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  1. A trait that I enjoy in books and movies is when a character is very loyal to another character or faction that doesn't border on the level of zealousness or brainwashing, and I'm trying to find some examples of undying loyalty in the ASOIAF books. The love that the mountain clans hold for House Stark is a good example of what I'm looking for as they're marching in the middle of winter with the forces of Stannis for "Ned's little girl" out of love for Ned. Davos's loyalty to Stannis is also great with him still faithfully serving Stannis despite Dale, Allard, Matthos, and Maric, his four eldest sons dying, and even more so when his two youngest are named Stannis and Steffon, after Stannis himself and the father of Stannis. Another one is Courtnay Penrose staying loyal to Renly after his death and refusing to give up Storm's End to Stannis, although this may be more to protect Edric Storm rather that to Renly. Any others?
  2. FylkirKarl

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    I know it's a metaphor, and not a literal idea of wolfs blood, but so far we've had two types of Stark behavior described to us. Wolf's Blood and Ice Veins. The Wolf's Blood seems to be wild, ferocious, willful, short tempered etc while Ice Veins which is what i've nicknamed it is cold, introverted, quiet, serious aka what was said about Ned Stark having ice in his veins instead of blood. I know this isn't a closed case as the Stark children have different personalities as well, but Starks like Eddard or Benjen seem to be more related to having ice in their veins along with Rickard while Starks like Lyanna, Arya, and Brandon have "wolfs blood" which is what I described above as them being willful, fierce, wild, easy to anger etc and a love to fight.
  3. FylkirKarl

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    What are the traits of those that possess the "Wolfs Blood" in House Stark? We've had three characters mentioned that are said to have wolfs blood, and those are Brandon Stark (Son of Rickard Stark), Lyanna Stark (Daughter of Rickard Stark), and Arya Stark (Daughter of Eddard Stark). These three characters have multiple similarities with them both being willful and having bad tempers with Brandon charging into the Red Keep to demand Rhaegars death, Lyanna beating up squires bullying Howland Reed, and with Arya hating anything lady like, and being against it, similar to how Brandon was carefree and Lyanna may or may not of ran off with Rhaegar despite being bethrothed and him married. What are some other traits?
  4. FylkirKarl

    Company of the Rose?

    Do we know anything about the Company of the Rose? Are they still considered Northmen or are they basically Essosi with a Northern Heritage? Why didn't they sell their services to Robb Stark during his war of independence? Are they led by a Stark or Snow, perhaps the descendant of Brandon Snow, bastard brother of Torrhen Stark? Will they come into play later in the story, perhaps a descendant of Brandon Snow with his implied three weirwood arrows, and a mission to finish what Brandon was planning to do? I don't think George would put a vision of a man cutting three branches off of a weirwood tree, implied to be Brandon Snow, for nothing. What do you guys think?
  5. FylkirKarl

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Still. Is referred to as a Stark or Snow in this episode mind what Cersei says? Did his bannermen call him a Stark or Snow? Did Sansa as she's been saying for the past few episodes that she considers him a Stark. So is he King in the North Jon Snow or King in the North Jon Stark?
  6. FylkirKarl

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Is Jon a Stark or still a Snow? Has he legitimized himself? It seems silly to keep his Snow surname, and legitimizing himself as a Stark or having Sansa do it would do nothing, but cement his rule of the North. That'd be like Gendry becoming King of the Stormlands, and keeping the name Gendry Waters instead of Gendry Baratheon or Gendry Durrandon if he's feeling a little anti-Targaryen.