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    what is your favorite season and least favorite

    Favourite season: Season 3 or 6. Least favourite: Season 5. I'm a big fan of action and being kept on the edge of my seat and I felt like S5 was great for developing the story, but nothing really happened. Am I the only one who found it really boring?
  2. King in the Nord

    Opening scene prediction?

    This would be brilliant.
  3. King in the Nord

    Does Cersei really love Jaime?

    Agree with a lot of the other posts. I think she loves him in the sense he is an extension of her and is who she wanted to be. She believes she would make a better Jamie than Jamie, especially recently.
  4. King in the Nord

    So why are the iron isles so important. help me out

    I've also thought this. I think for that reason it's quite interesting to see how their storyline is going to develop. I hope that Euron's fascination with Dany ends calamitously and at least gets rid of the last bad spirits from the iron islands. Feel that Asha and Theon actually want to positively impact Westeros now - albeit they want independence
  5. King in the Nord

    Game of Thrones Academic Survey

    Done! Hope it helps
  6. King in the Nord

    Why Varys didn't stop the assassination of Daenerys in Season 1?

    This is the impression I get too. I don't think Varys actions in the show seem too difficult to understand. It feels as if he, above many, are always looking at the bigger picture. The future stability of the realm is the most important thing to him and his position changes according to events and circumstances.