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  1. Why do you imagine it's not Night's Watch law for a Lord Commander to sentence disobedient underlings to death? The Night's Watch is basically always at war.
  2. We don't know the exact laws of Meereen and the Night's Watch, but in the former case Dany I think was clearly in the wrong when she carried out random reprisals for Harpy terrorism and burning surrendering commanders alive. Jon, on the other hand, I think was perfectly justified killing a subordinate who disobeyed direct orders and the mutineers who murdered him.
  3. Naming Sansa Queen back in season Six would have actually made sense. She was the Lady of Winterfell and Bran had not been discovered to have survived yet. Acclaiming a bastard who recently abandoned the Night's Watch for mysterious reasons was unbelievable. Now, however, things are different. The North seceding right after they rejoined the kingdoms and a Northern Lord became king makes zero sense
  4. He's paid for his cute puppydog face and flowing hair (when it's down), as well as to dance around with a sword.
  5. It's okay in modern-day U.S. some places, too. Or legal, anyway. But the fact that they grew up in the same house and thought they were half-siblings most of their lives makes it grosser than his relationship with Dany, which blood-wise was more incestuous.
  6. Couldn't she just say, "I'm the Queen, eff off," after the battle? They let her kill Varys, and no one likes Cersei.
  7. Remember back when Dany was in Essos and nobody much paid attention to her in Westeros? Cersei blew up the frickin' Vatican and for all everyone knows assassinated her son. Then she assumed the throne despite having no claim. (And if she did have a claim, I think Jaime would be ahead of her.) Are we supposed to believe Qyburn was her Goebbels and tricked her subjects into accepting her? Because I think she should have lasted as long as it took to kill Zombie Mountain. Cersei isn't good at propaganda. She's simply played by an actress the show likes. Okay, she made some good arguments in front of Randall Tarly. But there's really no reason he should take the word of a kinsexer and mass murderess who killed his liege-lord and Queen.
  8. Her world-conquering had no apparent motivation. She originally raised an army to claim what she thought was her birthright, then got sidetracked liberating and governing Slaver's Bay. Suddenly she has not just the idea of doing the same thing everywhere, but is very sure and explicit about it. As if the Dothraki and Unsullied would be excited by the prospect. As for Jon waiting to kill Dany after fair warning and mobilization...did you see the previous episode? She may have murdered a million people for no reason whatsoever. And Jon is her only potential rival left in Westeros. Jon shouldn't even have to talk to Tyrion. He should have killed her right on the steps of her Nuremberg Rally.
  9. Star Wars has the whole Extended Universe of books, video games, comics. The movies all hew closely to the Skywalker family and Death Stars because they cost a lot of money and studios want to be safe. But they could experiment on a more modest scale if they felt like it. So long as it is a Space Opera with the Force and lightsabers would be advisable. Also humanoid robots. Dragons, T&A, wolves, and surprising violent deaths are Game of Thrones signatures I guess.
  10. The show wants us to believe Bran is on the...space where the throne used to be not because of blood but because he had a good story. And he remembers things. Seriously. That was the end of the game of thrones. Next monarch after Bran dies in 1,000 years shall have to write the bestest college admissions essay ever.
  11. The closest guess I can make is that they assumed people remember "The King in the North!" chant, have it in their minds that Northern independence is now a permanent Stark thing, and they owed a debt to Sansa for season Five and had to make good with a queenship .
  12. Is there any reason why you're putting family in quotation marks? We're talking about his first cousins, with whom he was raised.
  13. She had a dragon who's telepathically connected to her nearby, to be fair. Jon passed the sniff test.
  14. Sandra, Queen in the North. "Hey, didn't we just have a King in the North?" "Yeah, now we got a queen." "What happened to 'im? He dead?" "Naw, not since last time he died." "Well, where is he?" "Up North." "Then why ain't he still king?" "Not this North. The North-North. Where they's guarding the Wall still." "What, he playin around with some Wildling girl?...Ah, them highborn."
  15. Didn't Calgula surround himself with Germans or something so they wouldn't have any loyalty to anyone else?
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