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  1. Jez Bell

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    Don't let the cape and fangs fool you, I'm actually a bit of a cuddle-monster.
  2. Raisin Bran considers himself a time traveler, when really, he's having PTSD-induced flashbacks from the days when he wore tie-dye shirts and a faux-fro.
  3. CB needs to stop this campaign of misinformation. He knows very well that I do not curse. (It's all glitter and unicorns over here.) In fact, his lying has become so bad that I overheard him telling a reporter that M&Ms are the same as Smarties.
  4. Raisin Bran's evil twin, Grape Nuts, has recently been accused of stealing all the lucky charms.
  5. Jez Bell

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    No, I'm just thinking that I didn't put enough thought into my sentence
  6. Count Balerion is really not in favour of having his belly tickled.
  7. Jez Bell

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    Did I misunderstand the task? I thought describing rounds were meant to be quick. I don't mean to be salty, but also I do.
  8. Jez Bell

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    This outfit was, perhaps, the wrong choice for summer.
  9. Count Balerion has a pet apple. He named it Rover.
  10. Speaking of rackets... CB once started a line of jams. His marmalade was especially sought after. The secret (ironically, written right there on the label) was "blood oranges". Unfortunately this was not "technically" true and he has been in litigation for false advertising ever since. What a load of trouble a missing ampersand can cause... "Blood & Oranges"
  11. Jez Bell

    Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

    I'm sharpening my crayons, as we speak. Thanks Buckwheat!
  12. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    Oh crap, I missed a few rounds. Is there such a thing as "retroactive voting"? Unfortunately, I cannot vote for this round, because it's impossible to choose 3 and even more difficult to put them in order.
  13. Count Balerion was secretly hoping that I would come back to out him on his many transgressions. Yet, I have just come to bump this thread. Sorry, not sorry.
  14. I once tried to hook Count Balerion up with my cousin, Tink. The blind date was going pretty well. In fact, we thought it was going to be a fairy-tale ending. Sadly it was, sort of. Turns out, CB was horribly allergic to fairy dust. He sneezed so hard on their first date, that he blew poor Tink straight into a pitbull's behind. It was never the same after that.
  15. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: FINAL: SWMBO WINS!!!

    1) 3 2) 5 3) 4 I'm not sure if my votes even count, bit I really enjoyed the entries.