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  1. Stark_in_Winterfell

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    The reason is consistency. When a character that has been developed, is absent for an uncharacteristic length of time, it is not in keeping with the story line. It lets the viewers down. The viewers are feeling some disappointment on this matter. In this case it is not pivotal to the story. But when Ghost does reappear, it will be in a great big leap in a dramatic fight, then it will be over.
  2. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    How do you justify calling Sansa a serial killer? Sansa has killed two people in the entire series, both of them while Lady of Winterfell under legal conditions. Every man with a sword has killed more than that. Cersie has killed way more than that, many while she had the protection of queen but Cersie was killing before she was queen. There is your serial killer.
  3. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    Sansa has been on to Little Finger since before the Vale and since the Vale she has been trying to figure out how to out maneuver him.
  4. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    I recall that it was a difficult decision for her but she was afraid she would be blamed for Lysa's murder. She was fresh on the run under accusations of having killed Joffrey. She had no way to know of the Lords of the Vale would send her back to Cersie. She choose to lie thinking it the safer option and planned to use it against LF at a later time of she needed.
  5. Stark_in_Winterfell

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    It suggests that not all Bran's visions are spontaneous and instant access. Some he has to look for. Perhaps this is part of his growing into the role of being the three eyed raven that he spoke of. And Sam... lol, it seems what she said eventually sunk in. Sam is a good husband/partner if nothing else.
  6. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Discussing Sansa XXXIII: Pack survived

    Lol I think you nailed it.
  7. Stark_in_Winterfell

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    I heard them say it too. I know a few things about production budgets and I still say b.s.. If they didn't have the money, they overspent somewhere else, didn't plan for something off screen or had a sick/ drunk actor who couldn't remember their lines and took all day to shoot a scene that should have taken less time. Another member made the point that they could reuse old cgi. They could and probably get away with it. They didn't plan far enough ahead if they ran out of money for the little bit of cgi that was needed to have a glimpse of Ghost. He is an oversized dog, not a giant or a dragon.
  8. Stark_in_Winterfell

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    Not in the budget? I doubt it. The series is popular enough to be able to budget for some more cgi, not pick and choose. They let the genie out of the bottle, they need to plan accordingly.
  9. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    It's kind of amusing how contentious this discussion has become. If Rhagar can be called a jerk, then so is Lyanna. I agree their actions were selfish and given the amount of power behind their actions, their level of responsibility is higher, making their actions all the more devastating for the many who suffered the consequences. They both defied their families and ran off to fulfill their own desires together. The result was they threw Westeros into war and thousands died for their selfish love for each other. This is a cautionary tale of why even kings don't get to put their desires first. This is why Lords, Ladies, Kings and Queens are brought up to fulfill their duty to their families, houses and people and to consider their own wants secondary. The underlying theme is that when the happiness of the few comes at the expense of the misery of the masses, then no one is entitled to it. Dark, sad and too often true.
  10. Stark_in_Winterfell

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    That's a bummer. At least they had a scene with Ghost to cut out. What did it save them? Ten seconds? How long does it take to pan around the yard and Winterfell and see a Ghost? lol.
  11. Stark_in_Winterfell

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I think Baelish died in a way that fitted with his character. His crying was fake at first but a weasel like Baelish would cry and whimper for real when he realized his games were up and he was totally out of control. He was a worm, sneaky, manipulative little shit, not a fighter. Neither Sansa nor Arya has the strength to behead someone so they had to execute him in their own way. I think this is the justice Baelish earned and deserved. He deserved to die powerless, begging, without kin or kith, whining and laying on the floor squirming and choking in his blood. Of all the people he has screwed over, it is the Starks that he has screwed over the most, used and then infected with his presence. When things change, like women being in charge instead of men, and women fighting alongside men, then the way an execution takes place changes too. It took Sansa and Arya working together to kill execute Baelish, the Starks passed the sentence and carried it out by working together. Sansa has not killed with her own hands, though she has killed. She does not know how nor want to use a knife or a sword. Arya on the other hand is quite good at killing and now that she and Sansa are working together, as well as Bran, they can manage the various aspects of ruling together. The weakness of one is covered by the strength of another.
  12. Stark_in_Winterfell

    WIll Jon have been given a Targaryen name?

    No Maester does not equal no news. Just limited news. But if people are upset about one father having two sons with the same name, lets look at our society. George Foreman named all his sons George Foreman, and Michael Jackson has two Prince Michael Jackson's 2nd and 3rd. Weird though it may seem to us, it is not unheard of or an insult for a king to name his sons a kings name. It does make sense that in the books his name will be Aemon instead of Aegon.
  13. Stark_in_Winterfell

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    Back when Jon was in the nights watch, they at least have us a glimpse of Ghost gnawing on a mammoth bone wild aroch bone or perhaps a horse leg bone. That's all it takes. A glimpse of Ghost lounging lazily.
  14. Stark_in_Winterfell

    That look on Tyrion's face

    Yeah I am wondering why Tyron was lurking in the hall too. Jealousy? Nosiness? Treachery?
  15. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Discussing Sansa XXXIII: Pack survived

    I noticed she had Needle on her hip too. Would she have been allowed to carry arms if she were truly under arrest?