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  1. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 1

    I'm gonna watch this one from the bleachers. Everything is different here, and I don't cope well with change.
  2. Count Balerion has banned all looking glasses from his lands. The Count could not see his own reflection and kept trying to walk through the glass. It was just embarrassing after a while. Pity though, they really do make every room look bigger.
  3. Jez Bell

    Pictionary XL

    So, not such a bad likeness, then.
  4. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    1) 3 2) 4 3) 1 4) 6
  5. Jez Bell

    Pictionary XL

    Thank you BB for hosting! This was so much fun. I'm sad the porgs only made a brief appearance, but we got spock and texas fries so all is well
  6. Jez Bell

    Pictionary XL

    My guesses
  7. Jez Bell

    Pictionary XL

    I saw none
  8. Jez Bell

    The Game

    Thanks for a fun game, @a free shadow! and to my lovely partner... @Castellan, you're a bloody ripper, mate. It was very hard to choose a fave clue this round. I thought every single one was excellent!
  9. Jez Bell

    The Game

    I'm surprised that there is any controversy at all. I call my kids Bubba all the time. As soon as I saw "diddums", it was clear that it was Aussie slang and not the American redneck interpretation. Personally, I had never heard "bubba" used as brother. "Baby" just wouldn't have had the same ring, and then someone surely would have complained about diddums. I thought it was a lovely clue.
  10. CB spends all his time at Disneyland on the Matterhorn. He likes the yodeling.
  11. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 31 The End

    1) 4 2) 2 3) 6 4) 1
  12. Jez Bell

    The Game

    Thirded Disagree. Especially when paired with "diddums".
  13. Jez Bell

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    Oh my god. We've run out of pop-tarts! Who would eat all the pop-tarts?
  14. Jez Bell

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    No need to be pushy, I was just leaving.
  15. None of it matters... Count Balerion ate all the budgies.