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  1. lAPPYc

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Have you ever seen Jon feel any resentment because of this? Because there are two ways of calling Jon a bastard brother. One is the cruel way, and the other is just stating the truth. True, none of these is a good way, but Sansa is a product of her society. Calling this cruel is stretching it too far. I seriously don't see any parallels to Cersei and Sansa. Sansa helps the helpless, even at the risk of her own beating, and Cersei is the one doing the beating. When Sansa sees Yoren, she feels sorry for Jon, stating the exact reasons that tormented Jon on his way north. She and him both were sorry that Jon wouldn't get a company of honorable, and clean, people like Benjen, but unwashed rogues like Yoren. This conception of Sansa hating Jon that fans have is completely wrong, just like saying that she has no empathy, or is dumb. And Sansa had told Ned the entire true story, which is why he brought her to Arya's interrogation in the first place. It was when the time came to name her betrothed or her sister a liar in front half the castle and the king and the queen that she chose to clam up. Either way, this didn't change anything for Mycah, who died because of Joffrey. Now I know she didn't feel any remorse for Mycah, but the feudal society of Westeros didn't allow butcher's boys to cross swords with noblewomen. It's the reason why Mycah died, he'd stepped above his station. In Sansa's mind, Mycah was a culprit. It's not right, but it's that society. It doesn't make her evil, just a product of that society. It certainly makes her a somewhat cold person, but evil is pushing someone in the well just because you are jealous.
  2. Things is that George has said that Jeyne will be in three prologue. That, along with his admitting that he did in fact made a mistake with Jeyne's description in AFFC which was making fans think that the real Jeyne had run off with the Blackfish, narrows the prologue scenarios considerably down. One popular theory was that Stoneheart will try and rescue Edmure and will end up causing Jeyne's or someone else's death.
  3. lAPPYc

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Lol, you just proved the point @Lollygag was making. The Hound wasn't sent after they questioned Sansa, but he was already out searching for Arya. He came back with Mycah's body that night, telling Ned that the night hadn't been a complete waste, because at least they found Mycah, if not Arya. Sansa's testimony had no effect on Mycah's fate. And could elaborate on where she was cruel to Jon?
  4. lAPPYc

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Oh I'm sure the cognitive dissonance angle is there, but the OP was unnecessarily bashing her character, with prejudice. Her CD lessens though, except according to the OP. Worse, we see it returning in AFFC when she thinks of Myranda as a sister she should have had and losses her guard around her. The Vale is a peaceful place, and it would be easy for her to slip back into it. That's why I'm hoping something will go down soon and put her back on her guard. And yes, Lancel's looks may have had the effect you said. As to making pouty faces, don't forget that she was a hostage there. And Tyrion was the one that delivered the news of Robb's and Catelyn's death to her. I'm sure you know you're exaggerating. As for politeness, Tyrion accuses her is hiding behind courtesy. What do you think courtesy is, but politeness? And why does Sansa owe anyone politeness anyway? Jaime was given good chambers by Robb, and he repaid him by trying to escape with the men Tyrion had sent to him. They hardly beat him (disregarding the fact that he wasn't a12 year old girl and could have actually taken it), and we know how polite he was in his talk with Catelyn. A prisoner doesn't owe the captors anything. It's not like Tyrion once feel and Sansa refused to help him up. How would you have ACTED upon her thoughts? I think her politeness was more than enough.
  5. Sorry it took me a month to reply. I just forgot. The march was screened by scouts, unlike will be in this case. And Tywin was in the field, so couldn't receive ravens, unlike the Red Keep. Nor was there anyone to send him ravens, unlike all the Lannister loyalists in the Westerlands or near Riverrun. Again, Stannis didn't have anyone to tell him about the movements of Tywin's forces. And he was also in field. You are talking about armies receiving news, I am talking about the capital receiving news. Very different mechanisms. Actually they did. Tywin knew that Stannis had left Dragonstone, and when Pycelle (I think) says that they were well rid of that man and his ambitions, Tywin reprimands him by asking him whether he has taken leave of his wits. Stannis Baratheon will fight to the bitter end and beyond. They didn't yet know that Stannis was on the Wall. In AFFC, Jaime thinks of how Cersei had celebrated to hear that Stannis had abandoned Dragonstone, and then had raged later upon hearing that he was on the Wall. True, there are such instances (I can't think of any right now, but I am sure they are here in this series of misinformation). But all it takes are a few survivors from Forley's party to reach the nearest castle. And Forley has four hundred men with him. I can't envision the BwB being able to vanquish all of them. There are always leaks. Why did Margaery learn about the Shields? Why did Cersei learn about Saltpans. Saltpans was news, I guess. But Willas was at Highgarden, and Garlan at Brightwater Keep, and the actual lord was at Storm's End. Why send a raven to the Red Keep? I'm sure news is sent to all relevant parties. Not telling the capital of a major event is the easiest way to get questioned on whether you think that the capital's input is useless or something.
  6. lAPPYc

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Lol, when I had first seen this post, I thought that you had just made mistakes in your rereading analysis and missed parts of the books somehow. But now I see that your opinion is not going to change no matter what evidence is provided to you for the contrary. Much like a character you talk about. As mentioned in the comment section of the previous post by others, this post is a masterpiece of selective evid She does think that Joffrey is ugly. AGOT Sansa VI So that's a belief changed, but we see that she is still associating cruelty with ugliness, as in songs. We see this challenged as well, many times, like here: ACOK, Sansa III But when Ollena says that Joffrey seems gallant and a lion, she doesn't refuse that, but still says that he is a monster. And in TWoW, she acknowledges that the world is full of pretty monsters. TWoW, Alayne. This is another one where you see your claim of Sansa never giving Tyrion credit to failing. But this is just the fist such instance. Tummy fluttering can be confused with nervous excitement or creeped out or afraid (Insides going to water), but I don't see how swallowing a bat confuses with anything but being queasy. Here is another one where she lets us know how much she thinks of Joffrey. ASOS, Sansa IV And about Lady: ACOK, Sansa III And now we have more about Tyrion: ASOS, Sansa III ASOS, Sansa III So she does give him credit. About your comment about Tyrion showing her so much kindness, well, are girls supposed to have sex with you because you are nice? And yes, even if you are in that arranged marriage world, it doesn't change that sexual intercourse is something people are careful in engaging in, especially someone like Sansa. When she thinks about no one caring about her feelings, she is thinking about no one letting her go home, or marrying her at their whims and only for her claim. It is not about being beaten bloody. If Tyrion was so kind and devoted to her, he would have smuggled her to safety himself and helped her family against the Lannisters. But that needs him to betray his own family, which he does, eventually, but not for Sansa. In the end, she was as wifely toward him as he was husbandly toward her. When does she put their lives in jeopardy by telling people they hadn't fucked? Okay, first off, the greatest person in her life was the one who rescued her, apart from her father and her mother and her brother, all of whom, incidentally, the Lannisters killed/had killed. Second, the scene you are quoting goes like this: The emphasized words are the ones you blatantly omitted, and they literally are a second thought which you say she never had. There it is clearly seen that she questions herself as to why she isn't completely happy. This omission leads you to say that she is beyond happy, but as I said, this entire post is like this. Instead, this is actually where we see that she is feeling some sadness toward Tyrion's predicament. And how exactly is it that you would have repaid Lord Tyrion of all his kindness had you been in Sansa's shoes? Would you have acted in public as his wife? Would not have badmouthed him to others? Wouldn't have scorned him? Would have asked if the peas are overcooked? Would have sent away Dontos and told him you had a happy home here? You'd probably have controlled your teenager fit of anger and kneeled so he could have wrapped the cloak around you, I guess. What can I say, I understand a fit in a twelve-year-old. Even Tyrion knows he is failing in his duties as a husband to her, so why are you holding it against Sansa only: So why would she stay? As I said, she was as wifely toward him as he was husbandly toward her. So he was a gentleman to her, was she anything less than a gentlewoman? Is just the promise of not getting beaten enough for you to continue living as a hostage? They weren't bearing Jaime in Riverrun. Would you have had him turn away the rescuers Tyrion sent him? Or refuse the offer of freedom Catelyn made? How is that any different than how Sansa left Tyrion? And did she know, when making the plan with Dontos, that he would be accused of regicide and she will be incriminating him by running away? I'm not saying that she would have disagreed with the plan if she knew it all, but saying she just threw Tyrion under a bus without any thought is completely wrong. I doubt she has basically everything. She does have a lot, but that situation with Lysa murder was a high tension situation, and things are quite hard to remember afterward. True, she thinks about the things Lysa had said troubling her greatly, but we don't know how much she remembers. But we can hope that it comes back to her as she comes across more evidence that Petyr had worked toward the war between the Lannisters and the Starks. What you need to understand about Sansa lovers is that we consider her to be one of the heroes of the story. Most other heroes thinks with a sword, whereas Sansa was the one that helped the wounded Lancel not just physically but emotionally even when he was one of the perpetrators of the beating she received in front of the Iron Throne. And when she doesn't slide into Stockholm Syndrome with Tyrion, she shows her how good she is at keeping her own values safe from the wiles of others (Tears are not the only weapon that women have). Her empathy and ability to forgive will probably be the one thing that can bring peace to the warring houses of ASoIaF. That is why many say that she is the best choice as a ruler for Westeros at the end of the series.
  7. I have no idea of how I didn't think of this before. Kevan doesn't know about any rescue mission, failed or otherwise. Pycelle and Swyft called Kevan down from Casterley Rock on the day that Cersei was imprisoned (Probably). Cersei sent the letter to Jaime a few days later. Let's say that the letters reach their destinations at the same time (Raven to Casterley Rock was sent earlier but had to traverse more distance). Jaime got his letter many days after Edmure departed Riverrun, so that party is already at least a couple days away from Riverrun. Jaime had a host of less than 1000 men upon leaving from KL, he sent Red Ronnet back with a twenty, but I doubt he left any people at Riverrun. Maybe he sent them with Forley Praster, but I don't see him traveling through the Riverlands without a strong escort after the lessons he learned at Whispering Woods. So, it is safe to say that Jaime's party is bigger than that of Ser Forley's 400 (Maybe even double). Ser Forley also wants to make haste, however, to escape potential outlaw attempts for Edmure. Taking Ser Forley's speed to be twice to that of Jaime's, he would certainly have crossed Golden Tooth before Ser Kevan exited the Westerlands, and I don't think the Outlaws can get to Edmure past Golden Tooth. Now even if the pass at Golden Tooth is closed off by the snows and Ser Forley has to take a longer route (Deep Den? Go to the Ocean Road?), there is too much time for KL to not learn about the massacre that is so popular in the fandom by the time Ser Kevan reaches there. Kevan knows that Jaime is missing. That means that Jaime's party waited at least two days for him to return: One day for him to go, and another for him to return. Then they will send out search parties. And only when the search parties have covered a few day's distance will ravens will fly. And even that is assuming that Jaime's party sends out ravens from Pennytree, and not after returning to Riverrun. All this takes too much time, and Kevan not only knows that Jaime is missing, he sits on this information until his epilogue, never hearing about a massacre. And yes, there will be ravens. Forley Praster is no man's fool, he probably has ravens. And even if he doesn't, his has 400 men, at least some of them will escape to the nearest holdfast, and alert authorities about a large outlaw band being loose in the region. The outlaw band has to be big, to take on 400 men so fatally. Given that Kevan and Jaime left their respective places of Casterley Rock and Riverrun at nearly the same time, and given the entire continent that Kevan has to pass, no matter what the haste, Kevan should have had a letter waiting for him when he reaches KL, if not a messenger catching up to him from the Westerlands. Now, how do I know that Kevan doesn't know about any massacre? some of which are: So he tells her of sellswords landing in the south, but not of a massacre near the center of power of Lannisters (Riverrun-Casterley Rock)? There can only be one reason. It never happened. Heck, we even have a POV chapter of him, which happened days after his visit to Cersei, wherein he counts his woes: Aegon, JonCon, the Tyrells, Ser Robert Strong, even Daenerys, but nowhere is Edmure and/or the Outlaws. Melting away, not dying away. There's no mention of a massacre, and certainly not of the escape of the Lord of Riverrun and/or of the Young Wolf's wife who could brew up a lot of trouble by procuring a child and naming him heir to the North. And it's not like they have forgotten: And the issue is brought of Rosby inheritance and of Myrcella's homecoming party. There is no mention of a massacre, whose time window has closed weeks ago. So no, Jeyne Westerling may appear in the prologue of TWoW, but it won't be to witness a rescue attempt for Edmure by Stoneheart and her men. The logistics don't support it. By the time of Kevan's epilogue, Jeyne is probably back home at the Crag busy sunbathing. Maybe a kraken surfaces at the ocean and she is pulled in. Maybe someone is using glass candles and they see her. Maybe she reveals to her mother that she is Maggy the Frog and makes a prophecy about Sybil's death that comes true instantly. Edit: Jaime doesn't leave one day after Ser Forley, but one day passes, then two, and then more days pass. The chapter takes place over a period of many days, and Ser Forley leaves on the second of those days.
  8. lAPPYc

    strategy stannis

    What? That's horrible. If I were Stannis, I'd go with Eddard Stark to help Robert get it right the second time.
  9. lAPPYc

    Can Euron warg Aeron?

    Not exactly true. As I said in the OP, the First Men were taught greenseeing by the children of the forest. I'm reluctant to consider that it only happened through interbreeding. There certainly sends to be some way. And I'm not saying anyone, but only priests or ardent followers, and descendants.
  10. lAPPYc

    Can Euron warg Aeron?

    This is the second time I've read such a comment regarding a PJ theory. Are they considered stupid? I always find them as insightful as I find them stretching it. But then, I've only watched a few.
  11. I hope so, but I think not. Sansa is someone who knows that Ned wanted Stannis on the throne, so she could be instrumental in bringing my favorite kingdom to support my favorite king. But since Petyr has announced plans for taking the KotV to the North, it probably won't happen. Instead, there is a civil war ripe to occur between the Freys, and many of the Vale houses, including House Hardying, have vested interests in seeing one side or the other win. Also, in the Alayne sample chapter, Petyr is seen talking about grain prices, and the Riverlands are on the verge of a famine. I won't be surprised if Petyr were to manipulate some Vale lord to start selling to some Riverlord, probably some Frey, to buy them up for the next war. So yeah, I think Sansa's immediate future is in the Riverlands, playing Freys and Darrys and Crackhals and Lannisters against each other. From there, she will then probably come in contact/conflict with Aegon.
  12. lAPPYc

    Can Euron warg Aeron?

    All questions will be answered, on google. Because all these theories will be too long to post here. Instead, let me give you a TL;DR of them: Skinchanging: Bloodraven: lives in a cave, minimum light, trains bran in warging. Arya: goes blind, wargs the cat. Conclusion: sensory deprivation makes the mind go to other senses, like skinchanging. Hypothesis: Greenseers as priests of First Men/COTF, and priests can talk to gods through praying, gods are basically a collective conscience; you might know the term weirnet. Argument: George has used this idea of collective consciousness as gods in his prior books, for ex. A song for Lya, from which the names Robb and Lyanna are also taken. The theory is that the priests of the Undying(Not exactly priests, but still use the collective consciousness to speak with Dany), and the septons, and Damphair can also talk to god, that is pray, that is why Euron is collecting priests, and why he keeps them in the dark, and basically why he is keeping Aeron alive, who is a very dangerous figure on the Iron Islands. Battle of Blood: Aeron sees scores of dead pigs. He sees far to fewer no. of ships with Euron for the upcoming battle. Theory is that Euron has stored the pig blood in the belly of a ship like Tyrion once did with Wildfire. When the Redwyn fleet descends upon him, he will break that ship apart and let the blood spill, bringing krakens and whatnots to the surface, who will then proceed tearing ships apart. The small no. of ships is to draw the Redwyns and Hightowers in, and Aeron(Skinchanger), and maybe the other priests, will be like supernatural shields against the Krakens, safeguarding Euron's ships. Bloodraven: I don't remember much of this, but it's got to do with Euron's new sigil, the eye, supported by crows. The theory is that bloodraven/3eyedcrow is helping Euron to make sure Dany actually comes to Westeros. You can find a bigger explanation on Preston Jacob's video on YouTube.
  13. lAPPYc

    Can Euron warg Aeron?

    I never said that Euron is a skinchanger, I said that the joining works both ways. Varamyr had Orell in his mind/or in the Eagel's mind. That same way, if Euron can get/provoke Aeron to warg him, he might get some control over Aeron. But magic in ASoIaF is not easy. They have to use a different tool for ever different tasks. If Aeron has skinchanging abilities, Euron will want to use him. Maybe that's why he is keeping this potential source of rebellion alive in the dark (Bran is in the dark. Arya warged into the cat when she was blind. Basically, the theory is that sight deprivation drives the mind onto other senses, like ability to skinchange, in Aeron's case) Varamyr could still hear Orell in the Eagel's mind, talking about how much he hated Jon Snow. So Euron could gain into Aeron's mind. Hodor doesn't fight Bran all that much, and Bran is able to take over his body. Maybe this time the warged gets the upper hand over the one who is doing the warging, because Aeron's a nut! And with Euron's obsession with dragons, and the book that is rumored to be hidden in the vaults of the citadel named the death of dragons. But I do not need this to be true for Euron to overpower Aeron in his own mind, it seems as though he is already training Aeron in skinchinging. IMO, Euron is a bad war commander, and if he harbors such a dangerous prisoner with no plans for him, his reign of terror, in spite of winning the battle of blood, will be frustratingly short.
  14. lAPPYc

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    Why would Stoneheart kill her brother's baby? She also knew the girl was crying before the wedding. Catelyn knows what it is to be a father's daughter. Why would she kill Roslin? She manipulated Brienne into getting her Jaime, what do you call that, if not rational? She didn't even hang her for serving the Lannisters, but for not giving her property back when the conditions were not met. Even Jaime has no good reply when the Blackfish offers him back his old cell in Riverrun. I don't know why people think of Stoneheart as some force of evil, or a madwoman. You must mean when she killed Septon Maribald. Oh, wait... Are you sure? Catelyn wanted to kill her enemies. She killed Jinglebell when Walder didn't concede to an exchange. What else is Stoneheart doing?
  15. lAPPYc

    Can Euron warg Aeron?

    So, there is a possibility that Euron is teaching Aeron skinchanging by employing the method of sensory deprivation during his enslavement following the Kingsmoot. There are theories that the Bloodraven might be in cahoots with Euron. The immediate application of this ability of Aeron is thought to be in the battle of blood, where Aeron will be a supernatural shield that will stop the surfacing Krakens from attacking Silence/Ironborn Ships. But what about later? Right now Aeron is a frightened, helpless thing. What when he realizes his power? We know how much Aeron hates Euron. Euron knows how much Aeron hates Euron. It won't take a genius to figure out that one day Aeron might snap. We see this kind of behavior elsewhere by Euron, when he gives the dragonhorne to Victarion. The trick there is easy to speculate upon: The horne doesn't work, Euron wants Vic dead, and wants the Iron Fleet to bring Dany back. So, what about Aeron? Well, we know warging works both ways. If Euron manages to provoke Aeron into warg him, might he be able to warg him back, turning the tables? There is a further possibility to speculate upon. The First Men came from outside of Westeros, and then greenseers started popping in them; a faction until now limited to the Children of the Forest (I don't think giants had them). Were these just priests that got such powers, simply by worshipping the Old Gods? Or did some even get them by being taught, or via the two-way connection? Is that why Euron has a Faceless Man as a caretaker of an archmaester, so he could break into the vaults to find some ritualistic proof or further secrets like how to manipulate the wind/shatter land, in some ancient tome? (Of course, this will mean that Bloodraven isn't telling him all this, because otherwise he wouldn't have to consult a book. But I never liked the Bloodraven theory anyway). Will he get Aeron's powers after warging him? Or will he simply continue on through the Damphair's body? Maybe the Horne with Victarion works to bind the dragons as well, and Euron is just planning to warg into dragons and wresting control of them from his brother. Euron is a terrible battle commander, he is most likely going to lose the war, even if he wins the Battle of Blood. Maybe this power is what he uses to make a comeback, this time with even more supernatural forces (*cough* weights *cough**cough* Others) It's like what happened to Stannis and the Starks; brought to the brink of defeat and extinction, and now they are going to own it like nothing you've seen before.