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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! I do agree, the weirwoods don't have a past, future or present. I actually debated whether I should include that bit but I think putting the past would easier to understand.
  2. Hello everyone, I propose in this thread that the Knight of the Laughing Tree was Howland Reed skinchanged by Bran. Shout out to @LynnS for making a thread earlier about the Knight of the Laughing Tree identity. This is just a theory and I am not sure if its correct or not How did Howland Reed actually defeat the knights? Well the gods helped him: "Whoever he was, the old gods gave strength to his arm." "And so the little crannogman's prayer was answered . . . by the green men, or the old gods, or the children of the forest, who can say?" The strength came from Bran, the Old Gods, skinchanging Howland Reed. We can observe this in Hodor when Bran skinchanges him and Hodor is able to to do things that he was not able to before: "HOOOOOODOOOOOOOR!" the stableboy screamed as lightning filled the sky again, and even Jojen was shouting now, shouting at Bran and Meera to shut him up. "Be quiet!" Bran said in a shrill scared voice, reaching up uselessly for Hodor's leg as he crashed past, reaching, reaching. Hodor staggered, and closed his mouth. He shook his head slowly from side to side, sank back to the floor, and sat crosslegged. When the thunder boomed, he scarcely seemed to hear it. The four of them sat in the dark tower, scarce daring to breathe. Another passage: "Hoooodor" came a whimper, from somewhere down below. And suddenly he was not Bran, the broken boy crawling through the snow, suddenly he was Hodor halfway down the hill, with the wight raking at his eyes. Roaring, he came lurching to his feet, throwing the thing violently aside. It went to one knee, began to rise again. Bran ripped Hodor's longsword from his belt. Deep inside he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still, but outside he was seven feet of fury with old iron in his hand. He raised the sword and brought it down upon the dead man, grunting as the blade sheared through wet wool and rusted mail and rotted leather, biting deep into the bones and flesh beneath. "HODOR!" he bellowed, and slashed again. This time he took the wight's head off at the neck, and for half a moment he exulted … until a pair of dead hands came groping blindly for his throat. Howland did pray for the for the old gods to give him strength: but before he slept he knelt on the lakeshore, looking across the water to where the Isle of Faces would be, and said a prayer to the old gods of north and Neck . . . Bran does answer prayers: "Father." Bran's voice was a whisper in the wind, a rustle in the leaves. "Father, it's me. It's Bran. Brandon." Eddard Stark lifted his head and looked long at the weirwood, frowning, but he did not speak. He cannot see me, Bran realized, despairing. He wanted to reach out and touch him, but all that he could do was watch and listen. I am in the tree. I am inside the heart tree, looking out of its red eyes, but the weirwood cannot talk, so I can't. Eddard Stark resumed his prayer. Bran felt his eyes fill up with tears. But were they his own tears, or the weirwood's? If I cry, will the tree begin to weep? Another passage: Lord Eddard Stark sat upon a rock beside the deep black pool in the godswood, the pale roots of the heart tree twisting around him like an old man's gnarled arms. The greatsword Ice lay across Lord Eddard's lap, and he was cleaning the blade with an oilcloth. "Winterfell," Bran whispered. His father looked up. "Who's there?" he asked, turning … Another passage: Theon found himself wondering if he should say a prayer. Will the old gods hear me if I do? They were not his gods, had never been his gods. He was ironborn, a son of Pyke, his god was the Drowned God of the islands … but Winterfell was long leagues from the sea. It had been a lifetime since any god had heard him. He did not know who he was, or what he was, why he was still alive, why he had ever been born. "Theon," a voice seemed to whisper. Another passage: A leaf drifted down from above, brushed his brow, and landed in the pool. It floated on the water, red, five-fingered, like a bloody hand. "… Bran," the tree murmured. They know. The gods know. They saw what I did. And for one strange moment it seemed as if it were Bran's face carved into the pale trunk of the weirwood, staring down at him with eyes red and wise and sad. Bran's ghost, he thought, but that was madness. Why should Bran want to haunt him? He had been fond of the boy, had never done him any harm. Bran is able to see the past in the weirwood and affect the past. We know this, because of Hodor's condition. Edit: What I mean by the "past" is the past that is current timeline. Bran cannot affect the timeline and the wierwoods do not have past or future. Bran was more akin to being "present" in Harrenhal. He certainly cannot affect anything currently. From what I know. Here's the passage of when Varamyr dies, he is able to warg his wolf from the weirwood: When he tried to scream, she spat their tongue out. The white world turned and fell away. For a moment it was as if he were inside the weirwood, gazing out through carved red eyes as a dying man twitched feebly on the ground and a madwoman danced blind and bloody underneath the moon, weeping red tears and ripping at her clothes. Then both were gone and he was rising, melting, his spirit borne on some cold wind. He was in the snow and in the clouds, he was a sparrow, a squirrel, an oak. A horned owl flew silently between his trees, hunting a hare; Varamyr was inside the owl, inside the hare, inside the trees. Deep below the frozen ground, earthworms burrowed blindly in the dark, and he was them as well. I am the wood, and everything that's in it, he thought, exulting. A hundred ravens took to the air, cawing as they felt him pass. A great elk trumpeted, unsettling the children clinging to his back. A sleeping direwolf raised his head to snarl at empty air. Before their hearts could beat again he had passed on, searching for his own, for One Eye, Sly, and Stalker, for his pack. His wolves would save him, he told himself. That was his last thought as a man. As to why would Bran go to Harrenhal? Well, from Bloodraven's quote, he has been watching Ned and saw Bran's birth, and that Bran is a one in a thousand. I think it was very important for Bran to be born. During the Harrenhal tourney, Catelyn was supposed to marry Brandon, if she did marry Brandon then Bran would not be born. So he had to interfere to make sure he was born: "Only one man in a thousand is born a skinchanger," Lord Brynden said one day, after Bran had learned to fly, "and only one skinchanger in a thousand can be a greenseer." I have watched you for a long time, watched you with a thousand eyes and one. I saw your birth, and that of your lord father before you. I saw your first step, heard your first word, was part of your first dream. I was watching when you fell. And now you are come to me at last, Brandon Stark, though the hour is late." "Will this make me a greenseer?" "Your blood makes you a greenseer," said Lord Brynden. "This will help awaken your gifts and wed you to the trees." Also, Bran had always wanted to be a knight and this was his chance: One day I will be like him. The thought filled Bran with dread. Bad enough that he was broken, with his useless legs. Was he doomed to lose the rest too, to spend all of his years with a weirwood growing in him and through him? Lord Brynden drew his life from the tree, Leaf told them. He did not eat, he did not drink. He slept, he dreamed, he watched. I was going to be a knight, Bran remembered. I used to run and climb and fight. It seemed a thousand years ago. What was he now? Only Bran the broken boy, Brandon of House Stark, prince of a lost kingdom, lord of a burned castle, heir to ruins. He had thought the three-eyed crow would be a sorcerer, a wise old wizard who could fix his legs, but that was some stupid child's dream, he realized now. I am too old for such fancies, he told himself. A thousand eyes, a hundred skins, wisdom deep as the roots of ancient trees. That was as good as being a knight. Almost as good, anyway.
  3. That’s messed up to compare them to flat earthers. Asoiaf is a fantasy and is not connected to reality. Let them say what they want. If you have an issue with it then just ignore it. I think you spend way too much time on these boards.
  4. I think Ramsay sent the letter to bait and troll Jon. I don’t think Ramsay won against Stannis and he is looking for hostages against him. I don’t think Ramsay was going march and he was expecting Jon to make the first move. Either to march to winterfell and die (I believe there was a blizzard). Or castle black would not want to March and kill Jon then surrender the hostages to Ramsay
  5. Actually this observation makes me more inclined to think Elia was not in love with Rhaegar and had knowledge of the situation. This would explain their complex relationship, harrenhal and Aegon being removed as heir after Rhaegar dying.
  6. For this quote by GRRM: Q: Dany remembers a lemon tree outside the house with the red door in Braavos but citrus trees shouldn’t really grow in Braavos’ cold, foggy, climate. Is this discrepancy significant? Does it point to a future revelation about Dany’s past? Thank you so much. A: Very perceptive of you. Yes it does point to ... well, that would be telling. the screenshot of the message doesn’t show the date, does anyone know the date of this quote?
  7. I agree that it seems Rhaenys was presented after 6 months with both parents in KL to conceive Aegon. However I do find it odd that it says Rhaegar presented Rhaenys and not the both of them. Doesn’t seem like Rhaegar was present in the Kingswood brotherhood incident either. It’s actually kinda hard to pinpoint Elia’s location during the time of Aegon’s conception.
  8. Guys, I believe that Rhaegar did start having romantic feelings or noticed Lyanna during the Harrenhal tourney but the one thing that bothers me is that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna because she was KOLT. It just doesn’t fit with what Rhaegar has been described as especially if he was fond of Elia. Although they were not in love, it’s still very disrespectful, and we probably will get more information later. But I do have a tiny theory that may fit in. Aegon was born either late 281 or early 282, Elia may have gotten pregnant around March- April 281 which fits in the timeline of after Rhaenys birth and her six month recovery. I believe after she recovered, Rhaegar and her presented Rhaenys in KL and at this time Aegon was conceived (Rhaegar sees a comet in KL). However they would not know she was pregnant at the time. Then she went to Dorne to present Rhaenys and see Quentyn (born in 281). She went back to KL via Kingswood but at this time Hightower and Elia were attacked by the Kingswood brotherhood. While the accuracy of this incident is subjective, it does make sense that Hightower was injured as Arthur lead against the Kingswood and Hightower did not participate in the Harrenhal tourney. It would make sense that Elia was traveling with a chest and jewels if she is coming back from Dorne. I am not so sure of the stolen kiss part. Regardless, she was able to get away as it’s not stated that she was held for ransom. So the point is, when did she figure out she was pregnant again? She could not have stayed in Dorne long enough to find out she was pregnant. Was it after the Kingswood incident and if so were there rumors floating that the pregnancy being from the Kingswood brotherhood, especially for Aerys’ ears. They did not have the technology to pinpoint her exact date of pregnancy and perhaps Aerys or even Rhaegar questioned the legitimacy. Later in Harrenhal since Aerys was there perhaps Rhaegar crowned Lyanna because Elia had fallen out of favor or maybe Rhaegar suspected the child wasn’t his at the time. Btw I still feel like this explanation is lacking but I thought this may be a different perspective.
  9. Does anyone know when Rhaegar presented Rhaenys, was it after Elia’s 6 months bed rest or right after Rhaenys was born?
  10. coincidence or am I on to something? if you take Mellario and Lemore and cross out the double letters you get Elia. o.o
  11. Does anyone know of any prophecies with Dany, if Arianne is mentioned in any? It seems weird Quaithe warns Dany about Tyrion, Jon Con and other adversaries that she wouldn’t include Arianne
  12. Yea, I never got the idea that we couldn’t include the full story because the audience couldn’t understand it, since the reason they got into GOT is because of the complex storyline.
  13. The other issue is we had a bunch of people make excuses for them. The primary being: the budget, they ran out of book material (false), and the viewers would not understand the story. (Wrong again, never underestimate your audience).
  14. Do we know the six companions with Rhaegar when he took Lyanna? It was Dayne, Whent, Mooton, and Lonmouth. But who were the other 2? Jon Con doesn’t seem to recall Lyanna so I doubt he was one. Maybe the Darrys?
  15. I honestly think it is going to be Willas Tyrell that will be elected King. And the north will be separated (due to the others, and will be too difficult to travel) I think it’s going to be Sansa and Rickon as leading the north as regent and king.
  16. I gave it a 10. Not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Drogon destroy KL. The show has been dead to me a long time ago.
  17. I gave it a 4. However the vast majority is 1 - 1 for Ghost - 3 for this stupid coup against Dany - 2 for thinking Jon is a good candidate +4 for super Euron the great other competing with his real rival Azar Ahai Arya
  18. 3, this is just terrible. They are relying on us feeling nostalgic about the episode and cramming reunions while making nonsense conflicts. Not to mention fan service for characters. The truth is they don’t have a story, besides the White Walkers because they made the story Jon centric.
  19. “The Red Keep has ways known only to ghosts and spiders” - Varys for the ghosts part, was Varys referring to all the people who died there or was he referring to specific person?
  20. Did anyone like Tyrion this episode? I actually really liked Tyrion this episode. I haven't liked him since he joined Dany's club, but seeing that emotion on him and seeing him still care about Jaime really pulled at me. I'm hoping that Jaime, Tyrion, and Bron meet again, they have good chemistry with each other, only thing missing would be Podrick. Oh, and I'm hoping the Golden Company comes, although I don't know what they will do against dragons.
  21. I just don't get how Dany conducted herself was anyway acceptable and I thought Jon came unprepared but Dany was horrible. And Tyrion loses so much IQ points right now. Telling Jon to kneel if he doesn't really want to rule, yes he should kneel without consulting the North and Sansa, having Dany forcing them to fight a war they don't want, and get stabbed again
  22. Also, did anyone think of Tywin saying "any man who says I am the King, is no true King at all" while Dany was sprouting off against Jon?
  23. The show is making it seem Dany is going to have to use her dragons and she has to become allies with Jon (for what, exactly, I have no idea). It's going there like i knew it would. I think it would play out better if they are enemies, I really want to see a clash between Dothraki and Wildings, really seeing the stark children go all out. Arya can take literally take up any identity now, and bran can see everything. But man is Euron a great troll, cannot lie, it was entertaining seeing that.
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