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  1. Well, if they had managed to get Robert into my plan at Riverrun, they could have had Wyman Manderly send down a set from his slightly more svelte days that probably would have fit nicely. That is, if Robert was in a real hurry to get going, which I'm sure he would be.
  2. Trefayne

    Let's congratulate GRRM on his 70th birthday, yay!

    Happy birthday.... Sam.
  3. We would also have to assume that Robert's armor (if any) was superior and not like the stuff Dunk picked up before Ashford Meadow, which while solidly made, was not fit for a king. Of course, if I was Jamie in the mindset he was in at the time and I had the time to prepare, I think I would take the ironic approach and go skewer Robert with an armored boar spear.
  4. You also have to gauge your combatants. I think we all can agree Robert would fly off the handle in some way and violence would ensue. Robert is pissed, possibly drunk and sans armor or at least a full kit due to his girth, and a longsword has better reach. For the record, they did produce swords with reinforced armor piercing tips (I own one) that could puncture plate armor on a solid thrust, but it took a rather skilled blacksmith. We have no idea what the specifics of Jaimie's sword were before he was given the VS made from Ice. I suppose then that it would've been Jon Arryn's plan to somehow lure the King away from KL and his "family" on some pretense serious enough to get him out of the city, but boring enough that he could leave the Queen and kids behind, along with the members of the KG that he felt were too much Lannister creatures. If it were me, I suppose I'd try to get Ned Stark in on it (not Stannis) and set up a council session at Riverrun (with the promise of plenty of hunting and revelry) ostensibly to discuss the disposition of Theon Greyjoy now that he was coming of age and whether they thought Balon would be a problem concerning it. Then I'd drop the bomb and try to get a "reasonable" angry response from Robert leading to the dispossession of the Queen and her brood, and I suppose, war on the Lannisters.
  5. He may have just been doing the PR at the awards show thing, but in the ET interview linked here: http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/News_Roundup George says he has another book to complete after TWoW. That doesn't sound like a "walking away" attitude to me. I'm more fearful of a Robert Jordan than him just "giving up".
  6. As with any history, it largely depends on who wins. If the Starks are the Yorks of this saga, then not very well. If the Starks are the Lancasters of this saga then they will have faires celebrating their contributions to society, culture and civilization five hundred years later.
  7. Trefayne

    Who will be Regent after DwD?

    I think he's both! I really think we're on to something here. This would explain all the light speed travel in the show. How else could "Varys" always be everywhere he needs to be so conveniently? Wait, what are all these little kids doing in my house...
  8. Social climbing is never stupid and unnecessary in that type of society. Hoster probably thought/hoped Lysa would grow up and grow out of it after attaining a high ladyship.
  9. Trefayne

    Who will be Regent after DwD?

    Now you've done it! Varys is Jaqen H'ghar. You'll have to be killed now.
  10. Trefayne

    Vargo's death.

    Despite all his obscenities, the thing that really made me hate Vargo Hoat was the fact that every time I read him speaking I couldn't help but picture the Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride. It was such a juxtaposition of images I couldn't reconcile it.
  11. That is an issue, one I assume Jon Arryn had worked out since he pursued the matter like he could get results from the findings. Why proceed, let alone let Stannis in on it, unless he felt it would be believed or at least questioned seriously? Like I asked in the OP: Just what would have Jon Arryn advised Robert to do about it?
  12. I beg to differ, but that's a different topic.
  13. Perhaps. I've always had the impression that Stannis had just about come to the end of his rope concerning his brother. The incest rumor just gave him a good excuse, otherwise why leave KL before there was real proof and before Robert was dispatched? Besides, without Robert's belief of the truth, it was Stannis who was in jeopardy in KL. And Mesilandre was exerting influence over Stannis. She must have had something to do with him holing up in Dragonstone. He may have been a zealot regardless.
  14. True, but in typical Martin fashion he'd probably have Robert then declare Renly as his heir apparent and still have Stannis pissed off and rebellious.
  15. A fair assessment, in a rational Westeros, but we know several of our characters aren't known for their rationality. Let's say they did go rational though. What would they do with Stannis? Remember that Jon Arryn may still be alive in this scenario since Littlefinger won't have the cover of the Lannisters wanting to hide the secret to protect his scheme of offing The Hand without anyone suspecting him.