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  1. Hiigara129

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Hm no he couldn't. He could have himself knighted by one of the Kingsguard, but he couldn't knight himself. AFAIK we don't an example of the King being able to knight people on his own authority while not a Knight himself. That's why I said it was weird.
  2. Exactly my point! George doesn't even have to mention the offices in text; he could simply mention a few in the appendix of WoW. As for the Master of Ships however, that was actually a pretty standard office for Medieval times. England, France, Castile, Portugal and even the Byzantine Empire all had some kind of Lord/Grand Admiral in charge of the Fleet. Personally I see the Master of Laws as being GRRM's equivalent of the Chancellors; hell Cersei renamed the office to Justicar and in England the Chief Justiciar was eventually superseded by the Chancellor as chief of the Judiciary. So its pretty obvious, to me at least, that these offices are supposed to be the equivalent of each other. However, whats really odd to me is that the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard sits on the Small Council. What qualifies a skilled warrior and chief bodyguard to have such a place? Is he supposed to be the equivalent of the Medieval Lord High/Grand Constables? I mean one can be excellent with the sword but be a terrible commander, so the comparison isn't really there.
  3. Hiigara129

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Minor question; was Jaehaerys ever knighted? I would assume he was but I can't recall that ever being mentioned.
  4. Its really a shame we didn't get more detail about Aemon in general, he was quite interesting and the family relationships were unfortunately left blank. Now as Fire and Blood was written by an Archmaester, I can guess why we aren't privy to any private conversations between the Royals not mentioned in gossip or witnessed by the Grand Maester/Septon Barth, but still disappointing. For example, where was Aemon in the Rhaenys-Corlys marriage? Was he fine with it or did Rhaenys approach Jaehaerys as a way to get around her father's opposition? Why didn't anyone (looking at Alysanne!) suggest she instead marry her cousin Viserys, the next male heir? The behind the scenes relations between Aemon and Baelon unfortunately remain a mystery. Though I agree that Baelon marrying Rhaenys wouldn't work as well as Viserys-Rhaenys.
  5. Hiigara129

    Westeros; the sleepy superpower

    I have to agree with @Bael's Bastardin that it's odd that Jaehaerys never attempted to bring Dorne into the Realm. He had enough daughters to offer as brides for the Princes of Dorne and one could argue at least two good opportunities (one during the Second Vulture war/Third Dornish war and another after the Fourth war, though the later would need a bridegroom as the Prince was succeeded by his sister). Perhaps Jaehaerys offered and the Dornish declined or the Old King was simply uninterested in making the attempt. Shame really, Viserra could have became Princess of Dorne and potentially brought her husband's realm into the Seven Kingdoms.
  6. Hiigara129

    Aegon II

    OK, @Lord Varys, I gotta disagree with your assessment of Viserys I. The man was either lazy, a coward or heavily naive; possibly all three. He makes Rhaenyra heiress in place of his brother, then continues to insist on her being the heiress even in the face of fathering three sons. He knew that many Lords heavily objected to a daughter coming before a son and of the deep enmity between his first and second families (the 120 AC eye incident should have made it obvious in itself). Yet instead of picking Councillors that were known backers of Rhaenyra's rights he fills his Small council with his father-in-law (due to "familiarity", even though he was fired back in 109 AC for hounding the King over the succession!) and others who want to see Aegon succeed. He made no attempt to remove his sons & wife from King's Landing (he could have easily built Aegon a seat and sent him there alongside his mother, for example) and instead basically banished his heiress from the capital. So in my view Viserys was either incredibly naive as to believe that Rhaenyra would succeed with no issue, too lazy to do anything to smooth out her accession or cowardly to cause his second family to get mad at him. The Dance of the Dragons could have absolutely been avoided if the King had any ounce of talent, backbone or wherewithal to see his succession change through. Instead he settled for a false peace between his two families for his lifetime and damn the consequences to the realm when he died. BTW, was anyone else a bit disappointed to find that Viserys had no reason as to why he clung to the succession of Rhaenyra so heavily? I mean GRRM could have made given him a close relationship to his grandmother Alysanne, with the Prince agreeing her her belief that the eldest should inherit; or he could have made absolute primogeniture a tradition of Old Valyria and Viserys was merely restoring it. As it is now, Viserys looks like a stubborn fool who simply doesn't like being questioned.
  7. Hiigara129

    Was the Great Council of 101 rigged?

    Granddaughter, not grandniece. Rhaenys was the Old King's granddaughter by his eldest surviving son Aemon and rightful heiress under primogeniture. Plus the Andals themselves said (paraphrasing) "a son comes before a daughter and a daughter before a brother" so by their own laws/customs Rhaenys should have came before Baelon.
  8. Hiigara129

    Dany’s Shivers

    After re-reading the shivers section, I'm more than convinced its one of GRRM's red herrings he mentioned. Nothing about it suggests a magical or otherworldly power that would be associated with the Others. Its at least a century old (the Maesters are mentioned as being familiar with the illness and having seen it a century before) and came from the east, affecting port cities first and spreading from there. If it came from the North downwards I'd believe it could be Others created, but we've seen nothing to suggest they have any power in Essos. If anything it seems to me that whatever magic the Targaryens (and other Dragonlords/Sorcerer Princes) used to make themselves immune to disease has began to fail or perhaps that failure is related to being in Westeros (after all, the Freehold apparently believed that its doom would come from the Sunset Kingdoms), with Dany I being the first victim. This is further enforced IMO by the fact that we know of several later Targaryens that died of illness; Daeron II and his grandsons dies of the Sweating sickness in 209 AC. So whatever immunity the Targaryens had seems to have faded by the third century after conquest. It might be related to the Dragons or to whatever magic the family used to practice.
  9. Hiigara129

    Question for Elio & Linda regarding F&B Pentos

    First off, blood purity (LOL having a Harry Potter flashback) has nothing to do with the nobility. Just because Pentos was founded by the lowest of the low doesn't mean that the Pentoshi remained open and welcoming. Look at any self-governing city during the Middle ages; even without a Lord most had city fathers or Patrician Houses that dominated the administration. So its highly likely that WAY before the doom Pentos had developed into a society just as stratified and elitist as any other. Also Rego Draz never served as a Magister, but was a mere merchant and money-lender. Second, and this is just speculation, but I think I can guess when the attitudes changed back. In 58 AC Jaehaerys I hosted the Prince of Pentos and the Archon of Tyroth, which suggests that the Princes were still powerful enough to represent the city in peace negotiations (perhaps the Princes were in charge of foreign affairs at this time?). But the treaty was unpopular enough to get the Prince sacrificed. So that could be the beginning of the aristocratic decline. Then fast forward to 209 AC, the last Pentoshi-Braavosian war ended with the former's more or less capitulation. This too could have been the start of the aristocratic decline. Or perhaps the 58 AC treaty started the decline and the 209 AC treaty finished it. Either way, it at some point the Pentoshi aristocracy declined in power outside of ceremonial occasions or offices (ie the Prince, though its certainly possible that some aristocrats continue to serve as Magisters) while the city's bourgeoisie and merchant-princes rose to power.
  10. Hiigara129

    Sword of the Morning

    I for one would love to know where the Dayne's tendency to Valyrian coloring comes from. Unless a Lord Dayne married a Targaryen Princess sometime between Aegon III's reign and Robert's rebellion (we don't know the husbands for Maekar's daughters so it is possible they married one of their cousins), its a major mystery.
  11. I don't think we know yet. GRRM said in a recent interview that he wants Winds of Winter next and will decide what comes after later; it was a toss between Dream of Spring, Fire and Blood Vol 2 or a new Dunk and Egg story. But depending on how far the Dunk and Egg series is planned to go (assuming Martin has that sketched out) F&B Volume 2 could have major spoilers for it. Though if Dunk and Egg ends at Aegon V's accession and Fire & Blood focuses mainly on the reigns of the Kings it could work (some kind of throwaway line, like "of the adventures of Aegon and his Lord Commander we know well and won't recount here" would let D&E remain spoiler free even if Vol 2 comes out instead).
  12. Hiigara129

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    The biggest issue to me with Viserra's marriage is the way Alysanne insisted on Lord Manderly instead of a Lord of one of the Great/Paramount houses. Daella got to chose between being Lady of the Stormlands, Lady of the Westerlands or Lady of the Vale while Viserra is thrown up North and not even to it's Lord! It was a waste of alliances when they could have married her to either Tymond Lannister or Boremund Baratheon (I'm assuming both were still single but both could have married in the intervening six years). Hell they could have even tried for a match to the Prince of Dorne, which could have potentially brought the Martells into the realm a century earlier (after all a Targaryen Princess marrying the Prince of Dorne is what ultimately helped bring that Kingdom into the Realm). Ultimately Alysanne's actions with Viserra strikes me as an overreaction to what happened with Saera or a true fear that Viserra would (somehow) get Baelon to dispute the succession later down the road. Honestly the entire episode with Viserra was quite weak to me.
  13. True. I wonder if the Steward is supposed to be the equivalent of the Lord Stewards of England? I always assumed the Master of Laws was in charge of the judiciary in Westeros, analogous to the Chancellors of the middle ages who did the same, overseeing the Courts, the implementation of laws/royal edicts and administration of justice. Yet we see no permanent courts in Westeros that could be compared to the English law Courts or the French Parlements. Nor do we have any kind of Assize Courts, Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, local (shire in England) courts, or any circuit Courts traveling across the various administrative regions of the Seven Kingdoms. Truthfully, outside of the Court, the actual governance of the Seven Kingdoms is a huge blank. The office of Master of Whispers seemed to have been an ad-hoc one that only became permanent in either Jaeharys' reign (perhaps related to the Dragon egg theft? IDK I'll need to re-read that part) or in the beginning of Viserys'. BTW, I think your thinking of Henry VII; he was the first Tudor King and basically wiped out what was left of the feudal powers of the Aristocracy after they were decimated in the Wars of the Roses. That's something we haven't got to in Westeros yet. Perhaps whomever wins the throne at the end of the series will become our Tudor dynasty. As for taxation, we get more specifics from Fire and Blood than anywhere in ASOIAF.
  14. Hiigara129

    Aegon II

    Interesting discussion. However, @Paxter Redwyne, I have to respectfully disagree with you entirely. First off, Rhaenyra was dealt a bad hand by her father to begin win. He named her heiress because he was (rightfully) pissed at his brother, which was all well and good considering that Andal law said a daughter came before an uncle. Yet Viserys went on to insist on a Dornish style succession and refused to consider that many lords would see her half-brother as the rightful heir. Hell as you rightfully pointed out, if Viserys was so determined to have Rhaenyra as his heiress, then he shouldn't have remarried and contented himself with whores and mistresses instead. Second, she had Tyland Lannister tortured and her brother's councilors (and not all his supporters) executed: so what? This is a medieval world and such actions were par the course for the middle ages. They were traitors who refused to bend the knee (or in Tyland's case confess where the gold was/retrieve the gold) so they died traitors deaths. Simple as that. As to the Maelor thing, harder to say. Bounties were put on the Aegonist Targaryens true, but it's never said wanted dead or alive. Hell its never said if any bounties were actually put on Maelor and Jaehaera or if the smallfolk just assumed that there was. Rhaenyra can't be blamed for the ignorance and stupidity of the commoners. Third, her Velaryon sons. We have no proof of them being bastards. DNA is a tricky thing and they could simply take after other relatives (Queen Alysanne lacked the silver-blond/silver-gold hair and purple eyes of the Targaryens, yet no one doubted her legitimacy; several of Jaehaerys and Alysanne's children, like Alyssa, also lacked those features. Hell Laenor's own mother had black hair), like Aemma Arryn or Corys Velaryon's mother. Or even Corys himself; I don't recall a physical discrimination of him from his younger years, so he too may have lacked typical Valyrian features. Sure three sons looking nothing like father or mother does strain credulity a bit, but it's not impossible. And the Viserys threat doesn't mean much; Viserys hated any fighting about the succession in general and often struck out at those who did, banishing his father-in-law as an example. But even if all three are bastards, again so what? The father's bloodline didn't matter here, only the mothers. Rhaenyra was heiress and Princess of Dragonstone; marrying Laenor strengthened her hold, but wasn't necessary. Plus they were Dragonriders already, so whether or not they were biologically the sons of Laenor Velaryon, Harwin Strong or someone else entirely was irregardless. This isn't a Cersei situation, where a Queen with no biological connection to the reigning dynasty is cuckolding the King and placing her bastards on the throne; its more likely Rhaenyra needed kids and would get none from her gay husband. Sure, if that's the case, she should have slept with someone with Valyrian blood instead so the kids would have the looks, but she could have also assumed that her firstborn would look like her. Hard to say. Ultimately Aegon II was a selfish, petty cruel man that was uncomfortably close to Joffrey in personality and the realm was lucky his court murdered him when they did. Rhaenyra was dealt a bad hand from the start of the War and was never able to recover from the loss of the Treasury. Personally I'm surprised that Aegon III didn't demand his mother be treated in the annuls as Queen Rhaeyra I of her name and co-sign his uncle to being a usurper or at least date his reign from her death.
  15. Hiigara129

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Yeah the way Viserra was treated was BS. Daella got to pick between the Lords/heirs Stark, Arryn and Lannister. yet Viserra was stuck with the four-times widowed Lord Manderly whose claim was being a close friend of Queen Alysanne. Seemed to be a waste of alliances in my book. I hadn't really thought of the jealousy aspect, but now that it's mentioned, that does seem to be as plausible an explanation as any.