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  1. House Rootbreaker

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    It was what made Dany go over the edge, although I think there will be a better set up in the books. Plus it's the only reason Drogon didn't kill him
  2. House Rootbreaker

    The vision in House of the Undying was real

    Agree, and her passing through the door to see Drogo and her son meant she died the moment she got close to the throne.
  3. House Rootbreaker

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  4. House Rootbreaker

    Predictions From Tyrion & Bran's Fireplace Talk

    I don't know about Bran being in an iron chair, but you would think they set Tyrion and Bran together to plant something significant, since the majority of the conversation is off screen. If it was a scene like the one Davos had with the Winterfell girl with greyscale, that would be a throw away because it's just for the purpose of that one prominent character. But when you get two main characters together, in a season where screen time is so limited, you'd think it would lead to big things. You would think.....
  5. It was very brief, but at the end of their battle planning in episode 2, Tyrion pulls up a chair next to Bran at the fireplace asking to hear about his "journey." This very subtle scene must have some significance this season right? A guy like Tryion couldn't hear Bran's story and not do something with that wealth of information right? If we were going to see it this season it has to happen in this episode since nothing has come from that scene yet. With the shows writing this season I understand I'm taking a leap of faith here, but I'm curious if this will lead to some type of bombshell in the finale for Tyrion and his situation with Daenerys. It reminds me of the subtle scene with Sansa contacting the Vale for help in the Battle of the Bastards. It was a tiny hint that turned into a big moment and hopefully this show can gives us one more, otherwise I'm worried for Tyrion.
  6. House Rootbreaker

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    You would think the actors totally immersed in the role would have some great insight. You need checks and balances, you can't have just the actors or just the writers running the show, no one group or individual is that brilliant. A collaboration and melding of ideas probably would have produced the best results. I do love seeing Nikolaj fighting for some control of the Jamie character, that's cool.
  7. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    I think the story is about that to a point, but as far as episode 5 is concerned, I believe they showed the suffering on the ground in KL to horrify Dany's actions. In the commentary, D&D actually state they had Arya down there for the sole purpose of giving you someone to care about instead of unknown extras, to deepen the impact and suspense. But they showed all of that, in my opinion, to gut you about Dany turning into the Mad Queen, not to empathize with the suffering of common folk.
  8. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    I thought that hope died in the last episode when he rejected her and it was pretty clear that wasn't going to change. She said, "It's fear then." Si assumed she had mentally flipped the switch at that point but I could be wrong.
  9. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    I thought that too, that maybe Jon wouldn't burn which would be a good twist of irony. If we want to go along with what D&D have said about Dany's Mad Queen turn being expected, why wouldn't she try to kill Jon? She said it herself, she chooses fear and that's it, nothing else. If she has gone that far off the rails why would she have any mercy towards Jon? I think D&D will contradict themselves if she doesn't try to kill Jon.
  10. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    I think she would have been in better shape if she at least killed Cersei herself.
  11. House Rootbreaker

    A failed tragedy

    I think what makes it even more tragic for the characters of Dany and Grey Worm is they didn't even extract revenge on the people they hated most. I know Cleganebowl was gonna happen so I get that, but Grey Worm went through that character transformation and didn't even get the satisfaction of killing the Mountain. That cheapens his turn. Dany's turn is the worst. She hates Cersei, the end of ep 4 really plays this up. She stares her down and then........burns innocent people?? She didn't even get to see her die, and unlike Grey Worm's scenario, she had the opportunity. She didn't get revenge on the most heel character in the show. Which now makes her the biggest heel.
  12. House Rootbreaker

    What Is Left to Rule?

    Agreed. She had time on her side. How long could Cersei have kept all those people inside the walls of the Red Keep? Scorpions were mounted on ships and the walls of KL so everywhere else Drogon was completely safe.
  13. House Rootbreaker

    Varys' Letters

    Probably the best all around theory right there
  14. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    I think it was shocking the Unsullied moved aside at all. Despite Tyrion's rank, they've only ever taken orders from Dany and Grey Worm.
  15. House Rootbreaker

    How will they react to what happened?

    That was my thinking. Seems unlikely, and for something that carries such drastic consequences for one of the most important characters of the series you would think Tyrion wouldn't be undone by something a random Unsullied did off camera. You would think....