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    Dorne and Landed Knights

    I don't think knighthood can be inherited. The land can be, but even if you inherit the land from your father who was a knight, you don't inherit the knighthood. You earn that. Lordships are different, though I'm not terribly clear how they work if there are only female claimants. Alternatively, I may be basing my answer too much on medieval England, rather than Westerosi, but GRRM was influenced by real life.
  2. oldbus

    So, what's your head canon?

    I definitely wondered about that myself. The only thing I could think of is that they use day length (and potentially sun's height in sky) as a measure of seasons, but use the position of the stars to measure a year (i.e. a stellar year). This means that whatever messed up the seasons didn't alter the motion of Planetos round its sun, but did affect the position of the sun in the sky. That would explain how the maesters are able to measure years and seasons independently. Then I started worrying how that might work and if the southern hemisphere had opposite seasons, and led me to the conclusion 'it's magic'.
  3. oldbus

    So, what's your head canon?

    Like you, I wanted this as well for the seasons. However, I heard that some people cleverer than me had attempted to try and work it out and couldn't and that apparently GRRM said 'it's magic'. Sadly I don't have quotes for either of these, but I've gone with 'it's magic' myself. One possible resolution of ASoIF is that magic will be brought back into balance, and therefore the seasons will return to balance as well. But I wouldn't bet on anything myself Regarding 'tides of magic', it is interesting to speculate what is cause and what is effect. Is an increasing amount of magic what allowed the dragons to hatch, or the dragons hatching increased magic, or is it both (which would be valid)? Is the return of the Others linked to a rise in magic (though they appeared to have started moving some time before the start of GoT)? If not, what triggered them? (Last time it appears to be on the onset of the 'Long Night', but we've not seen a similar kind of event yet, but the Others are already on the way...