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  1. Why do you imagine it's not Night's Watch law for a Lord Commander to sentence disobedient underlings to death? The Night's Watch is basically always at war.
  2. We don't know the exact laws of Meereen and the Night's Watch, but in the former case Dany I think was clearly in the wrong when she carried out random reprisals for Harpy terrorism and burning surrendering commanders alive. Jon, on the other hand, I think was perfectly justified killing a subordinate who disobeyed direct orders and the mutineers who murdered him.
  3. Naming Sansa Queen back in season Six would have actually made sense. She was the Lady of Winterfell and Bran had not been discovered to have survived yet. Acclaiming a bastard who recently abandoned the Night's Watch for mysterious reasons was unbelievable. Now, however, things are different. The North seceding right after they rejoined the kingdoms and a Northern Lord became king makes zero sense
  4. darmody


    They now rule Westeros through King Robot.
  5. He's paid for his cute puppydog face and flowing hair (when it's down), as well as to dance around with a sword.
  6. Well, the wheel metaphor was about ruling houses and she was jumping in front of Jon to take control of their house, so I guess it's...grrl power?
  7. How was that the main point of her character? I would put it no higher than fifth on her list. And why "suddenly?" Even the Mad King devolved gradually. I don't see why that's pertinent or how the Iron Throne is mysterious. Aside from who would end up being king or queen. But Bran would have been a surprise had Dany died in season One. HOwever, assuming her destiny had to be held out for as long as possible, you do realize going mad is not her destiny. Jon stabbing her is. And there's no reason that had to be motivated by SUDDEN turn to madness like a half-hour of show time before she dies.
  8. darmody

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    You mean like Aegon the Conqueror who won the game with Terrible Thunder Lizards?
  9. darmody

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Pfft. If I can read (and I can), howcome I don't know the entire Bible word-for-word? We know Bran can see the past, but it's obvious he doesn't know everything about the past. When Sam informs him Rhaegar and Lyanna were legally wed, he has to go look up a vision of their wedding. I'm thinking looking for Drogon or seeing the future is a similar process.
  10. darmody

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Egregiously untrue. Bran: intervenes to have Littlefinger killed provides the Allies the correct strategy for defeating the Night King has Sam tell Jon about his parentage directly before the battle for no obvious reason. rolls on down to King's Landing even though there should always be a Stark at Winterfell These are all things that happened in the show.
  11. darmody

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Yeahbutt he won. So apparently he was in the race.
  12. It's okay in modern-day U.S. some places, too. Or legal, anyway. But the fact that they grew up in the same house and thought they were half-siblings most of their lives makes it grosser than his relationship with Dany, which blood-wise was more incestuous.
  13. Couldn't she just say, "I'm the Queen, eff off," after the battle? They let her kill Varys, and no one likes Cersei.
  14. darmody


    It's not very yucky to sleep with someone who happens to share grandparents with your cousin. That's well within contemporary standards for consanguinity.
  15. darmody


    Gendry's character since being reintroduced on the show is pretty basic: prideful blacksmith swings hammer and fights with Ned Stark's nephew, like father is attracted to Arya wants adventure That's about it. You could say he wanted to be lord simply because it would allow him to marry Arya, be like his father, and never have to go back to Flea Bottom. I'd accept it. The kid on the road with Arya, he was almost a different character. I don't bother comparing.