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  1. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Dune = Awesome = ASOIAF

    No, I don't think so and I guess neither do you by virtue of you replying with a parallel / homage which is the point of the thread.
  2. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Dune = Awesome = ASOIAF

    Greetings, I just started reading the Dune series and I'm immediately taken by a couple of things. 1 it's Awesome and I can't recommend it highly enough, not sure how I managed to go 40+ years without knowing this. 2 of all the books and series I've read it's surely the closest to ASOIAF I've come across and has a huge amount of parallels. Plots and intrigues An Epic scale spanning generations and seeing those plots unfold through those generations. The importance of bloodline, breeding, inheritance and entitlement in a feudal society. The interplay of government, religion and commerce in the struggle for power. The fact that not everything happens on screen so the reader is empowered to fill in the blanks for themselves. The fact that it's a sci-fi book where the sci-fi is incidental to the story in the same way that ASOIAF is a fantasy book but the fantasy is incidental. Even down to the Bene Tleilax a bunch of face changing assassins with a strange code of honour who are surely the direct inspiration for the faceless men? I wonder has GRRM ever cited Dune as an inspiration for him?
  3. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Jeyne Westerling Pregnancy Confirmed by GRRM

    Click bait title.... I recently listened to the exchange between lady Westerling & Jaime. I don't see how it could be faked, the mum would have to be in on it and there is too much risk. The exchanges are too natural for it to be fake dialogue from a stand in Jayne I think.
  4. In AFFC Alayne II Little finger says to Santa.... " I had hoped to have four or five quiet years to plant some seeds and allow some fruits to ripen, but now . . . it is a good thing that I thrive on chaos. What little peace and order the five kings left us will not long survive the three queens, I fear." This is shortly after the failed plot by Arianne Martel to crown Myrcella which few knew about. (the conspirators + Doran + Areo Hotah + presumably Riccasso + the guards used to intercept). Now if we assume Littlefinger is referring to Cersei + Margaery + Myrcella as the 3 queens he must have an informant very close to Doran. Who? how/why? Does it matter? Maybe the major players have informants everywhere but Kings Landing certainly don't seem to know about It. if he does have a well placed informer, might he know something about Quentin's quest? It's possible he is referring to Dany as the third queen but in the passage he seems to be talking exclusively about Westeros and Day currently has no impact there so I don't think he is. Any thoughts?
  5. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Heresy 200 The bicentennial edition

    He's definitely sinister I'm just not sure there is precedent in the text on not using pain relief etc to link him to Varys cutting.
  6. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Heresy 200 The bicentennial edition

    Good point I'd forgotten Qyburn. Edit. Wouldn't Varys have met Qyburn in KL though? I dont recall any recognition from Varys. Also Qyburn offers Jaime milk of the poppy when fixing his hand in SOS so not sure it is his MO?
  7. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Heresy 200 The bicentennial edition

    with all Of The talk of magic I recall I once made a thread trying to identify all Of The magic or unexplained we see or hear about in the books, better minds may be able to draw something interesting from it. Mel: Accurate future visions in the flames Glamours Resistance to poison Birthing shadow assasins Everyone's favourite D&D spell fireball. Extended lifespan. Thoros: Multiple resurrections Dondarrion: Flaming blood Moqorro: Healing mirri maz durr: Resurrection Dany: Resistance to fire Awakening dragons The others: Raising whites Making new others from Crasters sons Extreme cold Assorted characters (all Of The North): Skinchanging 1 or more animals Bran: Skin changing Hodor Visions through time Communicating through weirwoods Bloodraven: Communicating through dreams Extended lifespan Jojen reed: Accurate green dreams Faceless men: Skinchanging Quaithe: Appearing in dreams Warlocks: Life force sucking Patchface: Accurate prophecies. Both Tobo Mott and the Alchemists refer to using "spells" as part of their craft. Glass candles being used to see/ communicate over vast distances. A character called Urrathon the nightWalker is referred to in relation to glass candles and our friend Martyn has one. I've probably missed tons.
  8. ReturnOfCaponBreath

    Heresy 200 The bicentennial edition

    Great thread. Just a couple of interesting characters who have studied at the citadel. Oberyn Martell Whorsebane Umber Marwyn the mage. Perhaps the most interesting given his association with Mirri Maz Durr and her role in birthing of dragons and further that he allegedly has 3 pages Of The fabled text signs & portents.