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  1. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Fire-Breathing Dragons in Heraldry

    Hello everyone, While editing some of the heraldry on the wiki and adding the Personal Arms to infoboxes, I came across something strange. Some coats of arms, such as Bloodraven's or that of Aerion Targaryen, specify the color of flame being breathed by a dragon. In the blazon itself, in italics, should the dragon be referred to as "breathing", "vomiting", or "issuing" flame, or some other variant? I have tried searching for some authority to explicitly say so without just using it in passing, but to no avail. For example, Arthur Charles Fox-Davies in his Complete Guide to Heraldry mentions breathing flame several times, but never a dragon, and never explicitly mentions this as a rule. Please help!!
  2. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Quartering and Heraldry in ASoIaF

    Hello all, I was reading The Sworn Sword the other day when I realized that since Lady Rohanne Webber and Ser Eustace Osgrey are married, their houses may or may not combine. It is generally assumed that Ser Eustace is now Lord of Coldmoat (the wiki reflects this) However, this brings up a number of questions, some of which may be silly, but will be a thorn in my side till wiser minds than I answer them. 1. According to ASoIaF, what is to become of House Webber? There is still a cousin of Lady Rohanne, so presumably he caries on the family name, but does House Webber of Coaldmoat cease to exist? 2. What of House Osgrey? I assume it would now be titled House Osgrey of Coldmoat, but unless an heir is born I believe it would go extinct. Speaking of heirs.... ... Now we come to matters of heraldry. Lady Webber is what is called a heraldic heiress. She is an heiress if she has no brothers, or all her brothers die without sons or daughters. Such an heiress is entitled to pass down her arms to her male descendants. 3. What would the name of the child's house be? Presuming it is a boy, what do his arms look like? If we go by classical rules, they seem to be quartered. 4. What would the arms of the new house be? There are no other cases of men marrying heraldic heiresses in ASoIaF that I can find. Now, it's well known that the George has broken rules of classical heraldry to suit his own needs but I was wondering all the same. Many thanks to any who can help me!
  3. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Quick question lads, If the lord of a house dies, leaving behind a young son to inherit land and title, does that son become lord right away? Is there a regency of sorts or a Lord Protector? There's a case of this being done thousands of years before the Conquest with House Hightower, and more recently with Baelish at the Vale. What about just a normal House that's not a "Great" house?
  4. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    "Lord Robert, Lyanna's betrothed, was consumed by the need to avenge himself on Rhaegar, but the prince could not be found for the first months of the war. Rumor had it that he was in the south with Lyanna, at the place he called the Tower of Joy, near the red mountains of Dorne. But eventually his father sent Ser Gerold Hightower to recall Rhaegar to his duties, though Rhaegar ordered Ser Gerold, Ser Arthur, and Ser Oswell to keep guard over Lyanna in the south. (WoIaF App)" "recall. verb. rəˈkôl/ 2. officially order (someone) to return to a place." Unfortunately, thought the wording given is probably not what Aerys Verbatim said, it appears Hightower was not required to accompany Rhaegar back to KL, thus not explicitly disobeying the King's orders by staying. If he ordered him to return, his job is done.
  5. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    Seven blessings on you! This somewhat muddies the water on whose orders Hightower followed: Aerys's, Rhaegar's or whether he saw himself as doing both.
  6. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    How I hate in app purchases. I'll take your word for it but it wants me to pay to read the character profile. I wonder if anyone else has screenshots or the like.
  7. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    Thank you! I'd be very interested to find that source, friend. That changes everything. As a Rhaegar supporter, I'd love to read that myself.
  8. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    "Well, Hightower was at the ToJ w/ Dayne and Whent, I assume on Rhaegar's orders." The only problem I find with that logic is doing that explicitly fits inside their vows unless they are ordered to not do that by Aerys. Most likely Rhaegar ordered them to stay and they obeyed a member of the royal family like they were supposed. If they were ordered to not do that by Aerys and they still did, that shows their loyalty to Rhaegar, but if Rhaegar just asked them to, that fits their vows perfectly, no questions asked.
  9. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    Sorry mate, mistake on my part. But Hightower is Lord Commander, the White Bull. He's the one that took Jaime aside after the burning of the Starks and reminded him that they were sworn to obey the king, not judge him. I still think he'd need good reason to side with Rhaegar.
  10. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Division of the Kingsguard of Aerys II

    Why do you think Hightower would have sided with Rhaegar? He's the man that told Jaime to shut the hell up and let Aerys rape his wife. He'd need good reason to even think about it. This confuses me, Lord Varys. In the first sentence you claim that some think a Great Council grants legitimacy to Rhaegar's authority. You then go on to say that without it, the KG would have stood with Rhaegar. However, the logical conclusion seems to be that without a pretext of legitimacy they would stand with Aerys. Hence, I am confused.
  11. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Coats of Arms in Certain Templates

    Thank you so much!!!! That solves it entirely
  12. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Coats of Arms in Certain Templates

    I think so, and I have tried to fiddle with labels and data but to no avail. I see it works well in your personal sandbox, but I can't figure out how to do it with the actual page.
  13. Prince Jon Targaryen

    Coats of Arms in Certain Templates

    Hello all, Summer is here and for me that means spending my free time editing and cleaning up the wiki. I have resurrected my old mission of blazonry and personal arms wherever applicable, particularly to monarchs, in this case Aegon II and Maekar I Targaryen. I have progressed from my simple copy and paste understanding of the issue to realize a problem with templates is likely at fault. This is because I have found it quite simple to add Personal Arms to the infobox of characters, such as Daemon or Rhaenyra. It is infinitely difficult, however, to add this to the infobox of a monarch. In the case of a monarch, I have only ever been able to add Personal Arms to their infobox under the phrase "coat-of-arms", not under the phrase, as in the case of a character, "Personal Arms". I suspect this is because Aegon II and Maker's infoboxes are "Template:Infobox monarch" and Rhaenyra and Daemon's infoboxes are "Template:Infobox character". I apologize for the repetitiveness of the post, but this has been a thorn in my side for quite some time now. I believe I have tried nearly everything to make the monarch templates and the monarch pages themselves reflect "Personal Arms" in the infobox as opposed to "coat-of-arms", but nothing has worked. I do not know what to do. I recently scoured through the forums to find this wonderful thread on blazonry <Heraldry and correct blazons in the Wiki > whereupon Maekar's arms are mentioned, and my older post discussing this problem of mine is on page 87 of "The ASOIAF wiki thread", post no. 1721. A tip of the hat to user Rhaenys Targaryen as well, as her suggestion to fiddle with the template has led me closer to the solution although I am obviously not quite there yet. Believe me when I say I am open to all suggestions, as I am willing to devote an infinite amount of my time to get this done.
  14. Prince Jon Targaryen

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Hello all, new wiki user here. Apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post this. I have a certain mission of mine that I'd like to see through, but I find that I don't quite have the skill to accomplish it. I wish to add a personal arms section to a couple of characters' infoboxes, namely Aegon II and Rhaenyra Targaryen, and provide formal blazonry for another, Daemon I Blackfyre. I've done this so far to Rhaenyra, and updated Daemon's. These were easy (I just added the description of blazonry to Daemon, and copy and pasted said section into Rhaenyra's page and edited the text to reflect her personal heraldry.) However, this copy and pasting technique has not worked with Aegon II. When I do so, and add the appropriate information, it simply appears (in the preview) below the listing of his mother as Alicent Hightower, without the description (coat of arms, personal arms, etc) though I add it immediately before the "Books" row in the sandbox. What am I doing wrong, and how can I add this information? I very much hope I can be a productive member of this wiki, so I'd like to learn all I can. For whatever reason, I'm not able to post the pictures of the sandbox, preview, and templates I took
  15. Probably like one and a half hours working on my side projects like fan pic and the like.