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  1. I heard something about a dungeon of debauchery. Does someone have a map?
  2. voting is very difficult. You lot are so creative. (3) (4) (2) (1)
  3. if we do a parallel philia, is there a chance to summon ?
  4. Could we do this as an elimination game? Everyone gives a +1 and a -1 to a character on the list. Each player updates the list as they go along. Here's an example
  5. would we need to use the letters to name the songwriter? Does it need to be a westerosi songwriter?
  6. That sounds brilliant. It will give us some time to agree to rules for a philia game Here are some initial thoughts
  7. Shall we try a round robin game. I can come up with a couple of themes, but not enough for a full game. Maybe if each of us can muster up a round, we will have a game. I can take a first shot at some rules and we can make adjustments. Whaddya tink?
  8. I'm sad I just don't have the imagination to host a philia game. I could possibly manage 3 rounds. It's too bad the round-robin idea was lost.
  9. 1. Character/object 2. Not a character 3. Not a bodypart 4. Man made 5. Bigger than a shoebox 6. Not clothing or jewelry 7. Movable 8. Bigger than a car 9. A ship 10. Appears on page 11. Appears in male POV 12. Named ship 13. Not most recently seen near Essos 14. Not In Davos’ pov 15. Not in Greyjoy pov 16. Not Windproud 17. Not a Lannister ship 18. Not in Tyrion pov 19. Not in Sam's pov One left. (Think south, yet also north. Eastern, but also Western)
  10. Thanks to our lovely host for a fun game and congrats to everyone.
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