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  1. Valyirian Aurochs

    Was Drogo Turned into a Fire Wight?

    Very true. I think MMD failed because Jorah and Dany entered the tent when they were told to keep out.
  2. Valyirian Aurochs

    Was Drogo Turned into a Fire Wight?

    Very interesting, but it will be done my Melisandre who I don't think has ever performed a resurrection. But it might be revealed in the future that she has. She did train in Asshai so she might know of many ways to bring people back.
  3. Valyirian Aurochs

    Does Littlefinger have an informer in Dorne? Who, and does it matter??

    I think he is referring to Dany in Essos. Littlefinger knew about her ever since Robert was discussing ways to kill her in AGoT. And there is no way to know if Arriane's plot was happening during the same time or before that chapter.
  4. Valyirian Aurochs

    What if Maester Aemon made it Daenerys

    His advice to her would be to tell her to leave Slaver's Bay. The Others are a bigger threat than Ghiscari slavers, he would probably tell her. He would also fill her head with prophecies and lead her to believe that she is a hero and savior. I think she would listen too, if she knew he was family.
  5. Valyirian Aurochs

    Was Drogo Turned into a Fire Wight?

    For those who haven't seen it: http://time.com/4791258/game-of-thrones-george-r-r-martin-interview/ In that interview, he talks about fire wights. We've seen ice wights; they're unintelligent and they don't talk. Like Small Paul when he turned into a wight and attacked Sam and Gilly in ASoS. But we've also seen an intelligent ice wight: Cold Hands. Lady Stoneheart and Berric Dondarion are most likely fire wights, and they are intelligent as they act in a rational way. Berric can talk and speak his mind, claiming that a part of him disappears every time he is brought back. Lady Stoneheart can't talk because of her wound (or perhaps she is an unintelligent fire wight being used as a puppet). If intelligent and non-intelligent ice wights exist, then the same is likely true for fire wights. Drogo could have been brought back to life. Who knows what Mirri Maz Dur did in that tent? Drogo was unconscious but alive (I think) when Mirri tended to him in there. She probably killed him in the tent and then resurrected him, making him into an unintelligent fire wight. Let me know what all of you think.
  6. Valyirian Aurochs

    Speculation on the Fall of Night

    Night and day are determined by a planet's spin, and I see no reason why the WOIAF is any different. If I were to speculate on how something like the long night happened, I would guess that Planetos' spin is manipulated by magic. There is evidence that magic can do world-shattering things; the arm of Dorne was broken by powerful magic, and the neck is a bog because of magic. This speculation leads me to ask how large Planetos is. The Long Night is said to affect lands as far east as Yi Ti, and there is no certain distance given to us on how far Yi Ti or Asshai is from Westeros. With more speculation, I would guess that when it's day in Westeros, it's also daytime in Asshai. What I'm getting at is that maybe as the Others use their magic to stop the planet's spin so their side of the world is forever facing away from the sun. We aren't sure what the rest of the world looks like, but maybe the other side of the planet will then be in eternal daytime. This theory has a lot of problems, I know. Like I've said, there is no definitive number given to us to what the distance is from Westeros to the far east. Magic is a mysterious force in the world, but maybe it isn't powerful to stop planetary spins. Why would the Other's tolerate daytime if they had that kind of power? That's another question the looms above all of this. If this is true it would be symbolic to the title of the series. Maybe the battle between ice and fire is a battle for the spin of the planet. One side of the planet can fight for eternal night, and other side can fight for eternal day. Balance comes when you avoid both extremes and night and day follow each other every day.
  7. Valyirian Aurochs

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Oh boy. Wouldn't that be a fun one.
  8. Valyirian Aurochs

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Tywin, Doran, Oberyn, Bloodraven, Varys, Petyr, Sandor, Euron, Thoros, Berric, Stannis, Quaithe, Drogo, Jaqen, and maybe others. I can't think of any others.
  9. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Damn. I was not aware.
  10. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    According to Google Quixotic means: exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. Why is he sending another mixed message? Does he believe in a 2018 release date, or is he being unrealistic? Today is the day that I stop over-analyzing his blog.
  11. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    I still don't think that the post was meaningless. The end must be near for him. He must have reached some critical point, or came up with some big idea that'll help him with the book. He said he's months away and I (cautiously) believe him.
  12. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Trolling: He tagged the post with 'HBO' and 'television and film' along with the others.
  13. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    Haven't felt this crushed since my crush crushed my feelings.
  14. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    That definitely clears things up. Makes me wonder that the Enigmatic post meant. Maybe he reached a critical point in the story, and it's all downhill from there.
  15. Valyirian Aurochs

    Enigmatic 'Not a Blog' Post: Alas, Valyria

    I'm an optimistic cow. Can't change my nature.