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    A résumé of disappointment

    Maybe with the show going down hill, people will be more apt to read the books. they are so good, so detailed, so full of mystery. George is a genius.
  2. Lady Maester

    Was Daenerys impregnated by Daario?

    Wherever you read that, its not true. the menstrual cycle has always been tied to the phases of the moon, since the time of the Pagans. it may be that men in the twentieth century decided women should be more fertile, so they put something in milk to achieve that, but it isn't the reason that women menstruate so much. And wow, I thought GRRM knew his stuff, but he is ignorant about this. Women who are in line with the moon, don't menstruate during the full moon, they menstruate on the new moon, and ovulate on the full moon. I mean, if you learn about the whole process, you learn that light plays a huge role in ovulation. I'm surprised he doesn't know all of this.
  3. Wow! I've been formulating a similar hypothesis, which presumes the father of Asharas baby to be either Rhaegar or Aerys. Concerning Aerys being the father, the only thing I couldn't find an answer for was why Aerys would rape Ashara, after he had vowed to be faithful to Rhaella. But you figured it out, and it makes perfect sense. Bravo! I also wonder if Rhaegar and Elia mutually agreed upon Ashara as the mother of the third dragon, and maybe he was the father of her stillborn. However, I'm not so sure that the Daynes wanted Arthur dead. I think it's more likely that Ned either kept a secret for them (I think the entire family has records of their history, and their involvement in the long night, I think they were involved in the prophecy, and the "taking" of Lyanna.) perhaps they made an agreement to keep each others secrets, the Daynes would keep quiet about Jon, maybe even spread a rumor or two, and Ned wouldn't tell Robert about their involvement with the death of Lyanna. I'm inclined to believe Ashara had a still birth, and that along with the news that Rhaegar was dead, that Arthur was dead, and that Lyanna had instead fulfilled the prophecy, she couldn't take it anymore. But that's only if Rhaegar was the father, not Aerys. if it was Aerys, she still has plenty of reasons to jump. Also, I read some of your replies and I agree, Aegon fits much better, if there was indeed a crazy baby swap.
  4. Lady Maester

    Three-eyed crow before Bloodraven

    OK, I did read that. after rereading what I posted, I see I did give something away. thanks for the heads up.
  5. Lady Maester

    Targaryen Morality

    You are right I suppose. The Targs did some good things. the incest just throws me off.
  6. Lady Maester

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Somebody may have already mentioned this, but I'm not about to read 28 pages of responses so.. Was watching Mocking Jay part 2 today and noticed both Brienne and Margeary, Gwendoline Christie and Natalie Dormer.
  7. Lady Maester

    different paths?

    My theory is that Ned never told Cat, because he really was unfaithful, with Ashara Dayne. The best lies contain nuggets of the truth. The best part about telling Cat would be letting her know that he really was faithful, but I don't think he can do that honestly. I don't think they had a living child together, but I think he got it on with her during the time he was gone. She could have been in Kings Landing during the sack. They also could have been seeing each other after the tourney, since Cat was betrothed to Brandon at the time. Just my thoughts
  8. Lady Maester

    Targaryen Morality

    But some of those people you mentioned care about the common folk. I see what you're saying, but wouldn't a good king at least think about it? do smalls things to work towards it in the future? I guess what I'm getting at is this.. the targs knew that a handful of their predecessors would be bat shit crazy. Why continue that reign for centuries? I guess there was the Aegon who didn't want his kids to marry each other, but isn't he the only one who mentions it? And one of his sons married his daughter anyway. The others went out of their way to marry relations. maybe democracy is a stretch, but why not find a way to stem the flow of crazy??
  9. Lady Maester

    Dunk and Egg

    The tales are supposed to end with the tragedy of summer hall, so there's plenty to work with. Aegons brothers will all die, the great spring sickness will decimate the seven kingdoms, he will be crowned, he will appoint Dunk as commander of the Kings Guard, he will have sons and a daughter, he will betroth them and they will all break those betrothals, and all of this before the tragedy at summer hall. So there's plenty to work with, lots of stories. They won't be roaming westeros the entire time. Isn't there hype that the very next book in the series will be about the she wolves of winterfell? that will be cool, I bet it will tie in with some visions bran sees through the wierwood in the godswood.
  10. Lady Maester

    Targaryen Morality

    hence why they aren't the best people.
  11. Lady Maester

    Targaryen Morality

    Why not eventually implement it? why did the next targ kings continue with the monarchy, even after seeing what happens when a king is terrible? the Targs had a thirst for power. It's why they inbred, it's why they continued to crown their own sons.
  12. Lady Maester

    Darkstar’s Identity and Doran’s Plan – spoilers

    True, but the OP seemed to think the Dayne traits came from the Valyrians, which George has stated isn't so.
  13. Lady Maester

    Darkstar’s Identity and Doran’s Plan – spoilers

    GRRM has stated the Daynes do not owe their silver hair and purple eyes to the Valyrians. They've been that way for thousands of years, before the freehold was established.
  14. Lady Maester

    Targaryen Morality

    it's fitting I suppose (since this is asoiaf) that characters who appear good have their flaws. With the targs, the incest thing is far from moral, especially once they realized it was making future kings potentially insane. And was it really moral to say "comply with our rule, or die by fire?" I'm not so sure. Sure Aegon unified westeros, but he did it through force. And I'm sure horrific things were happening there, perhaps the targs alleviated the fighting between regions, for a time. But their system of government is harmful to the commoners, it eventually leaves them behind. If the targs were that wonderful and kind, they would have implemented a democracy, instead of a monarchy. Perhaps that will be Daenerys' legacy.
  15. Lady Maester

    jon's possiblities

    I personally think Ned believed the wall would be good for Jon, would harden him and keep him dutiful. He wanted to eventually tell Jon about his mother. if Jon becomes a man of the nights watch, he is bound by duty to not do something stupid and reckless because of who his parents were. I think Ned felt it was a good way to move towards being honest with Jon.