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  1. LucyMormont

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Well, Bran actually DID usurp his brother's right, didn't he? Or because Jon wasn't really his brother, this is less questionable and treacherous? And that, after making look like the most important thing was that Jon had to know that he was the "true heir" to the throne. In fact, also Sansa betrayed Jon, it all looked like Sansa and Bran teamed up to manipulate Jon to get rid of Danaerys, and then throw him under the bus.
  2. LucyMormont

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I couldn't agree more. It's disgusting that "mad queen" Cersei gets to die having the consolation of someone who loves her and comes back to try to save her or die with her; and "mad queen" Daenerys dies, in a treacherous way, at the hands of the man she loves. NO WAY. Cersei was way worse than Dany, never did a single selfless thing, and didn't torch all the people that opposed her just because SHE DIDN'T HAVE a dragon. Sansa, gets rewarded with a kingdom, after becoming Littlefinger 2. Tyrion, gets rewarded with being Hand of the King, after being the proven worst Hand of the King in the histoty of Westeros, not to mention highly responsible for the carnage of King's Landing population. Sam, a coward oathbreaker and manipulator, gets rewarded with a position in the King's Counsel. Bran, who to this very moment we don't know if he is just an autistic tree or the worst villain of all, gets the throne. And Jon, the only character that always acted with the greater good in mind -albeit cluelessly- gets exiled and banished. This is a very dark hopeless story. And no, this is nothing like real life. There are tragedies in real life, but life is also full of beauty, of good, of true heroism. It's full of people who fall and get up again, who fight their demons and adictions and succeed, and then help others to do the same. It's full of selfless people who do the right thing when the easy way is to do the opposite. Some people in this forum think that the end doesn't matter, that what matters is the journey. So I understand that they are willing to read the remaining books, even when the end is so unsatisfactory. But for me, the only thing that gives meaning to a "journey", is it's destination. From this story, I only got frustration, I don't need more of that.
  3. LucyMormont

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I love Jon Snow, and he killing Daenerys does not work for me either. Or maybe I should say that I used to love him. He and Arya were my favorite characters. I liked Dany, but not to the extent I loved those two. And then, just before the finale, I've reached the point where I couldn't care less for any of the characters. They were all pretty disgusting to me. The show has taken from the characters almost all "likeable" qualities, those that made them who they used to be. ShowJon was made a mindless clueless fool manipulated by everyone, and Dany "madness" was not built up. I could see her progresively becoming more entitled, more power hungry, more arrogant. But not more illogical, or more paranoid (like some people say -it's not paranoia when the people surrounding you are plotting against you and treat you badly for NO reason-), or more willing to destroy innocent human lives indiscriminately. Narratively, you can't jump from A to Z without passing through B,C,D, and so on. She was depicted as a heroine, although a troubled and flawed one, practically up to 2 episodes before. Anyway, I don't think the show wants to put you in Jon's shoes, because it never depicts what "Jon's shoes" are. His POV is hidden from us practically the whole season. We don't know whether he loved her or he used her, we don't know if he bent the knee because he truly believed she was going to be a good queen, or because he was just infatuated with her. We don't know how he felt about his Targaryen heritage and all its implicances. The show just makes no sense; it made all characters act out of character, stupidly, incoherently or evil (even Dany herself) to make Danaerys feel isolated and "doom" her. Tyrion the Smart oh-so-big-mind made the stupidest of plans; Varys the Great Spy schemmed and plotted in the open for everyone to see, Sansa betrayed her brother; Dany "forgot" the Iron Fleet -and apparently likes to fly looking up and not down-; the dragons are flying cows that anybody can take down or the most powerful weapons against which all defense is useless, and so on. And how can be Jon the protagonist? He is a moron, they don't even made him take by himself the decision that Daenerys had to be taken down. After seeing all the destruction, he was still "she's everyone's queen" and "we are done with the war now". And then he changed his mind because Tyrion said so! He was manipulated by Tyrion, My grief is that the characters I used to love are nowhere to be found, and that the moral of this story is that nothing makes sense. All those years following it, absolutely for nothing.
  4. I believe that what you say is not exclusive to Daenerys. I've seen people justifying many other character's wrong deeds, Many fans praised Littlefinger for his "intelligence and manipulating skills", for example, instead of rejecting him as the piece of s**t of human being he was. It's not so much about idolizing, as it is about not having a clear moral compass. Sadly, many people justify carnages for some reason of another.
  5. Atcually, not "the Lannisters", but only Tyrion. And Sansa wasn't included in the "origianl 5" either, just Bran, Jon, Arya, Danaerys and Tyrion.
  6. LucyMormont

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Nothing in this show had any purpose. It was all pointless and for nothing.
  7. I couldn't even pass through Tyrion's speech... the moment he said that there's nothing more powerful than a good story and that no enemy can defeat it, I felt that I could not stomach a minute more. Maybe in some days I'll bring myself to watch the rest of the episode. But nothing can redeem this ending for a show once was great and should have remained so.
  8. LucyMormont

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Tolkien did not do the same thing. I don't care how GRRM describes Tolkien's work, it's not "a powerful sadness" for me and for many millions of people.
  9. LucyMormont

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    If this is his goal, he is a sadistic petty and small man, whose only contribution on this earth was to make life worse for some of his fellow human beings. I believe that he'll have created a powerful disgust, and a healthy advise for many people to stay far away from anything related to him.
  10. LucyMormont

    How should Jon kill Dany

    ??? How can anybody say this is beyond me. Dany is not the rightful ruler, and even if she was, she had no right to put KL or any city to sword/dragon fire. That act alone takes away all "rightfulness" she might have had. No, he wouldn't be loyal to a mass murderer. The thing that he repeated all the time to those that opposed her is "she is not his father". Well, now he was proven wrong, she is like his father and worse. There is no way that Jon can give a pass to what Dany did.
  11. LucyMormont

    Have people given up all hope?

    I am not particularly good at math, but I just noticed the petition to "remake season 8 with competent writers" has crossed half million signatures. I predict that by the time of the series finale release, it will reach a million. And it will continue to grow. Episode 5 was watched by 12.48 million viewers. Let's say that multi-platform figures rise to 18 million. The fact that right now there are at least 3% of the viewership that thinks season 8 is that bad as to put their signatures into a petition to remake the whole season, speaks volumes. https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers By the way, I do think that this season is crap, I am severely disappointed, and yet I didn't sign that petition. I didn't because I feel really sorry for all the people who worked so hard. But the writers and HBO deserve the blame, and it won't fade away the fact that so many people are voicing their disappointment
  12. LucyMormont

    How will they react to what happened?

    I wholeheartedly agree. and more, do we need a piece of literary fiction to remind us that power corrupts, and that the weakest more innocent ones are always who suffer the most?? If I wanted to be "reminded" of that, I'd read a newspaper... or read about history... or just look around; from Syria to Venezuela, right now, we are surrounded by glaring "reminders" of that every single day. Apparently, GRRM doesn't know what bittersweet means.
  13. LucyMormont

    How will they react to what happened?

    1) He should be very angry with Sansa, what she did was totally wrong. He might forgive her eventually, with time (if he admits that after all, Sansa was right in distrusting Dany -although she had no objective reason to distrust her, so all this is inconsistent, unless we are shown that Bran knew something that he told her sisters but not Jon-), but he'll never trust her, ever again. 2)Things between Jon and Dany will go south in a heartbeat from now on. Jon knows now he was mistaken about Dany, Jon bent the knee to her because he needed her to save the North AND because he believed she'd be a worthy queen, "better than Cersei". It turned out the North is saved from the Dead, but in danger from Dany's forces,. No matter her former good intentions, she proved to be worse than Cersei. Although to be fair, we don't know what would Cersei have done if she had dragons. And Dany will not trust Jon, not anymore. She knows he won't go against his Stark family, but worse, she knows that his Targaryen heritage is now out in the open, so he is a threat to her, because there will always be people willing to conspire in the same way Varys did. And since marriage is not an option because he isn't willing to do so, I think that her next move is to kill him. In the same sense, his only move is to letting himself be killed, and thus allowing her to go against his sisters, or try to stop her. But the problem I see is that he can't just kill her, because the inestability won't stop with Dany out of the way, it could potentially get worse, with the Unsullied, Dothrakis and Drogon on the loose, with nobody able to keep control over them. He has to figure out a way to deal with Dany's armies and dragon. But since show Jon is stupid, he might just kill her and then watch like a dumbfounded fool how they wipe out all the remaining living inhabitants of Westeros, the ones he worked so hard to keep alive. 3) If Tyrion has just ONE working brain cell left, he should begin to run away as quickly as his short legs allow him. He betrayed Dany, and also broke Sansa's trust; so even in the slightest chance that Stark team wins, he'd have to face the Stark sisters.
  14. LucyMormont

    Unpopular opinion

  15. LucyMormont

    Unpopular opinion

    I am a classic fantasy fan, so I never worshipped GRRM for it. Actually, I stopped reading the books after Ned's beheading, and I missed the Red Wedding when he wrote it. When the show came out, I started watching and only by the end of episode 1 I was like "This story looks familiar"... I continued watching the show because I was curious, and ten years had passed since that first reading of "A game of Thrones". Obviously, time and life change people, I wasn't entirely the same person I was then; and now I thought I could bear Ned's beheading if the story would go to a satisfactory end. After the first season, I decided to continue reading the books. I found the last two of a great lesser quality than the first three (literary wise). Anyway, I fell in love with some characters, and wanted to see where their stories go. While the show started its downhill path after season 4, I still wanted to know were the stories of the characters I used to care go, and above all, the main thing that kept me going was that I was promised a "bittersweet" ending, Lord of the Rings style. So I thought that at least, all that suffering will be worth it. But no, all that suffering was pointless, only followed by more suffering. Now I feel completely cheated. The story was all along nothing more than a monumental nihilistic pointless junk. Yes, the show made it worse, full of plot holes, character inconsistency, horrid resources typical of cheap writers, But even if the books make it beliavable, I won't like or enjoy it.