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  1. Ser Jorah Marmot

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Beet pancakes.
  2. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Would it be cheating

    Agreed. If you can time travel as casually as you might drive to a hotel, it is definitely cheating. But if you can only travel once, then it is the equivalent of being deceased to your previous spouse and remarrying.
  3. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Fan made songs

    Here's one by the Ukrainian band B&B project. That harp looking instrument is a traditional Ukrainian bandura.
  4. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Why did Viserys...

    Maybe it's because he's just that selfish, and figures he's that powerful. Thinks that you can hate/threaten someone and they will still help you. Like if Dany was a sales associate and Viserys was a customer. He swears, and threatens, and calls her all sorts of things, but when he needs to return a t-shirt, she'll help him.
  5. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Fan made songs

    Here's a classical violin medley. Also a treat for the eyes, for those of certain tastes.
  6. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Smaller Things Even Less Worthy of a Thread of Their Own

    The one who can't make a left turn can only do one thing wrong. The one who doesn't pay attention at lights could do anything.
  7. Ser Jorah Marmot

    deep, thought provoking question thread

    A fireman could be one who fires people, or one who fans the flames of love. Unless there is a rule that states that the thing acted upon must be physical.
  8. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Happy Independence Day!

    Glad you enjoyed the fourth. Being in Switzerland, there were no celebrations, except when the Swiss Army had an unrelated ceremony in a public park. Their old muskets sound about the same as ours. I hope the US can grow to be that great country your grandson takes it for.
  9. Ser Jorah Marmot

    Favorite POV Character

    I actually liked Sansa. Not for what occurred during her chapters. Arya, Tyrion, and Bran were more interesting in that respect. But in terms of character voice, Sansa being so trusting and petty, telling a complex story through her eyes is quite an undertaking. Sansa offers us an opportunity to see how conniving everyone else is, and to see how a child's innocence gets trashed. Out of anyone in aGoT, I'm curious to see what happens to Sansa.
  10. Ser Jorah Marmot

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    When the show first came out, everyone had an opinion about it. That GRRM was as good as Tolkien, that he wrote such realistic characters. Or that he was just appealing to the masses and writing predictable characters in manufactured shades of gray. So I decided to see for myself.
  11. Ser Jorah Marmot

    What you're reading - June 2017

    I'm trying out Assassin's Apprentice. The further I read, the better it seems to get.