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  1. Atcually, not "the Lannisters", but only Tyrion. And Sansa wasn't included in the "origianl 5" either, just Bran, Jon, Arya, Danaerys and Tyrion.
  2. I couldn't even pass through Tyrion's speech... the moment he said that there's nothing more powerful than a good story and that no enemy can defeat it, I felt that I could not stomach a minute more. Maybe in some days I'll bring myself to watch the rest of the episode. But nothing can redeem this ending for a show once was great and should have remained so.
  3. It's not the same, the dothraki leaders were willing to rape her, it was self defense. The slavers were disgusting people who crucified children. The Tarlys was a morally worse deed, but it wasn't so clear either, because they objectively betrayed their liege, and also she could have taken that decision as a way of not encouraging others in doing the same, so it could have saved lives in the long term. In short, nothing in her story had necesarily stablished the foundation for this, and the multiple small hints of her "going mad", were tempered by multiple small hints of her being just, and caring for the people, particularly the innocent people. And in just 20 minutes, they "subverted" all this, they turned her into a blood thirsty mass murder psychopath, with no valid political objective and no reason at all. It's as if Truman had thrown the 2 atomic bombs, but after Japon surrendered.
  4. But it's not a solution here; she attacks the fleet, and that's great. She attacks the scorpions, great. She opens a way to her armies in the ground to enter the city, again great. All very acceptable. Then, the city surrendered, and after that she goes inmediately against the common people?? Nope, sorry. Nothing in her previous story was an indication for this.
  5. I've avoided the lastest leaks in benefit of my peace of mind; I've read some comments here that point to them being terrible. I don't thing they can get away with doing this shit season, it were two years of waiting, a big budget for a tv show, and a lot of hype. The show's audience is so huge now, that this won't just fade away. To be fair, I believe that this derailment is not 100% on them, both HBO and GRRM have their fair share. But the arrogance and blindness they exhibit in the interviews, added to their scarce talent, will make them the target of the majority of the backlash.
  6. But back then it was the most logical thing to do, the best thing she could have been done. Tyrion's advice was wrong, she was not thinking in burning the city, but to go against the Red Keep, which was a very acceptable military target. How is that different from what Tyrion did burning Stannis fleet with wild fire? Back then the Red Keep wasn't full of human shields, like it's now. Had she done that, it would have saved countless lives.
  7. I also thought it was better than episode 3. I gave it 3 whole points over episode 3. The reasons for ppl rating it below -I think- are several, and you can see a sample in the comments 1) People who had never made a review before, are signing up and reviewing just out of pure disappointment. 2) The treatment given to Rhaegal and Ghost. Rhaegal survived a fight with an undead dragon and the Night King riding it, to be shot down in that moronic, inconsequential,stupid, incredible way. And Ghost, our beloved Ghost was mistreated the whole season 8, it was worse than not appearing at all. To have Jon "exile" him without a hug, some words of aknowledgement, was unforgivable. Let's face it, it, in a show where all characters have become unlikable in some way, the "pets" shine, and everybody loves them. 3) Some people gave episode 3 a pass, simply because they didn't buy it, they didn't believe that that was all about the Night King. They were expecting that in episode 4 we'll get some great twist, or at least some explanations given by Bran about the whole WW storyline (Prince that was Promised, Children of the Forest, Lord of Light, all that) 4) In episode 3 they ruined Jon and Bran mainly. In episode 4 they also ruined Jaime (making him turn back and reverse his path of redemption, or at least that is how it was perceived him turning back to Kings Landing). Danaerys (who they are clearly putting in a mad queen direction), Sansa (who broke her oath in 2 seconds), and also Arya (who one minute is all about family and the following is leaving and "not planning to return"). Basically, the writing is upsetting all characters' fans. 5) In episode 3, a great % of the fandom wanted and expected to watch a fight between Jon and the NK. They "subverted expectations" by not giving them what they wanted. In episode 4, a greater % of the fandom wanted to watch Arya and Sansa reaction to Jon's identity. They made it happen off screen. All this was just the straw that broke the camel's back, frustration over frustration, it was simply too much for many people.
  8. What we see the first dead breaking through wasn't the walls, but one of the stone sarcophagi that are in the niches, next / behind the the statues. So the dead were some of the Starks, but interestingly, Sansa and Tyrion hid behind the sarcophage in the back of Ned's statue, which is intact, and in the sequence we can see that the ones with statues that had their swords are intact too. So it seems that they kept the lore of the swords preventing the "vengeful" spirits to rise. Or may be it was only accidental? since they've thrown all the important lore down the drain.
  9. Exactly. And what was all that training for, 7 seasons training in warging, greenseing, all that? To sit there as bait?? The whole 3ER purpose was to become a powerful enough magic being as to be able to deal with the NK. This is a world where magic EXISTS, and affects wordly events. Yet, the only "magic" thing we saw him doing was... scout through the ravens? which was of no use, because he didn't say a word to anybody,not to mention that it's doubtful he could have seen anything because the poor ravens had to endure the same blizzard and fog than the dragons. And the complete lack of any sense, story wise, for Bran NOW! He existed to save humankind from extinction, or so we were told. What on earth has the 3ER to do with the petty, mean, small, trivial and despicable political worldy "game"? Or now he is supposed to revert to being just Bran Stark again?
  10. But the point is to have the prophecy fulfilled in an unexpected way, showing why prophecies and visions are a "dangerous thing", as Mel had to learn the hard way. But when you make them impregnate the whole story, only to drop them in the last minute, that's just crappy writing. That's to mock your viewers. They 've thrown through the window the whole Jon's arc, and also Bran's. I don't know what Bran purpose was. I feel cheated. As far as I'm aware, in the show who brought the PtwP prophecies was Mel, not Rhaegar. And her visions in past seasons DID happen, only that not in the way she expected. She saw "a great victory outside Winterfell" in the flames, and that happened, but not when she saw it and not with Stannis. THIS is the way to treat prophecies, not what they've done now.
  11. Sorry, but "unexpected" =/= "good" in the least, and "predictable"=/="bad". As someone in another thread said, the NK stumbling, accidentally falling against a Valyrian steel weapon and dying, would have been highly unexpected, yet only a little worse that what actually happened. It's easy to produce shock value when nothing makes sense. We had two characters who were contenders for being TPWWP, and have been built up for that. This kind of "unexpected" is instatisfying, frustrating, and completely anti-climatic.
  12. Gave it a 5. The music was good, Theon's arch ended decently. Jorah died like a champion, fighting for the living and for her queen. And I'm feeling magnanimous today so I gave a couple + points for free. The rest was forgetable, and also trying to get what was happening with the picture so dark was annoying, so I keep all it for the R&R thread.
  13. Have to watch it again before rate it, I couldn't see s**t. So much for the "longest battle in TV history", half the episode just a black screen with shadows moving.
  14. Yes. yes and YES. It's like watching a summary, not a show. Only loose scenes here and there, without depth, without actual meaning. The characters have been butchered till only a shell of them is left; the plot is full of holes and inconsistency, the dialogs are bad, and all important conversations are interrupted. The music is great, and in general the visuals are very good too, but I would never watch a show just for its music and visuals, I'm not interested in big battles, but in the people who fight them. Jon has discovered a life changing information, and we don't have any idea of how he feels, what he thinks! I am one of the completely disillusioned spectators, who only continues to watch the show because I invested in what the characters used to be, I want a conclusion, and I do not think JRRM will ever give us one. I don't blame only the showrunners, I blame HBO too, this is their show, they should have had some quality control in the creative department, and hire more and better writters.
  15. This is the problem. After 2 whole seasons waiting for Ghost, they put him in a so insignificant way that people didn't notice he was there. It felt like he was painted over, as if he was completely added later, when someone in post production said "Oh, wait, we are at episode 2 of 6, and the script didn't have a scene with Ghost yet; fans are gonna be very upset"... so somebody decided to add Ghost in a corner, on a scene that when was filmed he wasn't supposed to be. It was so underwhelming and dissapointing that I'll watch the remaining episodes only because I want to get some closure to this story and I don't think GRRM will ever give us one. Even when I continue lowering my expectations, they manage to disappoint me every time. What I liked: Brienne being knighted by Jaime, Podric singing the Jenny song, Jaime apologizing to Bran. Arya with Gendry felt odd, but it's believable that she didn't want to die a virgin, and it was a surprise, I didn't expect that at all. Overall, a 5 for me.
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