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  1. FylkirKarl

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Still. Is referred to as a Stark or Snow in this episode mind what Cersei says? Did his bannermen call him a Stark or Snow? Did Sansa as she's been saying for the past few episodes that she considers him a Stark. So is he King in the North Jon Snow or King in the North Jon Stark?
  2. FylkirKarl

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Is Jon a Stark or still a Snow? Has he legitimized himself? It seems silly to keep his Snow surname, and legitimizing himself as a Stark or having Sansa do it would do nothing, but cement his rule of the North. That'd be like Gendry becoming King of the Stormlands, and keeping the name Gendry Waters instead of Gendry Baratheon or Gendry Durrandon if he's feeling a little anti-Targaryen.