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  1. House Rootbreaker

    Sansa should have killed Littlefinger herself.

    Ser Rodrik had a thick neck compared to Rickard Karstark
  2. House Rootbreaker

    Robert rebellion was based on a lie, by whom?

    For the time being, we just don't have enough verified information, but I agree, most assumed it was Rhaegar because of the tourney at harrenhal. It wasn't like they were sharing a drink at the after party or just shared an innocent dance. In front of the whole crowd of people he broke tradition and gave the tournament gift to a woman who wasn't his wife. It was pretty blasphemous.
  3. House Rootbreaker

    (Spoilers) - The War makes no sense

    As they say in the professional wrestling biz, every strong babyface needs an even stronger heel. The show needed Cersei this season far more than the plot did. I know the Night King is built up and very strong, but with no speaking lines he's just not that versatile in how he can impact the story. Cersei was needed as a good counterpoint to everything Dany and Jon were trying to accomplish. But this is an invention of the TV show as we know GRRM likes gray characters, but season 7 seemed to promote black and white characters the most. The dividing line between good and evil is more prevalent than ever and that's exactly what GRRM didn't want of this story.
  4. House Rootbreaker

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    True, the actual rebellion started when the Mad King demanded Jon Arryn hand over Robert and Ned after he killed Ned's father and brother. I was more referring to Robert going rogue and hunting down Rhaegar at all costs, perhaps just on his own.
  5. House Rootbreaker

    Does anyone else not like GRRMs writing style?

    I think that's a good statement about GRRM, some things in his writing drive me crazy, but the story he has constructed is magnificent in scale, imagination, and emotion. The story is what brought everyone here to this forum.
  6. House Rootbreaker

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    Robert loved war and battles just as much in his youth, and he was just as fiery then too. So yeah, even if Lyanna chose Rhaegar over him via her own free will I cannot see him taking it lying down.
  7. House Rootbreaker

    Wight Viserion's blast

    In the books there are multiple horns and the wildlings claim to have the horn to bring the wall down, the Horn of Winter, while Euron claims to have the dragonbinder horn. But in true GRRM fashion, he leaves it ambiguous as Tormund admits the wilding horn is a fake, but that the real horn may still be out there. I think Euron's dragonbinder horn is different as I don't see him ever going near the wall for any reason. I think using a horn to bring down the wall is more satisfying as the whole "there's ancient spells in the wall, magic" seems more likely to be undone by a magical horn. Instead the show used a dragon with no explanation of how it got past the magic or if the magic is still there.
  8. House Rootbreaker

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    Yeah I totally disagree with Bran stating in episode 7 that Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie. If he said it was based on a misconception that would be more accurate but still wrong. A lie is someone knowingly covering up the truth and for all we can tell, Robert and the whole Stark family genuinely felt Lyanna had been abducted. But that was not the only cause of the rebellion, as even though Lyanna willing went along with Rhaegar, they were still going to piss some people off regardless like a previous poster said. I think in trying to make us feel empathy for Lyanna and Rhaegar (doomed lovers and all) they actually made them look selfish and totally irresponsible. I get that two people madly in love get pretty self absorbed with each other but to not clear things up about a kidnapping?? There is no excuse for that.
  9. House Rootbreaker


    You and me both. Catelyn Stark is just as stupid dead as she was alive, and we lost Beric for her. She is second on my list of most hated characters behind Cersei. She was the catalyst for all the horror that befell the Starks. Taking Littlefinger at his word and abducting Tyrion, letting Jamie free hoping to get her daughters back. What I think is sadly ironic is she wants Brienne dead because of Jamie Lannister, who she released!! Out of all the characters to come back from the dead (in some shape or form) GRRM chose her, and I'll never forgive him for it.
  10. House Rootbreaker

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Quote JON: I need your advice. There's something I want to do, something I have to do. But it'll divide the Night's Watch. Bitterly. Half the men will hate me the moment I give the order.AEMON: Half the men hate you already, Lord Commander. Do it.JON: But you don't know what it is.AEMON: That doesn't matter. You do. You will find little joy in your command. But will luck, you will find the strength to do what needs to be done. Kill the boy Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy, and let the man be born. If there is one person in the WOIAF that I would listen to and follow with blind allegiance (no pun intended), it's Maester Aemon. Good job finding that quote, it sums up the correct way to rule Westeros
  11. House Rootbreaker

    Wight Viserion's blast

    I'm not so sure. At the very least we know that's not how the NK gets a dragon as the wight hunt was an invention of the TV show. I hear what you're saying but in the books I got the feeling the dragonbinder horn was how a dragon would be turned. GRRM devotes some time to different horns in the books, including one that can bring down the wall, so that's what I'm thinking but I could be wrong.
  12. House Rootbreaker

    Wight Viserion's blast

    I chalk it up to the show leaving it ambiguous with no real explanation because the wall won't come down like that in the books. They didn't have an in-universe explanation and since it's TV they don't have to describe whats happening in words. I wouldn't be shocked if they said it was some magical fire that was neither hot nor cold, just magical.
  13. I think his first three books had a crisp, tight plot, there wasn't much fat in there. If you look at the books the first three were released in a consistent time frame of every 2 years. It's no coincidence AFFC and ADWD took 5 and 6 years respectively, he got distracted and went way off the path of his original plot ideas. Agreed. When I turn the page and see her name I groan every time. The only person more annoying than her is Ygritte through Jon's POV chapters where every single freakin line is "you know nothing Jon Snow."
  14. House Rootbreaker

    I'm sure it's been discussed but.... bored

    AFFC is written very differently than the first 3 books that's for sure. Some of these new arcs and characters just aren't that interesting though. I also feel that GRRM is using these new POV characters to just introduce more depth and history to the world of Westeros, but they don't seem to be adding anything to the overall story. Euron's arc might be the only that can tie in, but it's through Vicatarion's POV and he has all the personality of a lamp post.
  15. House Rootbreaker

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    I get frustrated too with Jon and even Sam when he was in the Citadel when they tell people oblivious to the army dead about them. They keep saying, "I've seen them" or "They won't stop till everyone is dead' over and over again. For Jon wanting everyone to fight this battle so much he is the worst salesmen ever. You're not talking about growing vegetables, you're talking about something nobody has ever seen or may even believe. Go into some greater detail, pitch the idea with all that experience you have fighting them. Good observation, you are spot on about Cersei.