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  1. Trefayne

    Why did benjen return to winterfell?

    I'm not going to belabor the point any longer beyond this since it's a fantasy tale, not an historical tale, but this wasn't a social visit, it was a state visit. In "reality" every lord and temporal vassal in the north would have been there to meet the King and discuss business. Catelyn desiring to alert Benjen to invite him down is a patently ridiculous notion as he would have already known. The entire kingdom would have already known. I mean really, the center of government is going to be away from the seat of power (remember, no Hand at the time) for months on end and you don't think the rest of the kingdom knows? "Hey, where's the King?" "I don't know. He said he was going to the privy and I haven't seen him in three weeks." Catelyn even says later in that chapter, "Where the king goes, the realm follows". Ned was upset because he probably only had about three weeks to a month prepare for a royal visit of over a hundred people, which in a medieval timeframe would be like a couple of days for us. Another weird point is that the letter containing the information of the visit was also the one that announced the death of the current Hand. Wouldn't the kingdom have been alerted to the news already? Robert apparently kept this secret since he was already on the road by the time he sent Ned word. Why? There was no foul play suspected and a head of state had just died. It was written for dramatic effect, not realism, and is good that way, but it will fall apart on detailed analysis.
  2. Ugh, not again! I don't want to be compelled to shuffle edit another two bricks together.
  3. If this is the format, then I changed my mind. I'm up for being the Stranger.
  4. Why did I just get an image of George sitting with a giant bowl of popcorn watching the entire run of Evil Dead movies?
  5. I can understand why Tywin wasn't interested in being in KL since I think that he probably couldn't stand Robert. The only thing that bemuses me about that time is why Tywin didn't insist on fostering Joffery at the Rock in his formative years. Robert might have even been glad to get the little monster (and his wife when she went to visit) off of his hands for awhile.
  6. Trefayne

    Why did benjen return to winterfell?

    I knew someone would bring this up. In the beginning the reason for self rule was clear since war was more probable and frequent, but they were still dependent on the realms for new men to fill the ranks. But, institutions tend to morph and change over the years, even while trying to keep their core principles in mind. By the time of the story, the Watch was under Crown jurisdiction in all but formal document. And Tywin was actively and almost openly subverting it when he didn't refrain. Again, at the time of the story, the Crown has jurisdiction over all Seven Kingdoms, so any men given to the Watch by a vassal could, in theory, be rerouted to Crown use at any time before their vows are taken. I've never stated that Benjen shouldn't be there. I just said that Mormont should.
  7. It depends on his writing process. He may indeed have most of the chapters written for each POV he has decided make the cut, but going back and making sure timelines and foreshadowing events don't fall over each other and that the narrative flow is good can be a very long and laborious process. He has stated that he does a lot of rewriting at times. I would assume that means he may sacrifice certain plot lines that he thought were good and fit at the time in favor of altered or even new plotlines that line up better with what another POV (who is more central to the main plot) ended up doing. I would imagine that the "gardening approach" yields this sort of predicament quite often.
  8. I'm hoping that this means he finally has enough material to collate into a finished product and he needs the isolation to focus and think for editing purposes. Fingers crossed.
  9. I'm not damning his hobby. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed and a certain amount of ebullience is to be expected (get me going on making, maintaining and repairing medieval armor and you'll never get me to shut up), but this isn't the smoking gun in the Mueller investigation. It's just a bit of popular fiction. If the clues are there to be found, it's because the author put them there to be found and it is no crime to reveal them. I just find all of this handwringing over the subject to be a little too OTT.
  10. The only thing I find troubling is that anyone thinks that this is important enough to go through all if this trouble.
  11. Trefayne

    Why did benjen return to winterfell?

    Thanks @Jaak and @kissdbyfire for clearing that up for me. They are (supposed to be) allowed to handle their own affairs, be able to refuse to call their banners in favor of any one house or cause other than their sworn mandate and choose their own LC without interference or influence from the rest of the realm, but they do depend on the realm for their logistic support and supply of men, meager as they are at the time of the story. If they were meant to be fully autonomous, they would be allowed to marry and sire children in order to keep the Watch full and the forts garrisoned, but they are expressly forbidden from this in order to make sure that they stay under the control of the Crown, even if they are out of the normal chain of command. They defend the Seven Kingdoms and the Seven Kingdoms are under the protection of the Crown.
  12. Trefayne

    Why did benjen return to winterfell?

    This all seems good and well for "day to day" business, but when the King arrives you swallow your pride, grit your teeth and get on with it. Ned didn't seem to me the type to hold family grudges, so I doubt he thought any less of Jeor Mormont because of the sins of Jorah Mormont. I'm sure he would have been more than hospitable with the LC of the NW, especially if Benjen was there too to grease things well. There is no reason Thorne or some other competent man couldn't hold things together for awhile. Although, a thought just occurred to me. What if Jeor Mormont joined the NW to pay for the sin of Jorah running away from Ned's justice? How long ago was Jorah's flight from Westeros again? In that case I can see Jeor keeping close to the Wall, but even still, you'd have to have a pretty good excuse not to present yourself to your liege, especially when you want him to do you a favor.
  13. OK, that's better! I didn't want to get someone hung up on an erroneous detail in a sea of erroneous details.
  14. Was it an actual galley or are you just using that as a generic term for a sailing ship? Because if it was a galley, it would be even more improbable since galleys are particularly ill suited to long, open ocean voyages.