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  1. House Rootbreaker

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    What's interesting is I was watching a GRRM interview where he explained how he picked POV characters and he made a point to say he only picks characters that have an interesting story of their own, or some considerable effect on the main story. I can't honestly believe that after seeing some of the POV characters in the last two books. Some of them, like Hotah, are clearly just there as a set of eyes so I don't buy his explanation as 100% true.
  2. House Rootbreaker

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    1. Qyburn - Working for Cersei and enjoying it 2. Qyburn - Anybody that makes Grand Maester Pycelle look good by comparison is a bad person 3. Qyburn - Does the name Josef Mengele mean anything to you?
  3. House Rootbreaker

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    Hotah getting his own POV chapter is a bit of a head scratcher, I mean his long axe has more personality than he does. I suppose GRRM just needed a warm body to witness the events in Dorne and transcribe it in a chapter, as opposed to someone who could bring life to the events.
  4. House Rootbreaker

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    After reading through all the books I kinda summarized in my head these categories for the POV characters and I thought it would be fun to just throw out an award type summary and see what other people come up with. Mind you, these are a product of my own opinion, which many might see as highly suspect and borderline worthless, but I thought others might enjoy filling in their own names into the following categories. Or at least have fun trying to fit their opinions into my categories. Overall Best POV Character: Jamie Lannister Most Annoying POV Character: Sansa Stark* Most Nauseating POV Character: Cersei Lannister Most Important POV Character: Eddard Stark** Most Oblivious to Their Own Stupidity POV Character: Catelyn Stark Easiest to Read POV Character: Davos Seaworth Most Engaging POV Character: Arianne Martell Funniest POV Character: Tyrion Lannister Most Boring POV Character: Brienne of Tarth * Sansa's later POV chapters weren't as annoying, but the earlier ones were bad enough for her to run away with this award ** I say Eddard is the most important as I kept going back to his chapters and earmarking pages for clues to the most significant plots in Westeros. Bonus: One award that bridges the books and TV show: TV character that is far better than the book version: Tywin Lannister
  5. House Rootbreaker

    Robert rebellion was based on a lie, by whom?

    For the time being, we just don't have enough verified information, but I agree, most assumed it was Rhaegar because of the tourney at harrenhal. It wasn't like they were sharing a drink at the after party or just shared an innocent dance. In front of the whole crowd of people he broke tradition and gave the tournament gift to a woman who wasn't his wife. It was pretty blasphemous.
  6. House Rootbreaker


    You and me both. Catelyn Stark is just as stupid dead as she was alive, and we lost Beric for her. She is second on my list of most hated characters behind Cersei. She was the catalyst for all the horror that befell the Starks. Taking Littlefinger at his word and abducting Tyrion, letting Jamie free hoping to get her daughters back. What I think is sadly ironic is she wants Brienne dead because of Jamie Lannister, who she released!! Out of all the characters to come back from the dead (in some shape or form) GRRM chose her, and I'll never forgive him for it.
  7. House Rootbreaker

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Quote JON: I need your advice. There's something I want to do, something I have to do. But it'll divide the Night's Watch. Bitterly. Half the men will hate me the moment I give the order.AEMON: Half the men hate you already, Lord Commander. Do it.JON: But you don't know what it is.AEMON: That doesn't matter. You do. You will find little joy in your command. But will luck, you will find the strength to do what needs to be done. Kill the boy Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy, and let the man be born. If there is one person in the WOIAF that I would listen to and follow with blind allegiance (no pun intended), it's Maester Aemon. Good job finding that quote, it sums up the correct way to rule Westeros
  8. I think his first three books had a crisp, tight plot, there wasn't much fat in there. If you look at the books the first three were released in a consistent time frame of every 2 years. It's no coincidence AFFC and ADWD took 5 and 6 years respectively, he got distracted and went way off the path of his original plot ideas. Agreed. When I turn the page and see her name I groan every time. The only person more annoying than her is Ygritte through Jon's POV chapters where every single freakin line is "you know nothing Jon Snow."
  9. House Rootbreaker

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    I get frustrated too with Jon and even Sam when he was in the Citadel when they tell people oblivious to the army dead about them. They keep saying, "I've seen them" or "They won't stop till everyone is dead' over and over again. For Jon wanting everyone to fight this battle so much he is the worst salesmen ever. You're not talking about growing vegetables, you're talking about something nobody has ever seen or may even believe. Go into some greater detail, pitch the idea with all that experience you have fighting them. Good observation, you are spot on about Cersei.
  10. House Rootbreaker

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Right on. Jon had very little to gain from this lie. He stays out the whole war and then what? Cersei showers him with gratitude and makes him Warden of the North?? Even Jon is smart enough to see through that. She would only use it as a way to keep him idle so she can strike when she wants. His telling the truth proved his loyalty to Dany and like you said, that proved to be well worth it. Dany's dragon didn't die for nothing, at least in the show, because this summit got Jamie to leave Cersei, and that will pay big dividends. Of course it doesn't go down like that in the books but we don't know how, or even if Dany loses a dragon in the books. When I contrast Jon lying in this case to Ned lying about Jon they are totally different. Ned lying to Robert about Jon being a bastard 100% guaranteed Jon would be safe in that regard. Jon lying to Cersei guaranteed absolutely nothing.
  11. House Rootbreaker

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Great job pointing that out! It ties back perfectly to what you said earlier, making the right/honorable decision is almost never black and white. If Ned could do it, anyone could, and I think him protecting Jon was an incredibly honorable thing to do. I mean, look at the flak he caught from Catelyn all those years, he took it like a man.
  12. House Rootbreaker

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Exactly, I remember shaking my head when poor old Ned Stark tried to play Cersei's game and not only lost his head, but went down admitting he was a traitor. Maybe it's the defiance in me, but if I'm gonna go down I'm going down on my own ethical terms. I would trust Littlefinger before I trusted Cersei with anything, she has proven to have tunnel vision when it comes to negotiating anything, she's nothing like Tywin, although she thinks she is. I agree, for all that stubbornness Jon has he did bend the knee a little sooner than expected, but maybe because Dany sacrificed one of her dragons. I'm sure that was a casualty of the show speeding things up as they wanted Jon and Dany to hook up before season 8. It would have been more believable if it took longer though. I agree again lol, publicly bending the knee was inexcusable, and you can see why Tyrion didn't like it, and why he was staring a whole through Dany's door while they were wrapped up in their passion. You're not lying or being dishonorable when you discuss plans like that behind your enemy's back, so that is 100% on Jon
  13. So I know the GoT writing staff is getting a lot of crap this season and some of it is definitely deserved. But one part of the finale that seemed to come directly from the brain of GRRM himself was the decision for Jon to lie to Cersei or not. GRRM loves those moral/political conflicts where it's hard to argue which decision is better as both have pros and cons. In my opinion, I'm happy with what Jon did for a few reasons. He could have lied to Cersei but I think that would have only worked temporarily. Since Jon is not a great politician in contrast to someone like Tyrion, it wouldn't take long for a paranoid Cersei to pick up on clues from his behavior that he was lying. You should stick with what your best at, and never try to fight against your opponents A game. Jon had a good line where he said eventually words stop meaning anything and it also refers to what he said to Daenerys about not being "just more of the same" as far as violent, conquering rulers. What's your point in life if you're going to be just like the people you bitch about? Jon would also look very weak if he went back North and informed them they all had to keep up this lie, which I'm sure most northerners would be terrible at as well. There is also credence to the fact that your not lying may doom you, but wouldn't you rather go to your grave knowing you were true to yourself? If the answer is you want to save your own tail than where does the lying stop? It's a slippery slope for sure. The irony here is Jon went through a similar situation with Mance Rayder and took a completely different route. I suppose in that case he really did think his lie would save the Night's Watch so it was an easier choice. Of course in the finale, his feelings for Dany might have influenced his decision instead of thinking of the people he is sworn to protect. But all in all I think he did the right thing. Anyone with a brain knows that Cersei was going to screw them anyways, so at least you can look yourself in the mirror when you do get screwed. But he definitely should have told Tyrion first in private, there is no excuse for Jon declaring it for the first time in front of Cersei of all people. I think these types of dilemmas are fascinating and in my own head it's hard to discern which decision is better. If you're having that internal conflict from reading or watching that's a mark of good writing in my opinion. I really don't see how Jon could ever rule Westeros, I don't think he's cut our for it like Dany is so hopefully the end game is Dany sitting on the Iron Throne with Jon by her side.
  14. House Rootbreaker

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    That one sentence could sump up A Song of Ice and Fire perfectly! Dany can't be burned by a dragon (unless Viserion shoots something besides fire maybe). And Jon can't be killed by an ice sword/spear/javelin. Seriously, if he fell under the ice and made it all the way back to the wall and didn't die, what ice could kill him??
  15. What's most unrealistic is nobody in Westeros experienced any sonic booms from those hypersonic ravens....