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  1. I just don't get how Dany conducted herself was anyway acceptable and I thought Jon came unprepared but Dany was horrible. And Tyrion loses so much IQ points right now. Telling Jon to kneel if he doesn't really want to rule, yes he should kneel without consulting the North and Sansa, having Dany forcing them to fight a war they don't want, and get stabbed again
  2. Also, did anyone think of Tywin saying "any man who says I am the King, is no true King at all" while Dany was sprouting off against Jon?
  3. The show is making it seem Dany is going to have to use her dragons and she has to become allies with Jon (for what, exactly, I have no idea). It's going there like i knew it would. I think it would play out better if they are enemies, I really want to see a clash between Dothraki and Wildings, really seeing the stark children go all out. Arya can take literally take up any identity now, and bran can see everything. But man is Euron a great troll, cannot lie, it was entertaining seeing that.
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