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  1. It's about Ashara and Rhaegar. I believe there was a love triangle between Ashara/Rhaegar/Elia ASOIAF has a lot of that too
  2. Prince Rhaego

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    At no time was I trying to prove that Rhaego is a prince. I keep calling him that because I want and that's it!
  3. Prince Rhaego

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Prince Rhaego was born deformed because the maegi poisoned Dany to abort him. The descriptions that Prince Rhaego was strong and healthy are in his mother's POVs in AGOT. If you want quotes, go look for them. I have no interest in inventing things to prove my point.
  4. Prince Rhaego

    Which are worse, Wildling, Ironborn or Dothraki?

    Wildlings practice cannibalism so yeah for me they are the most WORSE
  5. Prince Rhaego

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Prince Rhaego was perfectly healthy and strong. The real monster was that maegi who murdered him.
  6. Prince Rhaego

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    The life of Prince Rhaego Targaryen was worth more than the life of that maegi and any westeros family.
  7. Prince Rhaego

    Favorite characters

  8. Prince Rhaego

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    So no Satanic Majesty? Hitler with tits? "Wherever she goes evil men die" ?
  9. Prince Rhaego

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I don't believe in protagonist in ASOIAF but there is no doubt that Daenerys Targaryen is the central character of this story.
  10. Prince Rhaego

    Favorite characters

    1. Daenerys Targaryen. I like a lot of fictional characters but Dany hit me differently. She's so fascinating, deep, empathetic and polarizing. In my opinion Daenerys is the biggest fictional character created ever. I love HER! 2. Rakharo. 3. Irri. 4. Jhiqui. 5. Maester Aemon. 6. Missandei. 7. Grey Worm. 8. Sor Barristan Selmy. 9. Margaery Tyrell. 10. Theon Greyjoy.
  11. I think it is quite clear that what we hear about the Rebellion is just a false anti-Targaryen advertising. Ned, Robert and Jon Arryn have definitely ruined everything but I don't see them as "villain". Rickard was the real "villain" but it doesn't matter anymore because they are as dead as mAd KiNg
  12. Prince Rhaego

    Just Another R+L=D (and J) Theory - detailed

    R+L=J is a red herring IT IS KNOWN