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  1. For a short story or novella/novelette, sure. In a larger epic things need to keep rolling along at a reasonable pace or you get pages of forum threads complaining about it.
  2. Yes, her chapters read like a Dunk 'n Egg story, which makes them enjoyable, just not productive. As far as my conjecture, yeah I saw that article and wouldn't expect him to break silence on that. I also don't think that they would publish both at once. They'd wait at least three years to release ADoS after TWoW is released. I just think GRRM won't publish Winds until he is happy with his overall finale and doesn't want to consider any more changes.
  3. My take on the time lag is a hopeful one. It's been seven years since Dance was released. He indicated that he had chapters written for Winds at that time. Right around there GoT got rolling along and huge, plus other and newer commitments came along. Between his basking in success and distractions, I'd estimate a good three or so years was lost with no work at all on Winds. Now here's my conjecture part: I think that when it became apparent that the show was going to pass the books and that there was no way to forestall this eventuality, GRRM decided just to finish the whole thing at once and not tell anyone. There is a good chance that all the material for Winds is done, but not edited and polished because he is still writing the middle to last parts of ADoS and doesn't want to publish in case he wants to change things from the end of the story back to the start of Winds once he has completed the books. I really hope this is the case because I can't think of anything else that would excuse such a long gap between books.
  4. I'm not saying he has done anything. I'm just saying he can. If he really has lost perspective on this, then he really is only letting himself down. He isn't the only good storyteller in the village. I never thought he was going to be fast about it in any case.
  5. We are still entrenched in the middle game of the cyvasse match. The end game should be quicker once more pieces are removed from the board.
  6. Possibly. Not all POVs have equal screen time as it were. If Dany gets a majority of the chapters due to others now being put in neutral for awhile, she can get quite a lot done. Also remember that the goal is to join several POVs together in one place, allowing for some of the lesser players' POVs to be curtailed/dropped for the more prevalent ones (I hope).
  7. It isn't too much if you really think about it structurally. The characters aren't stuck because of their own foibles and limitations or because of circumstances, it's because the author wants them to be stuck. For most it's just time to poop or get off the privy. Now, both books would probably have to be ADwD size to finish it, but that's OK. Dorne? - Arianne has it assessed correctly. Doran Martell (or anyone in Dorne) just needs to do something... anything, to get moving. We will probably have to wait for the bad news from Meereen to catch up with them. The Connington rebellion? - Quash it or corrupt it. Cersi is perfect for this and she will need the mercs later. The only issue is how to pay them. Arya? - Just get her back to Westeros and she should start to line up well. Sansa? - Is well positioned. After 3+ books of her just sitting around being tortured and malipulated, her arc is ready to explode. Sam? - Is the only character who is right where he needs to be. Jamie and Brienne? - Are positioned to finish their internal arc together with Lady Stoneheart and the Riverlands. Victarion? - A fleet for Dany after he is brought around to her way of thinking OR eliminate him and seize his ships and other assets. Pyke? - Is a wildcard. Tyrion? - Is finally close to where he was supposed to be going, on the doorstep of Meereen. All we need now is... Dany? - Much like Doran Martell, she just needs to do something and finally is in place to do so. Enough court intrigue and social drama. I think that the show probably did give us a good indication of Dany's path (except the Dany/Jon thing which is a little too pat for my tastes). If George moves too far away from that there will be no way to finish it in two more books. Jon? - Needs to get resurrected and figure out who the hell he is and try it out for more than a month. I'm being facetious, but he goes from being relatively sharp and aware in the first three books to being stupid and tone deaf in ADwD. It must be a Stark thing. Blind Maester Aemon could have seen that backstabbing coming a mile away. The North, the Wall and the Others? - Winter is here. The only thing moving events forward is Stannis' stubborness. Most, if not all, of the last book can finish all this. Now, this is not to say that GRRM will do this. From what we've been given in TWoW samples it seems he is still not moving much at all, but I wouldn't expect the juicier chapters to be released anyway, so there's still hope.
  8. Trefayne

    More Things Star Wars

    Well, I'm happy, but a little miffed too. Just recently I spent about three weeks rewatching the whole thing in the "official" chronological order and fixing all of the glaring continuity errors in that (the 2nd and 3rd seasons are a mess) as well as reordering arcs in the 5th and 6th season around a bit to put the Maul and Ashoka final storylines nearer the end to make a more satisfying finale for the whole thing (disregarding all other media of course). Ah well, at least everything before season 5 is still good, but if they do a satisfying job of wrapping it up I can drop all of the reshuffling at the end.
  9. Trefayne

    SW: The Clone Wars Saved!

    Oh joyous day!!!!!!!!! https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/19/17593108/star-wars-the-clone-wars-saved-disney-streaming-service-dave-filoni
  10. Trefayne

    More Things Star Wars

    I didn't. I was to ecstatic. Did I boo-boo? Edit: LOL! OK I see now. I'm going to leave it anyway and post a new thread.
  11. I'm sure he has proof readers, but does anybody think anyone edits George besides George?
  12. Trefayne

    More Things Star Wars

    Oh sweet, joyous day!!!!!!!!! https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/19/17593108/star-wars-the-clone-wars-saved-disney-streaming-service-dave-filoni
  13. I think he could easily get the story done in two more books, that is if he'd just get back the core elements and trim all the fat. I'm pretty sure I could make a lot of those loose threads disappear as easily as Quentyn did in no short order. Most haven't done anything lasting (yet) or significant enough to ruin the over arching plot.
  14. Actually, I like reading Brienne's chapters in AFfC, but I think they would have been better if we had no idea if she would succeed or not (pretty hard given her quest was to find two "main" POV characters who we knew all about). They had a pretty good solution to that in the show when Brienne and Arya had their brief encounter. It gave it that "just missed the brass ring" feel. Given the structure of the books, that was not a feasible solution, so I would've rather had Brienne meet up with Lady Stoneheart earlier and maybe get some insight into that situation, something we have little information on and seems like it could keep for a few years in book time and not mess up the narrative.
  15. Trefayne

    What if Robert made Catelyn his Hand and Ned stayed in Winterfell?

    Hmm, well does Bran still get tossed out of a window? Because there is no way Cate would leave Winterfell with Bran in that state if Ned was still around to consult. The only reason she left at all was because of the subsequent attack on Bran and the implication it was a Lannister (Tyrion specifically) that orchestrated it. If there is no Bran plotline as we know it that throws a giant monkey wrench in the whole tale.