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  1. Great game everyone! Congrats to Castellan for a well-deserved victory to all the players for the amazing entries. Big thanks to Howlin' Howland for hosting.
  2. I've realized that I have no one in my life that can help me with choices. The last advice was "that one sounds too much like you"
  3. If you are doing this again, I'd love to join. I might even have time to organize, if I can get some pointers.
  4. aah, mediocrity. It's a comfy spot. Well done to all and thanks for the votes.
  5. I'm having last-minute acrophobia leftover phobia. Do I stick or do I switch?
  6. (6) (4) (1) It was hard to make a choice. All fantastic entries
  7. @RhaenysBee @Eternally_His Not sure why it didn't work above. Hope this helps.
  8. It's been a while. My thesaurus is rusty.
  9. Hello all. Sorry for the long absence. I'll play, if you'll have me.
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