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  1. Ambrose H

    Game of Madness

    Hey, guys. I made a March Madness bracket for the Awoiaf series. I selected 16 of the more popular characters from each region, then randomly assigned them a place in said region. Reply to this thread with your votes for each matchup in the North. This will last a day, then the winner will move on, and I'll do another region tomorrow. This will continue until we have a most popular character of the series. Attached is the link to the bracket. Again, just reply to this thread with who you think should win each North matchup https://www.draw.io/?lightbox=1&highlight=0000ff&edit=_blank&layers=1&nav=1#G1qEeqRvhGOl5riN1c3uF7pRNXe2wnWgPd
  2. Ambrose H

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    My apologies. I did indeed mean "hero", rather than "protagonist". Sometimes, they're one and the same, but not always, nor do they have to be.
  3. Ambrose H

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Well said, Starkz. Because doesn't everyone believe they're the protagonist? With a cast as large as the one that Asoiaf has, there are bound to be (and should be) plenty of interactions between characters who each believe they're doing the right thing for themselves and their people. -Ambrose
  4. Is there a true protagonist or hero in Asoiaf? I'm not sure there is, because GRRM does a great job at showing his characters as human (which is perhaps why his universe is so wildly popular), flaws and all. Up until when he kills his father in ASoS, Tyrion was my favorite "good guy" who I was absolutely rooting for. I still like him as a character, and he's still probably my favorite character for now, but he definitely lost some respect from me when he shot his father and strangled Shae. I understand why it was necessary in his eyes, but I think it could have been avoided, and definitely took him out of the running for protagonist in my book. Another "hero" I loved (and still do) was Robb. Sadly, as is well known by now, he met an untimely end at the hands of the Freys. When he was alive, though, he was the figurehead for the North to rally behind. Perhaps the most heroic character, Jon Snow definitely appeared incorruptible, up until he broke his vows. Again, I understand his motivations, but still. . . My running theory is that there is no true protagonist, to which the surplus of narrating characters surely contributes, but I'm interested to hear the community's thoughts on this matter -Ambrose
  5. Ambrose H

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Okay. That makes sense. The Estermonts have been hell to try and standardize. Also, which program did you use for your large family tree? Right now, I'm using Draw.io, but it's a bit clunky
  6. Ambrose H

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    In the case of series inconsistencies, such as the ones I've listed below, which source to you consider to be more reliable, The World of Ice & Fire or Fire & Blood? For the children of Jaehaerys I and Alysanne Targaryen, Prince Velaryon and Princess Saera switched birth orders upon the release of Fire & Blood. Velaryon used to be the ninth child, and Saera their twelfth, but now the opposite is true. Also, the birth orders of four other children have been switched. Alyssa was second, and is now fifth. Daella used to be fifth, and is now eighth. Maegelle was eighth before she changed to sixth, and Aeryn, originally the sixth, has been exchanged for Daenerys, who is now second! My point is, when creating large-scale family trees that rely on accuracy and being canon, which source would you choose to believe, the most recent, or the original?
  7. Ambrose H

    New Wiki Editors

    Hello, everyone. I've been using this wiki for years now, mainly as a source for my ongoing family tree. I'd like to get into editing, though. Is there anything you recommend getting started with? I'd imagine that it's a pretty busy time, what with the moratorium in effect until tomorrow
  8. Ambrose H

    Ranks within Forums

    Can someone help me out? What are the ranks in this forum? It says I'm a "commoner" right now, which I suspect is because I haven't made 5 posts yet, as it says in "Help: Registration" https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Help:Registration