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  1. Only one sentence missing and about 4 hours to go. @Count Balerion we are counting on you.
  2. Everyone should have a picture to describe. 48 hours, so 5pm BST Monday. Quicker is better.
  3. Still missing one drawing, but the player has not responded so I will find a sub. Hopefully, I can send them out in a few hours. Sorry for the delay.
  4. Still missing 2 drawings. In fairness, they were the 2 most difficult sentences. Please send them as soon as you can. I won't post til morning, so you have another 12 hours
  5. Happy Friday, everyone. Thank you to those who have sent in pictures. I've had a request for an extension, so another 8 hours before points start getting deducted.
  6. The deadline is fast approaching and only 2 drawings have been submitted so far. You have about 15 hours, folks. If you need more time, please let me know. Hopefully, I can post first thing in the morning. If we can get sentences back quickly, then everyone will have the weekend for the next drawing round.
  7. OK, people, let's make this a points game. Mostly because I want to make my spreadsheet more complicated. 10 points for the first entry, 9 for the next, and so on. This starts from this round and does not include the starting sentences. 10 points will be deducted for each day after the deadline (unless an extension is requested ahead of time) I will update the leaderboard with each round.
  8. I am in the mood for a good game of hide and seek.
  9. Sorry for the late start. You should all have a sentence to draw now. Try to get them back to me by Thursday PM. We hope that Pebble is ok and will be back with us soon.
  10. Luckily, I only request a scribble. AIso, you earn 259 points for saving the day.
  11. Yes, please. Actually, would you be able to do the first drawing round? Even something very quick on the back of a napkin would be helpful.
  12. Has anyone heard from @Pebble thats Stubby? I think I will sub a sentence to get the game started. I'll give it 3 hours and then we begin!
  13. Only missing one sentence now.
  14. @Pebble thats Stubby @Meera of Tarth Just need your sentences and we can begin
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