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    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Let's try and put them in a list, from the best to the worst: 1) Stannis. Meritocratic (Davos being elevated to Handship), Just (his decision not to attack Claw Isle, the indictment of Alester Florent, etc.), radical ("we shall make new lords"), aware of the mechanisms of human nature ("Good men and true will fight for Joffrey"), not affected by prejudice (Flea Bottom and Stony Shore smallfolk in his armies, Essosi in his navy), military prodigy (Castle Black, Deepwood Motte, the Siege of Storm's End, Fair Isle, capture of Dragonstone), good in diplomacy (winning the mountain clans, restoring the Motte to House Glover), open-minded when it comes to religion ("it was only wood we burned", "I will have no burnings. Pray harder"), hearing opposite views between his advisors and trying to steer the best course (hearing both Davos and Melisandre vis-a-vis Edric Storm), anti-corruption ("I mean to scour that court clean") and genuinely fighting for the realm, which makes him a righteous man (GRRM's own words). 2) Robb. Crowned by acclamation, inspired a strong sense of proto-nationalism (a huge leap forward when compared to feudalism), had a sound military mind (Whispering Wood, the Camps, Oxcross), was not opposed to a coalition with a southron King, meaning he did not attack the concept of the Iron Throne-backed regime, but was diametrically opposed to Lannister rule and wanted the North to be no part of it. However, he confused the lines between politics and familiarity (hoping that Lysa would aid him, sending Theon to Pyke, not firmly rebuking Catelyn for freeing Jaime but executing Rickard Karstark for a less serious offense). This being said, most of his failures were not determined by his skills or ineptitude (Balon was already planning to attack the North, Roose Bolton was actively hindering the Stark cause), but rather the skales of fate were tipped against him. While he was not perfect and made mistakes, he must not be held responsible for the downfall of his House. 3) Joffrey (no, do not stone me). The negatives of his rule are well-known (executing Lords Paramount, keeping refugees out of the capital. killing his own smallfolk, badly abusing and humiliating women), but with a strong and capable administrator like Tywin and with the Tyrell alliance his rule would ultimately have some bright spots. 4) Balon. A believer in ironborn supremacy, relishing in piracy, abductions, rape, enslavement, constant war, without having a skill in politics or a sound military mind. However, his popularity within his people and the support he had from the organized religious community would guarantee that his rule would be uncontested within his realm. 5) Renly. For all his so-called "popularity", in the Stormlands (where he was feudal lord) he had the support of only the Carons, Errols, Estermonts, Conningtons, Penroses and Morrigens, plus Brienne, meaning that only 6 of the 35 Houses joined him. In the Reach, he gained his allies due to his marriage to Margaery, which means that Mace, not Renly, had to mobilize the Tarlys, Rowans, etc. Outside those regions, his base of support was nonexistent. Furthermore, he had no rightful claim (hence he resorts to the "you may have the better claim, but I have the bigger army" quip), he knew about the incest but did not tell Robert, because he wanted the truth to be revealed just in time when Robert would already have been attracted to Margaery (hence the scene where he shows Eddard the locket), he actively instructed his men to kill Stannis ("see no insult is done to my brother's corpse") and dismisses the idea of a Great Council ("do direwolves vote"). He is not a proto-democrat, but rather espouses the "Might makes Right" doctrine, is- at least- an attempted kinslayer and does not have a grasp of either feudal politics or military strategy and tactics.
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Sabaton's "Carolus Rex" and "Long Live the King" remind me of King Stannis.
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    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Stannis, Tywin, Brynden Tully, Kevan Lannister for me.