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  1. This seems to me to be a very eloquent trope. I think Martin expects just that from his readers regarding Jon's "death/resurrection". I don't think Jon died and it was all Melisandre's quackery. In my opinion the stone beast is Jon Connington spreading the greyscales (the shadow fire) in Westeros.
  2. Lmao you're so delusional. In Westeros people are secretly toasting Daenerys' name as rightful queen.
  3. R+L=J. I mean, I think Lyanna is Jon's real mother but Rhaegar is definitely not his father.
  4. Arya's death is inevitable, the only question is how and when and what she does first. In Varamyre's POV we know that when a Warg dies they can live a second life inside their animal, and Arya is a warg. To live on as Nymeria, with a pack, with the means to kill people she wants dead. Would be all she ever wanted. She gets her pack, and the idea of loosing herself in the wolf eventually isn't anything bad or new for her, she would likely welcome it. If Arya dies an becomes a single persona, and one she's already living that's a happier end than we can hope for. It's certainly bittersweet, and GRRM has preached his ending will be bittersweet.
  5. 1. R+L=J is real 2. Mad Dany 3. Villain Dany 4. Rhaego is alive 5. Jon is dead
  6. She's one of the most superficial fantasy tropes I've ever read
  7. I find them all interesting, especially Theon, the POVs of Dorne and Cersei. But my favorite is Dany's. Her POVs are FUCKING fascinating. There are a lot of spell, prophecies and dangerous games/conspiracies that in my opinion can be more interesting than the game of thrones in Westeros.
  8. I believe that no one will ride Viserion and Rhaegal. Yes, Euron can manage to sneak one of them but I highly doubt that he will be a dragonrider.
  9. Jon Snow is secretly Aegon Targaryen. Jon Aegon is rightful heir. Varys conspiring to put Jon Aegon on the Iron Throne. Jon Aegon navigates to Dragonstone to try to convince Dany to help against the invasion of the Others > Young Griff tries to navigate to Dany so that she helps him to invade Westeros. Davos says Jon Aegon should marry Dany > Jon Connington says Young Griff should marry Dany. Tyrion talks about Dany's journey to Jon Aegon while they are talking on a cliff > Tyrion talks about Dany's journey to Young Griff while they play cyvasse on a boat. In conclusion: R+L=J meant nothing on the show because this theory is probably not true in the books. Jon Snow is not a Targaryen, just as Young Griff is not Aegon Targaryen. So, what do you think about that?
  10. It's about Ashara and Rhaegar. I believe there was a love triangle between Ashara/Rhaegar/Elia ASOIAF has a lot of that too
  11. At no time was I trying to prove that Rhaego is a prince. I keep calling him that because I want and that's it!
  12. Prince Rhaego was born deformed because the maegi poisoned Dany to abort him. The descriptions that Prince Rhaego was strong and healthy are in his mother's POVs in AGOT. If you want quotes, go look for them. I have no interest in inventing things to prove my point.
  13. Wildlings practice cannibalism so yeah for me they are the most WORSE
  14. Prince Rhaego was perfectly healthy and strong. The real monster was that maegi who murdered him.
  15. The life of Prince Rhaego Targaryen was worth more than the life of that maegi and any westeros family.
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