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    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Let's try and put them in a list, from the best to the worst: 1) Stannis. Meritocratic (Davos being elevated to Handship), Just (his decision not to attack Claw Isle, the indictment of Alester Florent, etc.), radical ("we shall make new lords"), aware of the mechanisms of human nature ("Good men and true will fight for Joffrey"), not affected by prejudice (Flea Bottom and Stony Shore smallfolk in his armies, Essosi in his navy), military prodigy (Castle Black, Deepwood Motte, the Siege of Storm's End, Fair Isle, capture of Dragonstone), good in diplomacy (winning the mountain clans, restoring the Motte to House Glover), open-minded when it comes to religion ("it was only wood we burned", "I will have no burnings. Pray harder"), hearing opposite views between his advisors and trying to steer the best course (hearing both Davos and Melisandre vis-a-vis Edric Storm), anti-corruption ("I mean to scour that court clean") and genuinely fighting for the realm, which makes him a righteous man (GRRM's own words). 2) Robb. Crowned by acclamation, inspired a strong sense of proto-nationalism (a huge leap forward when compared to feudalism), had a sound military mind (Whispering Wood, the Camps, Oxcross), was not opposed to a coalition with a southron King, meaning he did not attack the concept of the Iron Throne-backed regime, but was diametrically opposed to Lannister rule and wanted the North to be no part of it. However, he confused the lines between politics and familiarity (hoping that Lysa would aid him, sending Theon to Pyke, not firmly rebuking Catelyn for freeing Jaime but executing Rickard Karstark for a less serious offense). This being said, most of his failures were not determined by his skills or ineptitude (Balon was already planning to attack the North, Roose Bolton was actively hindering the Stark cause), but rather the skales of fate were tipped against him. While he was not perfect and made mistakes, he must not be held responsible for the downfall of his House. 3) Joffrey (no, do not stone me). The negatives of his rule are well-known (executing Lords Paramount, keeping refugees out of the capital. killing his own smallfolk, badly abusing and humiliating women), but with a strong and capable administrator like Tywin and with the Tyrell alliance his rule would ultimately have some bright spots. 4) Balon. A believer in ironborn supremacy, relishing in piracy, abductions, rape, enslavement, constant war, without having a skill in politics or a sound military mind. However, his popularity within his people and the support he had from the organized religious community would guarantee that his rule would be uncontested within his realm. 5) Renly. For all his so-called "popularity", in the Stormlands (where he was feudal lord) he had the support of only the Carons, Errols, Estermonts, Conningtons, Penroses and Morrigens, plus Brienne, meaning that only 6 of the 35 Houses joined him. In the Reach, he gained his allies due to his marriage to Margaery, which means that Mace, not Renly, had to mobilize the Tarlys, Rowans, etc. Outside those regions, his base of support was nonexistent. Furthermore, he had no rightful claim (hence he resorts to the "you may have the better claim, but I have the bigger army" quip), he knew about the incest but did not tell Robert, because he wanted the truth to be revealed just in time when Robert would already have been attracted to Margaery (hence the scene where he shows Eddard the locket), he actively instructed his men to kill Stannis ("see no insult is done to my brother's corpse") and dismisses the idea of a Great Council ("do direwolves vote"). He is not a proto-democrat, but rather espouses the "Might makes Right" doctrine, is- at least- an attempted kinslayer and does not have a grasp of either feudal politics or military strategy and tactics.
  2. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    However, no one later accused Lyman of selling Rhaena's daughters to Tyanna. It is quite possible that she had moles in the Rock (after all,Aegon and Rhaena were there for quite some time) or maybe Androw Farman, of whom Rhaena grew fond, was playing her for a fool all the time. If you ask me, possibilities are many and various.
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Sabaton's "Carolus Rex" and "Long Live the King" remind me of King Stannis.
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    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    But, since Rhaena knew that Lyman was not going to support her husband and rebel against Maegor, why trust him with the lives of her daughters?
  5. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    House Lannister has a more active role. Lord Lyman Lannister hosts Prince Aegon at the Rock, but does not move against Maegor the Cruel until Jaehaerys the Conciliator amkes his bid for the Throne. House Arryn is mentioned in the beginning, when Maegor suppresses Jonos the kinslayer and later the Eyrie is mentioned to have lent Jaehaerys its support.
  6. Knight of the Winged Pig

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Stannis, Tywin, Brynden Tully, Kevan Lannister for me.
  7. Knight of the Winged Pig

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    North: House Manderly, because of Wyman's cunning and, of course, due to their loyalty. Riverlands: House Bracken, for the badass sigil and for Bittersteel. Vale: House Royce, for Bronze Yohn. Crownlands: House Massey, for being badass pirates and for Justin. Stormlands: House Seaworth, because of their origins and undying loyalty to the One True King. Reach: House Hightower, for backing Aegon II against Rhaenyra. Westerlands: House Marbrand, for the cool sigil and for their relation to the Lannisters. Iron Islands: House Harlaw, for being a bit skeptical about the whole "Old Way" thing. Dorne: House Yronwood, maybe just because I have a thing for all those people who end up at the losing side of history and historiography.
  8. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    However, Lord Varys, I think that Aegon ought to know better that Visenya never accepted the fact that Aegon's love was Rhaenys and that Rhaenys' descendants were planned to rule, no matter the fact that Aegon had been obliged to marry her and that she was the oldest child of Aerion Targaryen. With that in mind, Aenys' crown would never have been safe with them lurking around. As we see, Visenya quasi-encouraged people to be disloyal to Aegon's heir, by saying repeatedly that he was a fool and a weakling and that the fact Aenys bestowed Blackfyre to Maegor was a proof that even Aenys himself knew he was unfit to rule. In the light of all this, I think that Aegon's long-term mistake was not forcing Maegor join the Night's Watch or something. Lest we forget, Maegor was dragonless at that point and Visenya would probably not initiate an uprising against her brother. As for the Crownlanders joining Visenya and Maegor, I think it can be understood this way: those people (the ones from Crackclaw Point, the Darklyns, the Masseys etc.) had been petty kings for centuries, but their small realms were never secure due to the presence of other mighty kings (Durrandons, Gardeners, Riverlander kings, etc.). The Targaryens, in fact, equated kings whose kingdom was smaller than a few days' ride out of their holdfasts with the mightiest and finest dynasties in Westeros. Furthermore, a handful of those Houses (Velaryons, Celtigars, Bar Emmons) had Valyrian blood, so they were genetically bound to support the nearest Targaryen in view.
  9. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Except that Aenys could not rein Maegor in, if he could not make him even return Blackfyre or abandon the "marriage" to Alys Harroway.
  10. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Thanks. I was a bit confused, but you cleared it up for me.
  11. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Are not families of sorcerers mentioned specifically as the ones in Old Valyria who used to practice polygamy? The Targaryens maintained a lot of their Valyrian customs, after all. I was just referring to the standards, for example golden hair and green eyes are the ideal in the Westerlands, black hair and grey eyes in the North, etc. I knew about Aemon and Baelon named Princes of Dragonstone, but could you please cite the passage where Viserys as cited as having been named Prince? Thank you very much Lord Varys.
  12. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    They were supposed to be bullet points, for I am just transcribing some of my thoughts. However, if an admin sees a problem, I will delete them. I did not force you to read all of it. In fact, no one is forced to read any post here, I think.
  13. Knight of the Winged Pig

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    THOUGHTS ON “THE SONS OF THE DRAGON” .The fact that Aegon the Conqueror had two wives leads me to think he was a sorcerer as well as a dragonrider. .Small sidenote: why are the Targaryen looks considered so beautiful be everybody? I thought different regions had different standards concerning both male and female beauty. .Man, Aenys being a cry-baby and all this stuff reminds me of Robert Arryn. .Man, I can feel for the poor boy when he lost his mother. .I think Visenya used some poison or alchemy to conceive Maegor, thus causing her son’s insanity. .So, Aenys was clearly his father’s favorite, despite his lack of talent in martial pursuits. .Hah, that’s why I always believed that “Prince of Dragonstone” is NOT equal to heir! Are you listening, Rhaenyra Targaryen? .Nah, don’t think it was a calumny. Maegor just had to do what his main series parallel, Joffrey, has done. .Man, those Corbrays are THE cream of warriors! .Well, at least poor Aenys tried. .Cruelty to animals, pyromania… I wonder if Maegor also wet his bed when he was a child, for those three symptoms indicate psychopathy. .Oh, man, I feel very bad for the stableboy. .Why do the worst Targaryens ever (Maegor, Daemon, Brynden Rivers) need to bear Dark Sister? .Well, as testified by the dragonseeds, it is not necessary to be born of incest for a child to be a dragonrider. The Valyrians were just uber-racist. .Considering that children born of incest run a higher risk of mental or physical problems, it is natural that the act is condemned. .To clarify things, I am by no means very religious or pious, but I think the Faith had it right here. .Aegon was right- no need to make an enemy of the Faith, especially when the people you attempt to govern follow it. .So, the Westerosi smallfolk is clearly anti-incest. .Well, first cousin marriages were not unusual even in the 19th century, so I have no objection to the match. .All the more ironic that Maegor later took Rhaena to wife, but under very different circumstances. .Maegor’s marriage to Ceryse (especially when one considers their respective ages) reminds me of Henry VIII’s wedding to Catherine of Aragon. .Man, Targaryen promiscuity never ceases to amaze and/or disgust me. .Hah, we are speaking about a very ironic twist of fate! .As we see later, the fault lay with Maegor, who never had a living child, no matter how many times he tried. .Would like to know more about the Saan pirate- this family excites me because of Salladhor- and the Giant of the Trident. .All the more ironic that Maegor later roe the deadliest dragon in the world. .Normally, I am not a huge fan of Dorne (I do like Quentyn and Arianne Martell, though), but kudos to them for beating the crap out of the Targaryens. .And that’s how the Red Keep came into being. .So, the first three Hands were Orys Baratheon (gotta love this guy!), Osmund Strong (what was the seat of House Strong before they got Harrenhal?) and Alyn Stokeworth. .Well, Aegon the Conqueror left behind a fabled reputation not only as an invader, but mostly as a statesman. .And, Aenys is crowned! .All this stuff about the sword is a heavy foreshadowing of the Blackfyre Rebellions. .So, in case I understand well, the smallfolk preferred Aenys, while a part of the nobility favored Maegor. .Man, Visenya is a shrew in every sense of the word! .Well, it is realistic that people would bristle under the conquerors. Attitudes don’t change in a day, after all. .Aegon made a grave mistake in bestowing the castle to House Qoherys. .I absolutely hate Gargon the Guest! .I bet Harren the Red was just a commoner who found many people opposed to the new regime and was charismatic enough to acquire a band of followers. .Well, Gargon’s privy parts being consumed by animals fits to the pattern of Amory Lorch being devoured by a bear. .Man, I love all this smallfolk agency! .Aenys’ failure to act swiftly was his first mistake. .Well, Jonos Arryn was just a murderous usurper, but Lodos is another example of smallfolk agency. .And here we have the Vulture King- I think, as many other analysts, that he came from House Blackmont. .However, a lot of his followers were plain smallfolk- it is clear that, no matter what the TV show is trying to tell us, the average Joe of Westeros was not a Targ fanboy or fangirl. .Ouch, poor Harmon! Why do all badass Stormlanders need to suffer? .No matter how popular he were as a prince, Aenys’ indecisiveness made him look incompetent and foolish. .Allard Royce- another badass is a very cool family! .So, Maegor earns every inch of his epithet even before usurping the throne. .Aenys’ promise to Goren reminds of me of a scene in “The Odyssey”, where the sea-nymph Calypso promises Hermes that she will do anything he desires of her, but is tricked into letting the captive Odysseus go. .It is very clear that Deria aided the Vulture King- after all, she was attacking the same men who were demanding her to be sent to a brothel. .Man, I adore Orys’ revenge on Walter Wyl! .Hmmm, a Baratheon having extracted justice, a Davos, missing body parts and onions… all this has a very Stannis vibe, which I interpret as GRRM telling us that Stannis is still there and that traitors and usurpers (are you listening, Benioff and Weiss?) will soon taste his wroth. .Lady Caron- another badass woman, much like Johanna Lannister. .I daresay that “Savage Sam” is a better nickname than “Sam the Slayer”. .And, here goes the Vulture King! .So, that’s how Harren the Red went down, a badass to the last breath. And, Bernarr Brune is probably an ancestor of Lothor Brune, who serves Littlefinger. .And now we have Maegor elevated to Handship, a measure Aenys would soon regret. .I have nothing with Aenys’ scholarly pursuits, nothing at all, I just think that he ought to restrain Maegor. .Hmmm, constantly changing one’s opinion is not a good way to rule. .The name Vaella is just unlucky- another Targaryen girl named Vaella was rejected by the Great Council of 233 for being a lackwit. .I wonder why Alys Harroway agreed to marry Maegor. .Well, polygamy is denounced by most civilized nations in our world, so… .Hey, buddy, do you understand that what you did is shocking, horrifying and utterly misogynistic? .We knew about Murmison being ineffective from Maester Pylos- chapters involving Stannis always help us broaden our knowledge on Westerosi history. .So, Aenys is first anti-incest, then he is pro-incest. .I do not feel bad for Maegor being stripped of a title given to him unofficially, especially when he was a lawbreaker and an exile. .Well, the Faith’s reaction was natural. .What Aenys needed to be told was that Westeros is NOT Valyria. .I think that Stannis, who is an atheist, would side with the Faith, for he is adamant in insisting that the laws are above all. .Ser Raymont Baratheon- I am going to guess that he was Davos’ younger brother. .So, once more, Aenys rejected the violent solution. .Smallfolk rebellion at its fullest! .Well, I am sure Visenya poisoned her double-nephew. .That’s the end of Aenys’ reign- he had good intentions, but was too weak and indecisive, making him unfit to rule. .So, Maegor returns (and soon the realm will weep). .Poor Grand Maester Gawen… .Man, dragons in the sky are not a good omen for the common people of Westeros. .I loved Ser Guyard Morrigen and I quite like Ser Damon, as well. .So, a Trial of the Seven! .Maegor’s seven: five Crownladers (himself, Dick Bean, Bernarr Brune, Rayford Rosby and Lucifer Massey), a Riverlander (Guy Lothston) and a hedge knight of uncertain origin, but I guess Blackhull is at Crackclaw Point. .The other seven: two Stormlanders (Damon and Harys Horpe, btw I love the Massey-Horpe rivalry!), two Reachmen (a Beesbury bastard and Ser Aegon Ambrose), a Riverlander (Lyle Bracken) and two people of unknown origins (Ser Willam the Wanderer and the septon-knight). .So, the Warrior’s Sons had a broader coalition, since they found champions from more regions than Maegor and they also had a broader appeal to the smallfolk, as well. .Maegor emerged victorious, but with the head wound. .Well, when you are facing a monster, you don’t need an alliance with the divine to convince yourself you are on the right side. .Ser Horys Hill and Wat the Hewer- more badass smallfolk heroes! .So, the Westerlands appear to be in favor of Prince Aegon, but do not want to suffer Maegor’s wroth. .Man, Tyanna makes my skin crawl. .I am going to bet whatever you want that Tyanna performed something similar to blood magic to resurrect Maegor. .All this stuff about the burning of the Sept convinces me that it will be dragonfire, not wildfire, the substance that will destroy the Sept of Baelor at the end of TWOW. .However, the true strength of the Faith Militant was in the Poor Fellows, not the Warrior’s Sons. .That’s how Bitterbridge got its name, from the slaughter of nine thousand smallfolk. And, 250+ years later, at the same place, Loras Tyrell massacred all those foot soldiers from the Stormlands and the Reach that were going to join Stannis. .Pour one for Wat the Hewer, one of the most heroic peasants in Westeros! .Lord Rupert Falwell, the Fighting Fool- hilarious! .Lyonel Lorch- hey, not all Lorches were of the same sort with Ser Amory. .The Terricks, Wayns and Lychesters- three minor Riverlands Houses, also defied the tyrant. .Man, the Fighting Fool should go to the annals as a very competent warrior. By the way, I would like to know what were the names of the Kingsguard knights he slew. .Big Jon Hogg once more proves that the Crownlands are the biggest source of the Targaryen loyalists. .Wat the Hewer’s mutilation was painful to read. .So, Grand Maester Myres is the second of the three. Maegor has so far made war against two of the pan-Westerosi institutions, the Faith and the Citadel. .Killing a dozen septons- with this in mind, I start thinking that Baelor’s extreme desire to please the Faith may have stemmed from a deep regret of Maegor’s actions. .So, Alys Harroway had entirely gone over to Team Maegor and was not annoyed by the fact that he was a mass murderer, a lawbreaker and an active polygamist. .If the High Septon had made common cause with Prince Aegon they would have won. .On the other hand, the High Septon was not just opposed to Maegor taking a second wife and ousting his niece, but to the whole lot of Valyrian customs of incest and polygamy. .And this is how Maegor’s Holdfast came into being. .I am going to bet Tyanna was the first Master (or Mistress) of Whisperers. And, we have a Varys connection when the text says she supposedly talked with spiders. .”The King’s raven”- so, she is not only a proto-Varys, but also a proto-Bloodraven. .The struggle of the Poor Fellows is just dramatic. .We knew about Septon Moon, but now I am dying to learn more of Ragged Silas and Dennis the Lame. .Poxy Jeyne Poore- a new level of badass smallfolk agency! .Man, I adore the Red Dog of the Hills! .So, the Faith Militant still has found sufficient acceptance that Maegor needs to outlaw it again. .Man, Houses Blanetree, Terrick, Deddings, Lychester and Wayn meet a fiery fate on the orders of Visenya. .So, she did not limit her activities in the Reach, but also brought dragonfire to the Riverlands, 90 years before Aemond Targaryen, who also happened to ride Vhagar. .And Maegor devastates the westerlands, burning the Doggetts, the Broomes, the Falwells, the Lorches, the Myatts and even more Houses. Isn’t there a single region of Westeros that did not suffer dragonfire under the Targaryens? .I can feel the despair of the citizens of Oldtown. .And, all those preparations were for nothing. .If one sits down and thinks, it seems that, in the first half of the Targaryen dynasty, the major power that resisted the dragons was Oldtown, seat of the Faith and House Hightower. .Yeah, he was surely murdered. .Well, evidence points towards Morgan Hightower. And the motive was the fear of Lord Martyn that both Oldtown and its ruling House would be extinguished by Maegor. .The fact that Lord Martyn took immediate action after the High Septon’s death supports the theory that Ser Morgan killed the man under Lord Martyn’s orders. .Well, the way the text is written makes it almost certain that they were forced to appoint Septon Pater, because he was perhaps the only one among the Most Devout who would have no objections to Maegor’s deeds. .And now, the tyrant pardons Ser Morgan. Yeah, this gives even more credence to the claim he had murdered the High Septon. .Man, forcing the former Warrior’s Sons kill their own ex-comrades- brutal and harsh for no reason at all. .And this is the THIRD time Maegor outlaws the Faith Militant. Yet, once more, his decree had no effect. .Ceryse had no other choice, truly. I am going to bet that the ambitious Lord Hightower persuaded or forced her to participate in the “second consummation”. .Prince Aegon moves at last! .So, while his base of power was at the Westerlands, most of the Houses mentioned to have given him support (Vance, Charlton, Frey, Paege, Piper, Roote, Parren) are from the Riverlands. .Hey, we have a rare example of a decent Frey! .Plus, we also have a decent Tarbeck, while the Reynes are not mentioned to have taken part in the uprising. .Man, House Westerling is just plain unlucky. .Some pockets of support for the young Prince come from the Vale (House Corbray), the North (Denys Snow) and the Stormlands (a younger son of House Connington). .It seems that the Dustins were actively participating in southron politics, at least for the first half of the Targaryen era. .Tyanna maybe was right. However, if Winterfell, Storm’s End, Casterly Rock and the Eyrie were against Maegor, why did they not marshal the whole of their forces? .Well, considering that the Harroways are the Hand’s family and that the Tullys owe their high position to the Targaryens, it is not shocking that they cast their lot with the tyrant. .What is more puzzling is the stance of the three Reach lords (Caswell, Rowan, Merryweather). .Man, the battle near the Gods’ Eye bears an eerie resemblance to the Fishfeed, with Prince Aegon being trapped the same way the greens were. .That was the end of Prince Aegon, the uncrowned, yet still rightful heir. .Ser Willam Whistler… where was he from? .Those Corbrays appear to be most lethal fighters, I say it once more. .After all Maegor had done to the Faith, the rift would never be healed. .Man, the Red Dog disguising his men as hedge knights to kill Maegor’s lickspittles- what a revolting movement! .It would be awesome if Moon was, at some point, elected High Septon. .Well, the fact that the smallfolk supported the Poor Fellows seals the deal for me. .And here start Maegor’s terrifying issues with childbirth. .So, Grand Maester Desmond was the third. .And, Tyanna once more whispers her poison words. .Was there any truth in Tyanna’s accusations? Don’t know. However, the whole thing has an Anne Boleyn vibe. .Man, gruesomely executing 32 men and then completely wiping the Harroways, a House staunchly loyal to Maegor, out- no wonder the whole of the realm soon turned against him. .So, that is how House Towers got Harrenhal, but in a few decades they also died out and the Strongs took the castle. .Well, it can be said that the curse affected both the Butterwells and the Darrys. .Subsequently, Visenya dies and Alyssa escapes. .The murder of Prince Viserys is heartbreaking- every time we think Maegor has reached the peak of his brutality, he ups the ante once more. .What follows is even more demented and sick- the murder of the workmen. OK, Maegor, we got it, you do not seem to have an ounce of compassion for your smallfolk. .Well, considering that Maegor had done all sorts of unthinkable deeds, I think that it was not a rumor, but truth. .So, he now orders the Dragonpit to be built at the site of his first atrocity as a king. .Somehow, I don’t think that the prisoners lived for long. After all, the whole affair about using captive labor bears a resemblance to Roose Bolton rebuilding Winterfell. .And, this is the sad end of Poxy Jeyne Poore and Ser Horys Hill, badass peasant leaders to their last breath. .The silent majority however is still not dismayed. .Now the tyrant takes the war to a new level, killing not only members of the Faith Militant, but everybody who worships the gods of their fathers. .So, Silver Denys was not Maegor’s bastard, after all. .Now, we are jumping to the whole Black Brides affair. .Maegor finally married the girl his mom wanted for him, but still without her consent. .I wonder, what happened with Rhaena’s daughters? Were their dynastic claims put forward in the Great Council of 101? .The known riders of Dreamfyre- Princess Rhaena and Queen Helaena, women born, bred and died in tragedy. .So, it is possible that after the tyrant’s death, Rhaena married Androw. .Jeyne Westerling- man, the name is very unlucky. .The pattern of killing loyalists continues. The ingratitude of the Targaryens is disgusting. .Man, what Tyanna did to Rhaena (blackmail her with the lives of her daughters) is very cruel. .Maegor’s wedding night with the Black Brides is the definition of marital rape. .So, what caused all those monstrous births? Was Maegor cursed? Was it the Targaryen incest? Was it Tyanna’s poisons? I personally lean towards the second. .”His privy parts were poisoned, his seed full of worms”- loved this phrase. .Well, Maegor accusing Tyanna for all this and her confession under torture reminds me of Aerys accusing the women he was raping for Rhaella’s stillbirths. .Elinor’s stillbirth reminds me of Daenerys’ Rhaego- proof that Dany is going to be a second Maegor? Likely. .As Jim Morrison would say, “this is the end, beautiful friend”. .So, the timely intervention of House Baratheon saved the realm from the madman, much like Robert’s Rebellion did two centuries later. .Man, all this “Rogar/Robar” is a bit annoying. .Well, there is justice in the world, after all. .The tyrant was unrepentant to the end. I pity poor Lord Hayford. .Maegor, Viserys I, Rhaenyra, Aerys II, Joffrey “Baratheon” have been slashed by the Iron Throne, so it is possible that the throne itself punishes unjust kings. .I am glad the tyrant is dead. .And so begins the reign of Jaehaerys I, the Conciliator! Three cheers, everybody!