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  1. I thought the same thing! Maybe he wanted to avoid scrambling and fighting over the rare swords.
  2. Right? I mean, I know there was nothing left there, but it's still a strong fortress. Maybe Dany really did want to back off the fighting in the south.
  3. Right?? Weird that Bran knows of Jon's parentage, but still thinks he's a bastard. Also: I guess Sam *was*'listening to Gilly?? That's confusing.
  4. Did they actually marry in the show? I remember an engagement, but there was def no ceremony (and def no consummation).
  5. Ramsey's death was the best.. I guess LF was pretty good, too. Totally took him by surprise and for once, he couldn't talk (or beg or plead) his way out of it. I love how Bronze Yohn just said NOPE!
  6. Yes!! Qyburn loves it. He probably wants to create an army of wights to fight for Cersei. I wonder how, scientifically, Gregor compares to the wights.
  7. And she recently advised Jon/ Aegon(?!) that the dragons are the only children she'll ever have. I think she'll have his baby, but something tragic will happen- she might die in childbirth or something. Tyrion was very dismayed about the Jon-Dany hookup. I hope he and Sansa reunite.
  8. It's funny because Cersei felt completely justified in murdering the Tyrell heirs, well before she knew Olenna was behind Joff's murder. I can imagine Cersei being maddened by the fact that Olenna had the last word. Had Cersei known the truth when she sent Jaime after Olenna, I'm sure she would have planned something far more brutal in addition to blowing up the sept. Doubt Jaime would have talked her out of flaying Olenna, or whipping her naked through the streets. I'm sad to see Olenna go, but this is probably the best way she could have made her exit. Graceful. bold, and with little regret. She makes murdering a kid sound commendable. Olenna also wasn't born a Tyrell, and while she worked hard to advance her family, she always mocked the "Golden Rose" and didn't seem surprised the house had fallen-- just sad. Dany really should have listened to Olenna's advice. Everyone who urged her to attack Cersei immediately... all captured or killed. Blind faith in the Queen has a bad track record.
  9. I believe there was a scene in which Olenna tells Margery of her role. She says something like "you don't think I'd let my only granddaughter marry a monster, do you?" One interesting thing: Cersei killed Ellaria's daughter in the same way Ellaria had killed Myrcella (just made it as gruesome and painful as possible for Ellaria). They poisoned Olenna without knowing Olenna had murdered Joff by poison. Cersei is very intentional and here, she unintentionally mirrored her son's death. By the way: Do we know what kind of poison they used for Olenna? It's not what killed Joffrey, and Jaime advises there will be no pain. Think they used the Long Farewell? Doesn't seem to be the right choice for this circumstance. I wonder if Jaime will actually tell Cersei? Hindsight is 20/20. I'm sure she would still hold Tyrion accountable, but imagine her frustration? She would want to make Olenna suffer, and now it's too late.
  10. I don't think Tyrion knows... and it's very unclear who exactly knows? The Night's Watch, for certain. Do the Northern Lords discuss his "rebirth"? I assumed that was why they didn't behead him as a Night's Watch "deserter." Strange that such a phenomenon would be kept secret for long, though. My guess is that Jon still doesn't know what to make of his "resurrection," and is keeping it on the DL.
  11. I feel like Missy and GreyWorm had basically the same conversation after he was injured (Barristan died :'( ) - he said he was afraid he'd never see Missandei of Naath again, then they kissed. All of their scenes have always bored me--I don't think anyone is invested in this romance because they are side characters and it doesn't contribute to the plot. That whole scene with Tyrian last season (what do you talk about?) was pretty spot-on. Their romance doesn't drive the plot-- I think they threw it in there just because people have come to expect boobs from this show. Who doesn't love boobs? Still, *yawn*. Euron's entrance was definitely psychotic and.. swashbuckling? Lol, but one of the more entertaining scenes of this episode. I couldn't stand Euron in previous episodes, so I'm glad we finally got a taste of his crazy. Seriously: did he do this all with the ONE ship we saw sailing away? PS Where in the world will Theon end up? Also: Isn't Ellaria a "fighter" as well? Or is she just a clever lover and the Sand Snakes fight? It was a little surprising that she didn't even carry a small weapon (in wartime!), but I guess she's just more of the "poisoning" type? I wish Jon spoke with Sansa (even briefly!) after his scuffle with LF in the crypts. Like, "hey FYI this creep is trying to get in your pants" (and we KNOW he still wants to be Warden of the North). Guess we'll be seeing boatsex soon...
  12. So, I watch the show with subtitles sometimes, and the line was officially noted as being spoken by "Jorah." Kinda spoiled any mystery, but I can't imagine who else it could be anyways. We aren't getting too many surprises on the show these days... I hope that changes!
  13. *Silly Theory* Do we think D&D poss made the Arbor Gold red on purpose? Maybe as a way to display some of Arya's naivety (and the idiocy of the Freys, or their hesitance to ever question their Lord?)? When she drank with the Lannister soldiers after the Big Kill, this might have been her first time really drinking wine. I know in previous episodes, she declined it--- can't recall if the books were the same. She's doing grown-up things, but really still a child in many ways.
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