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  1. Doesn't learn how to defend herself? She's killed more zombies than anyone living. She has killed scores of men. All because she's a dragonrider, not a swordswoman. I don't know about the combat training of queens-to-be in Westeros, but remember Danny was not the supposed heir apparent. Viserys was. He apparently was familiar with the fundamentals of carrying a sword. He had authority over Danny and I can see no reason why he'd have her train with a sword. There isn't much need for a queen to know how to fight. And it's not as though hiding behind Jorah is anything to be ashamed of. Unlike Joffrey hiding behind Cersei's skirt. If it weren't for the fact that no one else can fly Drogo, she shouldn't even be at Winterfell. There is no reason to put her in harm's way.
  2. Failing to burn the Big Bad with fire counts as a try. I think technically you have to give Theon credit for a try, too.
  3. Does Jon look like a zombie to you? He was brought back to life. He is not a pile of bones animated by ice magic.
  4. Wasn't getting hammer-chested and his family slaughtered enough?
  5. Yes. If you think about it for half a second, you realize it makes no sense from any angle. Why is that kid in front of the Sept? Why does Lancel follow him when his mission is to go get Cersei? It's just a kid in the street. Why does the kid lead him to the wildfire? Why is the super-secret hiding place for the Mad King's doomsday device so easy to find? Why does the kid leave after stabbing him? How did he know that single stab would incapacitate him? Was he trained by Arya or something? They just wanted someone to witness the flame touching the wildfire.
  6. It happened that they weren't noticed, but we don't know that it was Little Finger's plan to wait and pop up at the exact moment he did. I like to think that wasn't the plan, because I like to think Little Finger wasn't an idiot.
  7. You're talking about the actors carrying the material. There wasn't much to the actual scene. Horrible as it was, it was dramatically just dragging out the torture of events already decided.
  8. Stupid, yes. Petty? More like treasonous. That's the sort of thing that can lose you a head. Not that Jon would Olly her. But if she weren't in the protected role of wronged lady, she would be seen as secret-cousin backstabber.
  9. Not the whole story, no. But whole big chunks of it. I don't look at it like a chain, where every part has to work or its nothing. More like computer code, where it can still work with bugs. Game of Thrones is 90% bugs.
  10. Except that would rely upon Ramsay not noticing him, and just hanging around would be the best possible way to be discovered. There's really no way to reconcile all the plotholes without making every major character a moron.
  11. To be fair, Tyrion's plans were needlessly roundabout and I think he may have secretly tried to protect his family, BUT his warplans failed due to magical plot convenience. There's no Westerosian reason Urine should have been able to teleport back and forth or Highgarden should have fallen like that.
  12. Bolton knew the Lannisters wouldn't approve of Ramsey marrying Sansa. Their hook-up with Little Finger was the end of their alliance with Tywin. Which wasn't completely out of nowhere, because the Vale was presented as being the largest power as yet uninvolved in the recent wars. However, we were never told just what Bolton's goals were. Nor Little Finger's, except the ultimate goal of sitting the iron throne. Kinda stupid to make yourself an enemy of the Lannisters AND Stannis just to keep what you already have, which is Winterfell. Especially considering how untrustworthy is your new ally.
  13. Given his feelings, had Jorah treated Dany as a person, Khal Drogo would've felt compelled to nude him up and drag him behind a horse. After Drogo went catatonic, there was that whole surviving a funeral pyre and hatching dragons thing, which you can understand might compel Jorah to put her on a pedestal. As for Tyrion, well, the show forgot to ever have them get to know eachother. It's a weird oversight. He shows up, a Lannister and all. Funny thing, Lannisters slaughtered large chunks of her family. Anyway, she receives him formally and doesn't take his head. Then she disappears back into Dothrakiland. She comes back, and is pissed about him screwing up her empire. They don't really have any scenes allowing them to bond as humans--he to her or her to he. Then she names him hand for no reason. Maybe because he's the only person with passing knowledge of Westeros around. They don't get any personal scenes together this year, either. It's all business. (Business which Tyrion royally screws up, by the way.) Until the fireside scene, which briefly features Tyrion teasing her on a "k-i-s-s-i-n-g" level and her talking about her taste in men. Then it immediately gets political. You can say Tyrion treats her like a queen, yes. But the truth is these characters don't have an actual relationship. It's an illusion. So I can't say that Tyrion doesn't treat Dany as a person, because the two haven't met. Tyrion is still in that box on that ship, I think. Or maybe he's in several pieces, one of which hangs prominently on a cock-merchant's cart.
  14. Actually, her first thought upon hearing "Dany" was of her brother Viserys, who also wanted to sex her. Presumably, she was touched because deep down she sensed Jon is family, too, and Targryens have icky, icky incest in their blood.
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