whimpering still, is he just afraid of the wrights? Deep inside he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still,
  13. I believe this is the quote: Hoooodor" came a whimper, from somewhere down below. And suddenly he was not Bran, the broken boy crawling through the snow, suddenly he was Hodor halfway down the hill, with the wight raking at his eyes. Roaring, he came lurching to his feet, throwing the thing violently aside. It went to one knee, began to rise again. Bran ripped Hodor's longsword from his belt. Deep inside he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still, but outside he was seven feet of fury with old iron in his hand. He raised the sword and brought it down upon the dead man, grunting as the blade sheared through wet wool and rusted mail and rotted leather, biting deep into the bones and flesh beneath. "HODOR!" he bellowed, and slashed again. This time he took the wight's head off at the neck, and for half a moment he exulted … until a pair of dead hands came groping blindly for his throat.
  14. Well I don't think the Targs had put a GPS tracker on her. Rhaegar would need to have found her somewhere in the Riverlands I think? I don't seem to recall that she visited Summerhall after the incident. She seems mostly to be in grief from Jenny, I doubt she cares about the The Prince that was Promised anymore since Jenny is gone. I think you are putting too much emphasis on prophecies, we already what the prophecy says, and we know what she said about the prophecy. Maybe he did talk to her and she told him what really happened at Summerhall but I am not going to assume that she told him anything else. Its just odd to me, why would I want to make up the dialogue? GRRM can say it himself. I just feel like I am writing his story. I guess I am not a imaginative person? I just don't know what she would tell him or why I should be speculating of what she said. Seems pretty cringey to me lol I actually have a very open mind, that's how I got to Howland, btw I am not saying its correct. It could be wrong. He does go to the Riverlands, and he could have met her or not. I don't see why I should be filling in the holes here. It makes me feel like I am doing all the work for the Author. I do think there is a parallel between Jenny/Lyanna and Rhaegar/Duncan mostly for their actions but it doesn't need to include the woods witch. No need to apologize, you have done nothing wrong
  15. I do like this quote, as for your question, I think GRRM is definitely going to explore some sort of causality with the powers Bran has. I am not sure how far his powers will go, but as far as causality: "Bran may be responsible for Hodor’s simplicity, due to going into his mind so powerfully that it rippled back through time." I think this would count as Bran's powers of entering Hodor's mind causing a causality (rippled through time/fried him). So there is an issue that Bran could cripple someone by skinchanging, which I think may not be limited to just Hodor. I did say in my OP that the second person could be Howland. But as pointed out to me Bran has not shown this ability to skinchange someone that is not Hodor. While I do think his powers would expand and Howland may be accepting as the host, its yet to be determined. But it would also explain why Howland is not seen from Greywater Watch (Perhaps he's crippled?). And he understood Jojen green dreams. Whenever Bran enters Hodor, he doesn't mean to harm him but he knows it is to some extent causing harm. I think when he sees the damage he causes to Hodor, that will make him hesitant to skinchange again. It is considered - an abomination for a reason. Although another issue could be, if Bran's dies or gets lost in the host's mind while skinchanging he could get stuck in the body. can we affect the past? Is time a river you can only sail one way or an ocean that can be affected wherever you drop into it? I think the river would be the present (not the weirwoods) and the ocean is the weirwood. In the weirwood he can affect wherever he appears and this could be present or past (maybe future too?). In the present (river) this may appear to be in the past. Its quite unique but I imagine GRRM would know how to explain it in the books.
  16. I agree RLJ is not dependent on KOLT for me and I find Bran’s possible involvement more intriguing I am sure by TOJ it would be spelled out She is the one that told of the prophecy that resulted in Aerys and Rhaella’s marriage and was present at Summerhall. But frankly I don’t see her coming back to the story. I guess Rhaegar could have met her or not. We don’t know what she would say, so I don’t speculate on it. We can always discuss the text as I’m sure there is something about TOJ "No," Ned said with sadness in his voice. "Now it ends." As they came together in a rush of steel and shadow, he could hear Lyanna screaming. "Eddard!" she called. A storm of rose petals blew across a blood-streaked sky, as blue as the eyes of death.
  17. Nah, in the first book, you can tell he’s not Ned’s. Then you have Lyanna’s “promise me,” Ned’s TOJ dream and Rhaegar was the last one seen with her. Also, Ned not telling his wife who the real mother, it’s because of Robert’s hate of the Targs. I think personally, it’s pretty easy to tell who the father is. I don’t believe we are going to get any insight into Rhaegar’s dreams or thoughts nor his adventures with a certain woods witch. We are going to get Harrenhal and the TOJ probably from either Howland or Bran which will tell us why Rhaegar had wanted a child with Lyanna.
  18. I don’t think he will give us all the information. Like you said, I think he will just give maybe Harrenhal and TOJ (what happened to Lyanna and Jon). Most likely just TOJ. We would be able to piece things together.
  19. Prophecy: I assume you mean the prince that was promised? Because he was referring to Aegon..not the son he fathered with Lyanna Need: I assume you mean the quote “there must be one more” which is a vague vision from Dany that could be interpreted in many ways. woods witch: no real proof Rhaegar met or what she told him dreams and visions: ?? mutual attraction: could be but from the text it doesn’t appear that Rhaegar would leave his wife due to attraction to another woman respect: where was the respect in crowning her in front his wife? Why would anyone think Rhaegar would have respect for someone if he did that to his wife love: I need to know when that happened the how: again I do not agree Lyanna is KOLT but even if she was, that is not motivation enough to crown her. You know what the real proof of RLJ? Ned’s thoughts. He doesn’t list Jon amongst his children. It’s simple
  20. I actually do believe in RLJ but I’m still trying to figure out why and how it happened. But it just seems like if anything goes against their headcannon then they become super defensive. It just not productive at all and puts RLJ theory in poor taste.
  21. The irony lol. No hard feelings here
  22. You know what I read that chapter and it got me thinking about Aegon. But it’s probably just the “inventory” of the Faceless Men and not connected. Or not.
  23. It’s common sense? Why would GRRM expect readers to know about this app? It’s a pretty cheap thing to do. I have never read a novel that required me to read an app to know information for characters. It’s all just little Knick knacks that don’t mean anything. Not to mention its semi canon which he can change anytime.
  24. Seriously? The quote says otherwise. What do you think not going in a straight line means? That he has control?
  25. I think @AlaskanSandman had given the quote that Gregor was having troubling balancing the horse… The app is for worldbuilding only, what author would actually put important information in an app rather than the text? Lol
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