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  1. Trefayne

    Stygai , city of the Night

    It sounds to me like it is much more of an homage to Robert E. Howard's Stygia than anything Tolkien did. Even the description is similar.
  2. Trefayne

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    You guys really need to pester GRRM for a Westerosi Domesday Book. If you start now it might just come out before TWoW!
  3. It happened soon after my last post in there. I guess I broke it! But, yes. I also would like to know why the thread was unceremoniously dragged from its bed in the middle of the night and shuttered. It 'tweren't hurtin' no one!
  4. We can certainly hope. Fingers crossed.
  5. Trefayne

    Jon Snow's death

    I await your response, but to add more fuel to the discussion: Both "paper shields" (assuming the second one even exists) are being used to "save the Watch". Both "shields" have been handed to, or had foisted upon them if you prefer, pawns (Jon and Marsh et al) by higher powers wanting to corrupt the central pillar of the NW, neutrality. Jon feels obligated to write his "shield" since Stannis has imposed himself on the Watch and Jon feels obliged to accept since Stannis just saved their bacon. But, Stannis also wants Jon and the Watch to yield to his authority as rightful king and Jon can't do that. He claims neutrality to the IT and tries to keep Stannis at arms length as well as he can with an army camped in his living room in a vain effort to ride the fence. Tywin's death disrupts the IT for a time, but the resulting demand to remove Jon probably would have been the same if Tywin was still in charge, it just might have happened sooner. If Marsh and Co. did receive a letter from the IT telling them that the traitor Snow must be removed or they (and the Watch) would be considered traitors also because it would show that they are obviously not neutral by apparently siding with Stannis, they are basically pushing a "paper shield" into the conspirator's hands by doing the same thing that Stannis is doing; saying that the only way for the Watch to remain "neutral" is for them to take sides. Jon's actions and attitudes may have spurred them on, but it is possible that a "paper shield" gave the conspirators the final piece they needed to decide to act with perceived impunity when they saw their opportunity. If some theories are true, they may have even concocted the Pink Letter to create their opportunity before the IT got around to dealing with them (slim, I know). This all goes into the corruption of the IT, the corruption of Stannis' perceived purpose, the corruption of the NW and its vows; maybe why the Others are stirring now, sensing an exploitable weakness, if your theories about how important the vows are/were hold any salt. The corruption of vows and purpose seem to be repeating themes in ASoIaF.
  6. Trefayne

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    So did Merrett Frey.
  7. This is a good point. Should GRRM pass on finishing the books, for whatever reason, the most likely written resolution to the story will be a spliced in novelization of the TV show ending.
  8. Trefayne

    Jon Snow's death

    I didn't say Marsh was thinking clearly on this subject. I'm just saying I always wondered made the conspirators think that they could survive the assassination of their leader. Jon's obvious actions, along with some reinforcement from the "legitimate" crown could make a good argument for them, especially if they felt backed into a corner by then. Jon tried to use a "paper shield" to keep the NW out of trouble with the IT, noting their neutrality, after Stannis showed up, but he really didn't think it would work. He even notes how Tywin would probably declare them traitors anyway for helping Stannis at all. I find it more than a little ironic that the IT might do the same thing to justify their wanting Jon removed by using a "paper shield" to give the conspirators a good reason to believe that they would be protected by the IT from retaliation (ostensibly by manipulating the vote for a new LC like they tried to do previously).
  9. Actually, they have another window next year after the show ends and before next Xmas. That is why I think GRRM is holing up and forging ahead in hopes of making this deadline. He has disappointed his publishers for years and he might actually have started to feel bad about it. If he can get it together by the holidays next year, they will rake it in (no matter what it does to move the story).
  10. Trefayne

    Jon Snow's death

    Gosh, that's the same line of logic Jon used in his "paper shield" and he didn't think it held a whole lot of value either.
  11. Trefayne

    Jon Snow's death

    I would tend to agree with this, but a letter from the IT, ostensibly from Pycelle and Swyft, would give Marsh and his cohorts the "paper shield" they need to survive assassinating their LC and thematically turn that little trick Jon tried right on its head.
  12. I suppose he might be having a professional dilemma with that. Sure he can do it, but maybe he doesn't want to do it because he thinks it's a cop out. In that respect he might not be being as honest with himself as he could be and where, with a less established author, the long arm of the editor would step in. But most people are hesitant to upend the golden calf, so...
  13. Trefayne

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    That's probably because only ASoS and ADwD have epilogues. Currently I'd have to jump on the AGoT bandwagon, but I'm going to be proactive and say that after all of this waiting the best final chapter better be in the final book!
  14. I don't think it's all that bad. He did pick up the pace at the end to try and gather some momentum, but if it will be enough to satisfy is still in question. We all know that the released preview chapters don't seem to have any more momentum than the middle of Feast/Dance, but we don't know the final chapter order yet or whether those preview chapters will stay as is. There is always the chance (however small) that some things will be dropped or otherwise re-edited. I've come to believe (probably because of my heavy editorial point of view on this topic) that GRRM is not very happy writing this portion of the tale and that, as well as the success, has/had made him less than enthusiastic about the prospect of the enormous slog it will be to come back to a point that he is enjoying it (the latest news is heartening). He likes to garden, but that approach has grown him into more than one corner at this point, and now he has to think about structure more and fun with characters less. It's almost the equivalent of writing on autopilot. You're there and you're doing it, but your heart isn't really in it for the long haul anymore. You're just trying to get your characters from point A to point B so you can get on with the good stuff that you do want to write about.
  15. For what it's worth, for the most part I agree, but the title of the thread is "What do you think caused Martin to loose (sic) his grip on the material?", not "Woulda, coulda, shoulda." I'm just pointing out where I think that was, with a large emphasis on editorial, rather than narrative or thematic, reasons.