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    [Potential Spoilers] The Exodus Theory and the Show

    I must say, I thought of you the moment I heard her say that! Maybe there's still hope...!
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    [Potential Spoilers] The Exodus Theory and the Show

    This theory always infuriates me... Because I love it! My problem is, I just can't see it happening... In the books it's one of a few theories that I think would be a fascinating place for the story to go but, despite nothing ruling them out and indeed sometimes even potentially foreshadowing to them, something just doesn't quite click. The foremost of these for me is the theory that Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne, so Barristan will go over to fAegon's cause as the 'Betrayal for Love'. I applaud your efforts to try and shoehorn it into the remaining bits of the show, Coconut, but to me it seems just that: a shoehorn. Now, while I wouldn't put something so unexpected past D&D after the Wight Hunt, this seems like a totally different kind of unexpected in that it's TOO clever. That's not a knock on D&D's intelligence, it's a knock on the way I think they perceive their audience. I really can't remember any specific details, but at some point in the past few seasons (definitely after they ran out of source material), they said something after an episode about how "oh, and REALLY attentive viewers will notice [something or other]". I remember a lot of confusion on here and on some of the deeper fan subreddits because so many people found this obvious, and many people concluded that either they just don't realise just quite how in depth fans like us can go, or they don't write with us in mind because like it or not we are a tiny proportion of the show's viewership. Basically I just think the show is at this point so devoted to spectacle that it has to remain centered around familiar concepts in order to maximise the time for spectacle rather than much other development. This then doesn't bode well for the prospects of the Exodus Theory in the books given George's many, including recent, comments about the similar endings...