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  1. Sorry guys, need to get back to the real world for a few weeks. I invite the players to put their entries on this thread for the lolz. See you all soon(ish)
  2. Happy New Year to all! Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2024. <3 Anyone care to restart this game? I have 3 entries for the first round and it would be tragic if they didn't see the light of day. Calling all acrophobes... @rocksniffer @Fragile Bird @She who must be Obeyed @Julia H. @a free shadow @Dolorous Gabe @Howlin' Howland @RhaenysBee @Castellan @Lilac & Gooseberries @Eternally_Theirs Apologies to anyone I've missed. I have age-induced foggy brain. Let's play.
  3. No worries. Hopefully we'll get a couple more and I can post entries soon. In the meantime, bonus points available. See above.
  4. I know, Gabe also sent in an entry. Both of you were well on time and the entries were amazing. But we only started with 4 players and 2 of them ghosted me. No one even looked for my cranberries and chestnuts. I might just post your entries so they don't get lost.
  5. well, yes... but we seem to have lost all those who have already signed up Hopefully they come back to us after the December craziness and we can carry on. In the meantime, happy holidays.
  6. Shameless attempt to get @Pebble thats Stubby to join us https://imgur.com/DSx1DfD
  7. well, seems like everyone has disappeared on me. I'll keep checking in, but I think we need to put a pin in this.
  8. Hola peeps. It's a day before deadline day and just a couple of entries. Please let me know if you need an extension.
  9. Clumsy me. I've dropped a basket of cranberries and chestnuts everywhere. Please help me to clean them up. If you find one, please send me a PM with the location so that I can remove them. You will be rewarded.
  10. Yes please! Welcome. Just send me a PM titled "Acrophobia 45.1 - Eternally_Theirs'. it's fine to do it with your entry.
  11. I've updated the deadline for this round to Monday December 4. Please ask if you need an extension, but I am keen to keep a good pace now, as I am sure we will all get distracted in a few weeks. New players still welcome
  12. Can anyone use the face machine thingy to poke sniffer and swmbo?
  13. It seems like ideal playing conditions, minus the pain and scalpels and stuff.
  14. ROUND 1: Stark Family Holiday Newsletter It’s 298 AC in Winterfell. Eddard and his sons have just found and adopted a litter of direwolves. King Robert has announced that he is planning a trip to see Lord Eddard after the sudden death of his hand, Jon Aryn. Catelyn is sending out a family holiday update, including an adorable family photo (Jon was cropped out), before the craziness of a royal visit sets in and there is all that “spirited” debate on old gods vs new gods, Northern tradition vs Southern flamboyance, and don’t even get me started on the gossip and politics. Use one set of letters below to craft the headline for Catelyn’s newsletter: E A R T H W I N D A N F Y R E ___________ Please send me your entries by PM. Deadline is Monday December 4. I was hoping to get a couple of additional players, but let's keep it moving
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