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  1. I was honestly surprised by how easily the Golden Company and the Ironborn fleet were taken down. After seasons of D&D building up Cersei as a legitimate threat to Dany, it was quite shocking to see her forces fold so quickly, especially given how completely they dominated hers last episode. Still, I suppose it was in keeping with how they typically write battles. They don't know how to do anything but surprise attacks where one side completely annihilates the other. Maybe I should've seen it coming after all.
  2. If I went into this episode cold I'd think it was a parody of aSoIaF. What a complete butchering of every single character; if I didn't know any better, I'd think the character assassination was intentional. I have no problem with Mad Queen Dany, but the show has not put in the time and effort to earn that ending. What was her reasoning behind burning all of King's Landing? I don't know, because the episode never explained it. One of the pivotal moments in the entire series and D&D fell flat on their faces. The less said about Jaime's straight up character assassination the better. The kindest thing I can say about this episode is at least you could see what was going on. The chaos of war on the ground was legitimately well done, but the characters' actions were so nonsensical I couldn't care about any of it. And the dragon action was cool to watch, even if there was zero logic behind it (how did the scorpions go from being ridiculously overpowered to not even remotely threatening in less than an episode?). 1/10. The episode might not deserve it from a technical or acting perspective, as those departments were legitimately well done. but the narrative was such a travesty that it simply outweighs everything else. To see what was once one of my favorite shows crash and burn so utterly was beyond demoralizing and infuriating. I couldn't even enjoy hating it as I have since season 5. I just felt nothing.
  3. Elayis

    Is the quality of this season low?

    I disliked "The Long Night" as much as any Rant & Raver here, but from a casual fan perspective it's a generic, fan pleasing episode where the good guys win, Arya gets her "girl power" moment and the deaths were expected and a long time coming. With "The Last of the Starks" however, the character assassinations have hit warp speed. Jaime left Brienne heartbroken, Jon ditched Ghost, everyones plotting to overthrow Dany and Rhaegal & Missendei were brutally killed out of nowhere. It's not hard to see that fans had a more visceral reaction to episode 4, as it seems purposefully designed to shock, depress and anger people. For me, this was the last straw. I've been a hatewatcher for years now, but this was the moment that poisoned any remaining goodwill I had for the early seasons. I can't see myself ever watching this show again once it's finished.
  4. Elayis

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    What's disappointing is that they both make good points, Sansa in particular, but they're so bitchy and childish about it that I can't help but dislike them. Why would Dany listen to Sansa when all she does is roll her eyes and scoff at anything she says or does? For being such a "smart player" she's incredibly blind to how others perceive her, and lacks any skill in politics or actually ruling. And Arya's been a psychotic murderess since the end of season 3. It doesn't help that time and again they both made horrible, stupid mistakes but were nevertheless rewarded for them, just like every other character in GoT. Failing upwards seems to be the show's motto.
  5. Personally, I don't care Cersei. I haven't since D&D went completely off book with her starting in season 3, and have actively hated the character since season 5. Carol/Cheryl is not Cersei. As for Missendei, even if it was just a callback she had to know what Dany's response would be. Doing to King's Landing what they did Astapor would be downright villainous. The way the show has set the stage, there's no way to take out Cersei with Drogon and not inflict massive civilian casualties. It all just comes back to not taking her out last season. So either Dany doesn't care how many smallfolk she kills or she's so stupid it would be criminally irresponsible for her to rule. D&D did say she just "forgot" about Euron, his fleet and Qyburn's scorpions.
  6. Better, sure, but I think that's mostly due to the scripts actually asking her to act for once. I never said it wasn't an improvement, just nowhere near acceptable, let alone good. I honestly feel she'd be well suited to comedies. She's immensely watchable during interviews and her funny backstage skit she did while filming season 8. Drama just doesn't seem to be suit her.
  7. Do we care about Cersei, though? I'm honestly more upset about Missendei's desire for Dany to burn all of King's Landing, innocents included.
  8. You're seriously telling me that this is good acting? https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2019/05/06/USAT/b614f920-1b38-4a1d-8001-efab83ea5b27-23_Courtesy_of_HBO.jpg
  9. There have been small hints here and there, so I agree that Mad Dany was inevitable. But even as recently as the last two seasons she has been largely sane and empathetic. Even when telling Sam that she burned his family alive she was still conflicted and remorseful. Her turn should've been handled with a lot more finesse and screen time.
  10. From a production standpoint, it bugged me how terrible the last scene looked. You could tell that it was largely green screen (you could even see it reflected in Tyrion's hair); it looked like something from season 3 or 4 from the show. Maybe it was the time of day, the gray sand and boring castle architecture. It was simply ugly, and the final nail in the coffin in confirming that Emilia Clarke can't act.
  11. I think it's safe this say these last two episodes have killed any remaining good will I had for this show from the first four seasons. Like other rant and ravers here I stuck with it till the end because I hoped having GRRM's endgame would improve the quality. And for the opening two episodes, I was right. It's amazing how quickly everything went south. First, they completely undercut the central threat of the entire series, and now they're sabotaging the lead characters. How anyone can enjoy this show and root the people in it is beyond me. At least when The Walking Dead decided to devolve into torture porn it was well written. It was unpleasant and the opposite of fun, but you could tell thought and effort was put into it.
  12. Fuck, I thought last episode was the lowest it could get but here is D&D once again to prove me wrong. I am so glad I read those spoilers beforehand. I'm still angry about the way Ghost was treated and how Rhaegal went out like a bitch, but I can't find the will to care about any of the rest. Of course Dany goes Mad Queen at the flip of a switch. Of course Sansa breaks her word and starts scheming behind everyones back. Of course Jaime is still obsessed with Cersei. Of course the bas guys win because the good guys forget everything and act like complete morons. Of course Missendei's final wish is for Dany to burn thousands of innocent people for revenge. I just can't with this show anymore. Thank God there are only two episodes left. The only reason I'm still watching is so I can watch Euron and Cersei die, but knowing D&D I'm sure they'll try to make it as tragic and sympathetic as possible. GRRM really screwed the pooch when he handed them the keys to the seven kingdoms. 2/10, for Jaime and Brienne finally getting it on.
  13. Elayis

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Dance 2.0 would've been so much better, so of course D&D didn't do it.
  14. There's also the fact that his involvement with the show and his resulting celebrity status (which led to numerous speaking events and tours, as well as developing other tv shows) almost certainly led to Winds being delayed. You can't tell me it wouldn't have already been released if the show never happened. Hell, Dance might've come sooner as well, and the whole series might have been finished by now.
  15. Just because he hadn't seen any footage doesn't mean he's unaware of what's going to happen. Martin's indicated that he still had meetings/conversations with D&D and HBO, so at the very least they had talked about season 8's story. He may have even read some of the scripts. And I bet he gave that interview before episode 1 had premiered. You also have to consider that Martin is not unbiased when it comes to the show. Yes, he may be upset about certain changes they've made, but the show is still wildly successful and popular. He's also made ridiculous sums of money from GoT. To think that he feels nothing but negativity toward the show is misguided, I would think.