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  1. Aside from disappearing for an entire season, Bran seemed like a different character when he popped up at Winterfell in season Seven. I don't know what he thought, why he did anything, whether he was even human anymore. I don't know what a three-eyed raven is. They never really told us.
  2. What could possibly go wrong trusting an omniscient being of suspect humanity and entirely unknown motives who can take over people's minds at will?
  3. I think you're reversing cause and effect. But this would make for a very good Snickers commercial.
  4. I think at this point you're not even thinking about the mental image you're supposed to have. It's an involved thought process, with the spokes (houses), the wheel (institutional power), and the things it rolls upon (the populace). The only way breaking the wheel makes sense is If you change the form of government. The only way.
  5. I never said end monarchy. I said change the form of government. It has to be the form. It can't be just a different ruler, unless somehow rulers were divorced from families. Which would be to end dynastic rule. Which would be to change the form of government. And it can't just mean stopping the crushing of people. Because you could do that by simply preventing the wheel from rolling forward. Which is what putting the Targaryens on top forever would accomplish. But she doesn't want to do that. She wants to break the wheel, allegedly.
  6. I don't think she meant anything. It was just sounds coming out of her mouth. But if you take her at her word, that's what the analogy meant.
  7. I can see that for Greyworm, but Danny already had relationships with Jorah and Tyrion, and Jon and she supposedly fell in love. The Northerners were cold to her, but they're cold to everyone. They were even cold to Sansa and Jon in season Six. Think about the tens of thousands of soldiers gathered around Winterfell. There wasn't a single dramatized incident of strife between Westerosi and Dothraki/Unsullied. Not counting little kids running away from Miss Sandy. On the other hand, several seasons ago Starks and Karstarks were at eachother's throats despite the fact that they were on a winning streak, all because Jaime killed one person.
  8. It can't be that, the way the analogy is told. She was talking about breaking the mechanism through which different powerful people grind the people. Which means some kind of change in the form of government.
  9. Say what now?'How did Danny stop any throne-fighting? She just guaranteed there'd be more traitors. Coming to kill her.
  10. I was thinking, aside from missing the adulation she got back east and the loneliness of not having any friends and the trauma of recently losing Jorah, Miss Sandy, and two "children," she had pent-up wrath she expected to expend on her enemies. When denied that chance, she said "eff it" and burned everything anyway.
  11. Doesn't learn how to defend herself? She's killed more zombies than anyone living. She has killed scores of men. All because she's a dragonrider, not a swordswoman. I don't know about the combat training of queens-to-be in Westeros, but remember Danny was not the supposed heir apparent. Viserys was. He apparently was familiar with the fundamentals of carrying a sword. He had authority over Danny and I can see no reason why he'd have her train with a sword. There isn't much need for a queen to know how to fight. And it's not as though hiding behind Jorah is anything to be ashamed of. Unlike Joffrey hiding behind Cersei's skirt. If it weren't for the fact that no one else can fly Drogo, she shouldn't even be at Winterfell. There is no reason to put her in harm's way.
  12. Failing to burn the Big Bad with fire counts as a try. I think technically you have to give Theon credit for a try, too.
  13. Does Jon look like a zombie to you? He was brought back to life. He is not a pile of bones animated by ice magic.
  14. Wasn't getting hammer-chested and his family slaughtered enough?
  15. Yes. If you think about it for half a second, you realize it makes no sense from any angle. Why is that kid in front of the Sept? Why does Lancel follow him when his mission is to go get Cersei? It's just a kid in the street. Why does the kid lead him to the wildfire? Why is the super-secret hiding place for the Mad King's doomsday device so easy to find? Why does the kid leave after stabbing him? How did he know that single stab would incapacitate him? Was he trained by Arya or something? They just wanted someone to witness the flame touching the wildfire.
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