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  1. I laughed out loud at how they needed to wait for water to re-freeze again. The temperature around the WW is supposed to be extremely cold. Even if NK is not Captain Cold who could re-freeze the lake with a cold gun in a few seconds, there is no way that that little hole would remain unfrozen all by itself for that long. Not to mention NK had an apparently reliable long range weapon (if he can hit a flying dragon from that range with that super-spear, he can totally spend the three days chucking a few at the ~10 people he feels are important enough to surround with his entire army and wait out. And don't even start with the "limited ammo" excuse. That spear is totally just a big icicle, and he is beside a lake of water that is freezing, he could easily make more of them.
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    How would you rate episode 702?

    The cure for greyscale is just peeling off the skin and putting some random goo on it? What's to stop other infections if the patient has literally no outer layer of skin to protect him? Won't he just die of gangrene or something in the next week after this so-called cure? And if gloves make you safe from infection (Sam certainly doesn't seem to take any other precautions) why is it dangerous to attempt this treatment? How'd the guy that came up with it, a maester that almost certainly applied some sort of scientific method succeed once, then fail so abysmally that he died another time? I guess they decided to make Euron be "Victarion who is mad and evil and much less physically imposing". By the way, how exactly did he spot their ships in the dark, and sneak up on them, when they couldn't even spot him quickly enough to notice something before he rammed into them? I'm afraid this is the start of another "Shirtless Ramsey and his 20 good men"