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  1. More like George jr. He is such a silly man.
  2. I think Jon would have refused it to his dying breath, especially after killing Dany. But the story set Jon up to be king and then dropped it like a hot rock.
  3. I'm old so reading has always been my thing. I realize younger viewers don't connect with reading the same way now and a bad show can do a lot of damage.
  4. Before Kindle, I heard a well read writer say once that it is always good to have your books made into movies even if it sucks. If it's good, then people buy the books and read them. If it sucks, everyone proclaims the books far better, and buys them. There is no losing for the author here. I agree because the books are almost always better and deserve more attention. Once in a while a book makes serious mistakes that the movie corrects, like one I refrain from naming so as to stay on topic.
  5. It's problematic for sure. Varys was the kind of person to have an escape plan that involved a secret passage and a boat. Oh yeah he did that already when he saved Tyrion.
  6. There are no facts. This is fiction. Anything goes. Dany is dead, betrayed by love. The end.
  7. Best line of the episode. "Sit down Uncle."
  8. Some vlogger I saw recently called Arya's ending spot on. I never considered one little question from way back would come back around. But it was clear they were making Sansa queen of the north. At least they didn't deter from that. I'm still digesting the rest. I suppose Sam doesn't get to marry since he is archmaester? There is logic in it but it doesn't tie together 7 seasons of build up to Jon's true identity. The was just tossed aside to neaten this up. Jon quits cheating on Ghost with dragons. Glad we cleared that up.
  9. Fucking hell. Call it the long goodbye. They tied things up though.
  10. Sure, Varys is the kind to reward a little bird. He is also the kind to set a chain of subtle events into motion with a subtle signal in the event of his death, which he anticipated.
  11. I agree. I guess the writing of late isn't as good as it used to be. I appreciate they were pointing the way for Dany to go mad queen since the beginning. But it still feels like we skipped a gear recently in getting her there. Even though Dany killed Cersei, her death is down below and unseen. That is bad writing, unless she survives it, crawls out and runs into Tyrion who decides to stab her. The big villain demands a more interesting death. Cersei got hosed. Dany too. Rushed, all of it. Ten years spent telling a story just to have it hurried in the end.
  12. I think the jewelry is a signal for someone, a little bird perhaps. I wonder too if Varys got at least one message out. If he did it will be copied and sent around.
  13. Hmmm on the one hand telling Tyrion guaranteed it would get out, sending ravens from your maester puts your hand on it. So possibly not.
  14. I am full of smart ass comments on this episode. Jamie killed Cersei with kindness. The dumbest Lannister killed Cersei. The smartest Lannister helped. In the end the Lannister boys tried to save Cersei. I guess this is consistency. I am mulling this over. Dany had a temper tantrum. Burn them all! When Arya saves, people die. It is only when Arya kills that people live. Frankenstein was killed by his monster.
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