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    Euron's reaction

    I never thought of that. Arya wears Littlefingers face to goto Cersei to offer to double cross the Starks. THAT would be an epic death
  2. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    Euron's reaction

    Ok, Dany has Varys! Do you really think he does not already know Cersei has tried to enlist the Golden Company? Have we forgotten about Dario Naharras? Commander of the Second Sons. Totally in love with Dany..... hanging around in Essos. Perfect hypotenuse for a love triangle...... The Golden Company aren't coming. The Second Sons are going to get a free ride from Euron. Cersie has to borrow gold, Dany has a fricking Golden Pyramid....... Varys has either already paid the GC to allow the Sons to imprrsonate them or the Sons have dispatched the GC and assumed the contract. Either way Eurons fleet is getting burnt and Cersie is ska-rood
  3. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Jon needs to take Littfinger's corpse to the Last Hearth. The NK will wight him, and then be overthrown by Zombiefinger's plotting before they reach Winterfell.
  4. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Dany banged every other man in her mind, all at once, both Big and little, family and strangers, Lord and savage, with and without greyscale. By doing this she was never surprised when when she saw Jorah look at her like a hungry dog looks at a pork chop.
  5. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    LittleFinger from the character's viewpoint

    I like LF. I always have in a "love to hate him" kinda way. In looking at him through the view of the books and the show he comes off as a cerebral assassin with very limited weaknesses. What he lacked in pedigree, riches and brawn; he more than made up for with his mind. LF does have a weakness, . Catelyn Tully and by extension Sansa. It is not shown the same way on the show as it is in the books. Book wise, LF is recruiting Sansa as an active partner in his schemes, ,and she is receptive. I can not imagine Book LF essentially giving his leverage to rule the North away to anyone, especially the Boltons ( whom he has no love or respect for). And especially Sansa. She maybe the only thing Book LF wants more than the throne. overall, the show tries to show him as an unstoppable mental force, but really misses the mark on LF's true complexity
  6. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    Beric: You don't look like your father

    In the books, only Arya and Jon have tge "Stark Look". Sansa,Bran,Rickon and Robb all favored the Tully look with red hair and other facial features. This was one of Catelyn's reasons for her hatred of Jon. I wonder what Lady Stoneheart is going to think if she sees Jon roll up on a Dragon named for his real Dad. Also, I wonder if we will see Berric Dondarrion again in the books? Bookwise, it was made pretty clear that he gave up his last life to revive Catelyn....... Berrick D is my fave.
  7. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    Dawn is the sword of the Daynes. It is not V Steel. It was made from the metals recovered from a meteorite. It is a 2 handed sword that has a milky almost opalescent appearance. It is generally regarded as the closest rival to V Steel in strength vs weight and performance. Far superior to regular forged steel. After the death of Arthur Dayne at the TOJ, Ned returned the blade to Starfall, the home of the Daynes, as a show of respect. Soooo, to the show producers: Arthur Dayne dual-weilding pedestrian castle forged swords during his flashback fight with Ned and Howland made zero sense, like many other things I guess....
  8. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Maybe Arya is more "No One" than even she thought...
  9. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Maybe the leak was on purpose because they knew it was bad. hoping to get a soft landing instead of the thud this episode wad
  10. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    I know this is show not books, but if Jamie was a Targ, Drogonwould not have tried to BBQ him.....
  11. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    UPS. Undead Procurement Service
  12. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Ok if you paused and read the note she found, it is the Raven that Cersei forced her to send asking the Starks to bend the knee to Joffery. LF is going to get Sansa to discredit Jon, take over the North and then discredit Sansa with the note. With a view to taking kingship of the North for himself. Arya realizes that Sansa is at least unwittingly willing to assist in the discredit of Jon as she actually wants to be QITN. Arya reslizes this and her loyalty is to Jon. So LF is toast and Sansa is on thin ice, and rightly so....
  13. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Plus he did it with one real hand and a 20 pound gold one too!!!
  14. I have always hoped beyond hope that Syrio was actually a Faceless Man sent to train and prepare Arya to be " recruited"into the fold. But, I just dont think it is meant to be
  15. TheSwordofTheMorning7

    What's the current military stats for both sides?

    The Reach numbers have dwindled due to being killed by the Lannisters