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    So what is going on with Dorne now?

    I LOVED Dorne in the books. Such a different, diverse place with a unique culture. A very arabian sort of feel too which as someone sort of obsessed with arab history I really liked. And they seemed by far the most progressive. In the show, yeah, they just took way too many things away from it for it to be any interesting. It just felt like stereotypical "desert people" place. But back on the topic of the thread, I'm head-canoning it as kingdom wide civil war or just national unrest as no one can decide who gets to rule or what should be done after losing so many rulers in such a short period of time. Doesn't make much sense that it wouldn't at least be mentioned but oh well. Not sure many people really miss it. Even my show-only friends don't seem to like it at all.
  2. SerDuncanTheShort

    Longclaw [spoilers, probably]

    Preston Jacobs is usually a bit too critical of the show for my liking(although it can be really funny!), but I like his prediction for this: Jon: Oh by the way do you want your sword back? Jorah: Nah you can keep it. Jon: Okay cool let's never bring this up again.1
  3. SerDuncanTheShort

    Why is Bronn so loyal to Jaime?

    I realize that almost all of this has already been said and better but here's my personal take on it: Bronn is a sellsword, so there are two main aspects to his personality. 1- He likes gold and other material goods. 2- He is a good fighter with a warrior's instincts. Back in Season 4 we saw the first part of his personality come into play: Cersei offered him better pay. He had time to think it over, discuss it with Tyrion, weight the pros and cons, and in the end decided to sort of switch sides. None of this really happens here. Daenerys never makes him an offer and there's no reason to think he'd be able to join her(either she wouldn't have him, or the lannisters would find him and hang him as a deserter before he got to her). Even if he did, why should she give him a castle, which is what Jaime promised him? Really, the only incentive to switch to Daenerys before the battle started would have been that she was far stronger than the Lannisters at first. But the show has done a good job of giving them many victories in the first 3 episodes which may have made him think they can win after all. And so during the battle, I think it's mainly part 2 of his personality that we're seeing. A warrior doesn't stop to pick up gold and practically beg his enemies to stab him in the back while he does it. A warrior follows his commander's orders and tries to focus on taking out the biggest threat to his side's forces. A warrior knows that losing his commander means losing all and does his best to save his life. Switching sides during the battle is really not quite possible, how would he even announce it? And running away may be even more dangerous than standing and fighting when your enemies have horses and you're mainly a good fighter. After the battle has started basically, Bronn has already made his bed and now has to sleep in it. He really doesn't have time to weigh the pros and cons of switching sides in the heat of the moment. His warrior instincts have taken over. It's not so much loyalty as human nature. We shall see next episode/after the battle if he does remain loyal I guess. I haven't even seen the preview(don't like spoilers), so dunno.
  4. SerDuncanTheShort

    Rhaegar vs Aerys?

    Well he doesn't have to publicly execute him or take the blame. He could just ask Varys to arrange an "accident" or something although I wonder if that's really his style.
  5. SerDuncanTheShort

    What's the point of the reintroduction of Reek?

    It made complete sense to me that Theon would run at that moment. Maybe not from a storytelling standpoint but from a realistic standpoint. The thing I don't really understand is how that would actually help him survive. I mean he was pretty much the third most important person on that ship after Ellaria and Yara, Euron easily could've and would've just sent someone to fish him up, no? I also really hope nothing depressing happens to Yara/Asha
  6. SerDuncanTheShort

    Final Solution to the Ironman question; Carrot or Stick?

    Aren't we forgetting that Asha almost won the kingsmoot with her peace-policy before Euron showed up? That makes me think that the ironborn don't have to be a lost cause. Although I wouldn't personally know how you'd go about pacifying them... I like your plans. Stormking902! Stormking902 king! Hey, I never really noticed that but yeah that's a good point. It would have been nice if the ironborn had a more cultured side too I think. I wonder if Martin deliberately chose to make them simplistic or if it was just carelessness.