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    A Jon and Jorah Meeting...

    But punishing and dealing with the NW is 100% the job of the Lord of Winterfell. If his own ppl support him that's all that matters to the South
  2. Raeslewolhn

    Has Cersei infiltrated Daenerys' Small Council?

    Varys can meet them on the shore of the Vale. He can send Ravens to the first bird in the chain, in the Vale or even in KL. There's a lot of poor kids, he can have a new network and must have ma y Qyburn didnt 'know about further down the chain. Mttp he just starts fresh probably.
  3. Raeslewolhn

    Has Cersei infiltrated Daenerys' Small Council?

    But it's a long way between Dstone and Sunspear. There are other ports in the stormlands and they could've been going further west/northwest. It's an easy conclusion to come to but he didn't have 100% confirmation of it. He just predicted is all I'm saying
  4. Raeslewolhn

    Has Cersei infiltrated Daenerys' Small Council?

    True. We don't know how far from Dstone they were when he attacked though, we don't know if he knew where they were gng or if he just saw Yaras ships leaving. But def not a stretch!
  5. Raeslewolhn

    Has Cersei infiltrated Daenerys' Small Council?

    Exactly. It makes sense militarily. For Euron to overtake them twice he only needed (1) info on locations of Dany's allies and troops and (2) the ability to sneak up on them. 1) Locations: Olenna and the Sandsnakes are obvious joiners honestly, and them leaving with Varys was end of S6 a while bk, they're in *open* rebellion. Dany is way famous so word got to Westeros, we already know, about the fleet leaving Essos for Westeros. No mole for those info. Like Jaime, Euron easily concluded where they would land. Dragonstone is so obvious. He may have even sent scout ships (he had dozens b4 building new ones)...down the coast to be sure of where, and was waiting for them to come since Yara left. It's easy to spot that giant fleet landing at Westeros if you're looking properly. From there it's just a waiting game for Yaras fleet to split off from the dragons. No mole for those info. So the only possible indication of a mole is how did Euron know Ellaria would be with Yara? Maybe the couple Dorne ships were with them? I don't think so....if anything it was an II, not a small council member who have that info to Euron. He got no info from Cersei about that. Still, this info was Not required to beat Dany, just to ensure he caught Ellaria. He may have attacked Yara hoping she was with Yara and if not would have tortured the II for where Ellaria was before returning to Cersei. He just got lucky there. Lacking that info doesn't change his plan of attack anyway! Yara is his 1st enemy. 2) Surprise attacks: Varys only had time for 1-4 message turnovers (time isn't uniform in GoT episodes but the range limits I can explain if you still doubt this theory, lemme know), before they made these plans. Regardless of that number, It's def reasonable to assume he thought Euron was at KL allied with Cersei and staying there to defend it. He also stated clearly he knew they knew the Unsullied were coming. When he knew this it was too late to stop them. So who? Just bc you lose once (1 plan really, they agreed on 2 attacks at one time, and continued to carry it out when they knew ppl were captured, which was a bad choice but they couldn't get to the Unsullied in time)...doesn't mean you have a mole. If they continue to lose at every turn I'll consider it. But who?: Varys? I can't remember Cersei ever being a good liar (see S5-S6 for discussions of Varys post-Tyrion-smuggle). Not to mention Qyburn took Varys' birds and pushed them to murder. There's no indication he's still on team Cersei. People don't want to trust Varys but show!Varys is very much an unsunghero/good guy to the ppl// good to children and other Good (cap G) things. Tyrion? If you watched even just since S4 it's obvious Tyrion isn't going to betray Dany for Cersei. Def not the Unsullied or Dothraki they're Team Dany 110%. No one leaves Dstone except Varys and the fleets that went to attack. Jon n them r still there and wouldn't give the Lannisters anything anyway... IMO Team Dany's only mistake was not including Euron in those initial plans. They only planned for Cersei really. Dany has no Westeros generals right now. Her advisors are politically savvy, and Tyrion did extensive study on tactics but not greater strategy. It's not his forté. When Jorah returns theyll be more formidable.
  6. Raeslewolhn

    Best lines of 7x03.

    Def chaotic. He has no loyalty, not even to Cat. And bc of certain acts and choices he's made, you could argue there were better choices and he chose the immoral ones unnecessarily and isn't actually neutral either... Fuck LF!
  7. Raeslewolhn

    Best lines of 7x03.

    These. Plus Tyrion ancient wisdom And Bran totally chill 'ill stay here for a bit', in context. That was funny.
  8. Raeslewolhn

    Maester Luwin Made a Copy of Every Raven's Scroll

    I doubt that during the Bolton's. However, there is sooo much info we could learn from that, or LF or Sansa could. That was one of the most important lines for me. I expect it to pay off somehow. I was thinking much older info tho
  9. Raeslewolhn

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    I know! It's really amazing. The entire show employs so many people and really gives them the opportunity to do some badass stuff with their resources and locations. I just found all the production Extras on Now from previous seasons and I'm watching them all lol. I wish they would do Revealed with S7 even tho they didn't portray the actors that well in S6 ones, it's cool from a vfx and FX standpoint). I dont know if this is their reason but that S4 bit was a small scene, knowing they wouldn't have bran S5 anyway. The s6 CotF seem closer to my interpretation of the real ones. Mistaken for children, not actual chilren And it is art, after all, why stick to the lesser version if you have a chance to redesign it that's not too distracting ya know.
  10. Raeslewolhn

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    You are totally correct regarding the WW. My bad! I thought their skin was virtual textured, but it's actually prosthetic and virtual 'cold steam': http://nofilmschool.com/2014/07/behind-scenes-visual-effects-game-of-thrones Texturing, which I thought it was, takes a lot of time tuning and time: http://www.cgsociety.org/index.php/cgsfeatures/cgsfeaturespecial/the_top_ten_tips_of_texturing Also, wights don't require as much CG effort as ppl think either. I maintain CG was not a reason for this plot hole. Most of the show is already cgi, of course the dragons but also locations and sometimes nonmagic violence. It's about how streamlined each thing is. Stage 3 wights use green screen skins under regular costumes, the green mostly becomes black, and a little finishing touches.The more wights you see, the greater percentage of them are stage 3. When it comes to skeletons and walking dead, there are prewritten tools (code) that make it quicker and easier to employ a 'certain look'. Thry likely adjust from there but I it's covered ground. So to speak. Mostly they are costumed with prosthetics EXCEPT in Hardhome when they fall of the cliff. Overall less effort than a lot of the dragon shots and the battles. Maybe it's the prosthetics, that is some crazy skin, but the wights seem equally difficult to make with rubber and stuff. Maybe I'm wrong and production is the reason, but they definitely have the budget. If anything, it's how much time they have between seasons. MTTP, the wights HAVE to be a massive army to fulfill the plot, they kept the WW minimal as necessary for plot I guess, wtvr the reason.
  11. Raeslewolhn

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Also, I don't think Karstark or Mormont have raised-in-the-castle and acknowledged-but-not-legitimized bastards. He is 'the bastard of winterfell'. He was raised and owned by Ned. Medieval styles this makes sense. If Lyanna had a 20 y/o well respected half bro by her dad maybe he would be lord M
  12. Raeslewolhn

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    I think sexual bias. I really think it's bc GW isn't seen as manly (though I disagree). I've seen this on several forums.
  13. Raeslewolhn

    Is there a possibility Grey Worm is not a eunuch...

    Hahaha... I'm taking this as a joke.
  14. Regardless of relative speed, which isn't that great of a difference considering the available resources and lack of horses for Unsullied, the important thing is SO much resistance and spyingeyes on land. If they get far enough away from shore it will be hard to tell where they aim to land until the day they arrive.
  15. Raeslewolhn

    Shout out to Classical Warfare

    True, but GoT production is always looking to history for design, fnx and inspiration. Just bc the director and budget limit how realistic it looks doesn't mean it's not a shoutout. I'm guessing ep3 will have another filmed-in-studio action scene care of mark myloyd.