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  1. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    I don't think it was the plan. They spent so much screen time setting up something different. I think this was their way out of the corner they were in and opted for leaning toward something more modern seeming. They just discarded so much. I am tired of multiple seasons of shows that start out strong, appear to have a clear direction and then they fumble around in the end. The way forward was written. If there was supposed to be this twist, they didn't support it.
  2. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    It seems Bran still has to download the file, gets obscure or incomplete info o doesn't understand what he sees or how it connects. His mind has to be searching for it sometimes.
  3. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Jon & Drogon

    I just watched it again. Tyrion had Jon all convinced before he went up there. I'm back on a now.
  4. Stark_in_Winterfell

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    More like George jr. He is such a silly man.
  5. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    I must have brain worm. I realized on second watch that Bran said he went to kings landing to become king.
  6. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    I think Jon would have refused it to his dying breath, especially after killing Dany. But the story set Jon up to be king and then dropped it like a hot rock.
  7. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Jon & Drogon

    I am going to argue with myself now and say that it is possible Jon had not decided to kill Dany yet, so Drogon saw no threat to her and let him pass. Drogon's instant appearance and apparent emotions make me think he spared Jon because of some quality between the dragon rider and the dragon or the Targaryens in general. But stories of dragons eating Targaryens exist so, hmm. I opt for the former. Its clear Drogon was very upset at Dany's death.
  8. I'm old so reading has always been my thing. I realize younger viewers don't connect with reading the same way now and a bad show can do a lot of damage.
  9. Before Kindle, I heard a well read writer say once that it is always good to have your books made into movies even if it sucks. If it's good, then people buy the books and read them. If it sucks, everyone proclaims the books far better, and buys them. There is no losing for the author here. I agree because the books are almost always better and deserve more attention. Once in a while a book makes serious mistakes that the movie corrects, like one I refrain from naming so as to stay on topic.
  10. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    That makes sense then. I lost track of Bran's visions a while back. I suspect he didn't understand their meaning at times and may not have been able to unravel the past from the future consistently.
  11. Stark_in_Winterfell


    Greyworm's action makes sense, and yet doesn't. He demanded justice and accepted only an apparent punishment for Jon. So Greyworm suddenly had power over Westeros. And Westeros appeased him.
  12. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

  13. I think Sam proved himself smarter than the dusty old farts he was learning from. Bran likes Sam and the appointment seems natural. Horn hill, indeed who? Perhaps his sister?
  14. Stark_in_Winterfell

    So what was this long story all about?

    Hbo screwing up a good book series?
  15. Stark_in_Winterfell

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    I knew Danys character would succeed and then die. I figured Jon would kill Dany, the betrayal of love, which was right. I knew Sansa would be Queen of the independent north. ( Scotland?) Cersie would die. Jamie died a hero. Euron, the world needed one less pirate. Clegane bowl was obvious, right? Less certain but I thought: I figured Tyrion would live and continue to be important. Davos would live and still be handing out advice. Sam would live to tell the story, but I thought he would marry. Arya would live for no certain purpose. Where I was wrong: Bran. Jon- I seriously thought he had one of two endings for him, as king or dead. I thought all the dragons would die. The rest.