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  1. I blame r+l=j the biggest fanfic of ASOIAF
  2. There are still 2 books left to we see Arya's sadistic side more explicitly. Even more now that she has the skills that can help her to supply her vicious needs for violence
  3. For me in the books, Dany is really Rhaegar's third child with Ashara. Lyanna is probably Jon's mother with Arthur or Mance or Brandon (yep, stark incest). Now, if Rhaella's child survived I think that child is Young Griff.
  4. A few days ago I came across this theory and, honestly? I find it completely plausible. They are solid arguments with textual evidence. Martin has also commented on how frustrating Gandalf's resurrection was, and I think it's quite possible that he really isn't doing that on ASOAIF (resurrecting characters), especially considering the fact that you can warg inside of dead bodies.
  5. Dude, you're just obsessed with this mania of chasing a fictional character in this forum lol go to the balcony and breathe some fresh air
  6. Dany is the only character in ASOIAF who is really learning to rule through her mistakes and failures. Jon Arryn, Robert, Ned, Tywin, Rob and Jon snow are all dead for their own personal interests and not for the interests of the people who ruled/led! Cersei and Stannis are too busy digging their own graves! Its so funny that people say Dany is good at conquering but terrible at governing when her whole arc in ADWD is just the opposite. Her conqueror side brought more negative than positive results and that is why she chose to stay in Meereen and be a queen = ruler. She speaks several languages, the loyalty of her armies is not bought with gold, she knows how to deal with mercenaries and much worse people, she is charismatic, intelligent, fair, she cares about the needs of her people, she knows when to be relentless, she has sense of duty, she doesn't follow any religion but respects all of them, is skeptical of legends, myths and prophecies and has survived poisonings, assassination attempts, sieges, conspiracies and deadly diseases. Anyway, she is better than anyone in ASOIAF and I believe that Martin is preparing her to rule in the end.
  7. But Ned never lied to Jon or anyone else about who the bastard's mother was. He just didn't want to talk about her. In fact, in AGOT when Ned believes he will be sent to the Wall he says he would tell Jon who his mother was.
  8. Daenerys Targaryen is not only the right answer, but also the most logical.
  9. Well, it's the starks... There must be some explanation of how the rituals of hanging innocent people's entrails on tree branches was something honorable
  10. The more I read the arguments to support r+l=j the more crackpot this theory gets
  11. I believe the essay is this: https://thelasthearth.freeforums.net/thread/572/dany Fun fact: (f)Dany has much more evidence than r+l=j
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