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  1. Lyanna is probably Jon's mother, but Rhaegar is definitely not the father. Rhaegar's third secret child is Dany and the mother is Ashara, it is known!
  2. starks became a awful version of the lannisters in S1. sansa even tries to imitate cersei's vibes like "everyone who isn't us is an enemy"
  3. At the end of this show the feeling is that the Night King and his team were really the ones trying to save Westeros from Bran's evil clutches. Also Sansa's coronation has a kind white supremacist vibe
  4. Oh no! Another post desperately trying to make Dany look like a bad person... IMAGINE HOW TIRED WE ARE!
  5. For me it's more possible brandon+lyanna than brandon+Ashara Whenever I think about the stories of jaime and cersei as children and how they were inseparable, I remember that there is something similar in the relationship between brandon and lyanna. Could jaime and cersei be a mirror for brandon and lyanna?
  6. 1. Daenerys 2. Rhaego 3. Visenya 4. Rakharo 5. Rhaenyra
  7. The more I read the arguments to support r+l=j the more crackpot this theory gets
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