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  1. ser jaime canister

    Daenerys will Break the Wheel

    Astapor and Yunkai went back to slaving almost immediately after Dany left them for Meereen. Why would they not immediately revert back again now that she's gone to Westeros? Are we to believe that Daario is going to stop them?
  2. ser jaime canister

    dragonstone to the wall in a day?

    To everyone whining that they don't want to see the traveling happen on-screen: there is an army of the dead marching towards the Wall. We know FOR CERTAIN that they are marching at the same time that Jon is on Dragonstone treating with Dany, and that they were as far from the Wall as Bran and Meera. How slowly are we supposed to believe they're traveling that in the time it will have taken then to reach the Wall we've had: Bran and Meera make it back to the Wall Bran and Meera make it back to Castle Black Jon travel to Dragonstone Jon treat with Dany Grey Worm and the Unsullied take Casterly Rock News reach Dany and co. at Dragonstone Dany and the Dothraki hit the Lannister army Dany and Drogon get back to Dragonstone Jorah make it all the way to Dragonstone from the Citadel Tyrion meet with Jaime Jon and crew decide to capture a wight Jon and crew make it from Dragonstone to Eastwatch-by-the-sea AND PRESUMABLY Jon capture a wight Jon take that wight back to the Wall Jon take that wight to King's Landing Cersei decides "yeah sure whatever" and sends her forces to the Wall Jon and the entirety of the Westerlands/Reach/Ironborn(?)/Dornish(maybe)/Riverlands forces make it to the Wall and not find every single member of the Night's Watch (and the North) slaughtered?
  3. ser jaime canister

    Longclaw [spoilers, probably]

    Jorah actually had the sword before he was exiled, but he left it at Bear Island before he fled Westeros. also, to this dude: Jeor didn't take it with him when he took the black, it was brought to him by his aunt Maege after Jorah fled. After that he basically stashed it away because it was a painful reminder of Jorah's crimes also jeor gave it to jon not just because he saved jeor's life, but because he was being groomed to be lord commander
  4. ser jaime canister

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    That doesn't explain why he had his sword in the first place. I could see Archmaester Ebrose leaving like a razor or something and nodding to Jorah (but then even that would be far too subtle for D&D), but letting him hang onto his sword the whole time he's there? Especially given that they apparently lock him up when they aren't doing whatever the fuck they were doing? and he's a former nobleman who was exiled for selling poachers to slavers. yeah, he had a pardon, but like...i don't know if the pardon was ever rescinded, because he kind of betrayed the crown afterwards.
  5. ser jaime canister

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    Probably the dumbest thing I can think of in the episode was Jorah having a sword in his cell (or whatever you want to call it) in the Citadel. They know he's infected with greyscale, they know that he's going to lose his mind (as happens to individuals suffering from the disease) and they know that he was a knight who could easily kill most of them (if not with his sword then certainly by infection), and yet they didn't confiscate his weapon. They didn't even post a guard by the door.
  6. ser jaime canister

    Best lines in 702

    "blrgh" The two non-Tyene Sand Snakes.
  7. ser jaime canister

    How would you rate episode 702?

    4. It wasn't as awful as last week, but it still wasn't good.