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  1. So you admit that Petyr betrayed Ned. There was no justification for his betrayal except his own ambition. Rather than pretending to go along with Ned and then turning on him, he could have said, "No, I am not going to play along, that is a stupid plan". But he didn't. He chose the path that maximized his own personal gain. Ned is responsible for Ned's actions. Baelish is responsible for Baelish's actions. Trusting an untrustworthy individual does not justify that individual's actions.
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    Official Testing Thread

    i guess not
  3. I took it pretty clear at its surface value that the Hound means to kill him in revenge. When the time is appropriate, of course, not at a peace negotiation. I guess you could read more into it than that if you want, but it didn't sound that deep to my ears.
  4. She was only a prisoner at King's Landing because of Petyr's duplicity. It's like killing somebody's puppy and then giving them an ice cream cone. Gratitude would not be a likely or reasonable response.
  5. If you highlight the text, it reads perfectly clear.
  6. Rather than compare the books to the show and being disappointed... I compare the books to other fantasy series and am quite satisfied... and I compare the show to other TV shows and am quite satisfied. The show was never intended to compete with the books, so I don't know why people treat it as if there is some right or wrong way to adapt the story. Frankly, I am glad that they are markedly different; I can enjoy them both on their own.
  7. I see what you are saying, but if both situations resolved identically, it would be kind of boring. As much as I hated being outwitted (I was yelling at Sansa for falling for LF's shit yet again), the final resolution was a pleasant and satisfying surprise.
  8. Yes you missed something. The whole thing happened at King's Landing.
  9. Yup. Sucks to be outwitted by a silly program, dunnit?
  10. If they are "just bad and lazy", why do you watch anything?
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    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Humor. He was complimenting Daenarys by way of a joke. Pretty straightforward really.
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    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    They are a bank. As financiers, they can surely profit from the slave trade without being slavers themselves. The same way we eradicated slavery in the west and yet buy our clothes from Chinese sweatshops because their payroll is wicked low and the savings get passed on to us.