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  1. For those of you who follow it, here's my final recap of the season. It's been fun!
  2. what?! CLEGANEBOWL 100% CANCELED!!! LOSE HYPE!!! Seems like "what is hype may die, after all" and "not every man must necessarily hype".
  3. Also: BRAN: I AM THE THREE EYED RAVEN! Sam: What's that? BRAN: THAT MEANS I CAN SEE THE PAST AND THE PRESENT! I AM ALL KNOWING...by the way, what are you doing here?
  4. 100% confirmed But I think it won't be Valyrian steel...it'll be with fire. It would be full circle.
  5. It doesn't prove anything. Anyway, which two men? I only recall Daario (and she COULD get pregnant with Jon)
  6. Also...did Mirri Maz Duur (the witch that killed Khal Drogo) tell Dany she wouldn't have children?? Not only I don't remember telling her that, but I'm pretty sure I remember her NOT telling her that (in the books she does).
  7. Didn't the wall collapse, while they were there? So, are they going to emerge on the other side of a giant pond in the Reach?
  8. not being rude, it wasn't a jab against you, just commenting sarcastically how I feel the redundancy of those scenes voided emotional connection with the viewers.
  9. Nice job of Tyrion to convince Cersei to spare her troops to help the cause....OFFSCREEN
  10. I went to get airhorns, and when I came back, Sandor walked away. Lose hype!
  11. As I usually do, I made an animated recap of this week's episode. Hope you like it.
  12. Just figured, what if the night king's only after his baby (Gilly's baby)? The series would end with him picking him up...and going back to way up north to mind his own business
  13. Rubber masks? I could suspend the disbelief believing they wore people's faces through magic, not by actually wearing rubber masks.
  14. seven hells, how many deus ex machinas can you cram in one episode?
  15. So...can't the white walkers/wights swim, or is the water just too cold for the gods of winter and ice?
  16. guess Gendry's rowing his way back to eastwatch, then
  17. Two questions 1) Did the bear really have to be a zombie? Couldn't it have been a normal polar bear 2) Who are those people who died? Where did they come from?
  18. They're reminding the audience about the hound's scar and how he got it. I guess that makes cleganebowl a certainty!
  19. How about Randyll sieging Highgarden, fighting dragons, and not once noticing he's got no sword?
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